Are you hungry? Unfortunately our tasty treats are just virtual, but if you’re interested in food and drink we can whet your appetite with this blog. While Food n Drink used to be a print publication, it has now moved with the times, and provides an online magazine and food and drink directory. This

Cuipo with conscientious brands around the world helping persevere rainforests

  With around 40 brands already available on UK shelves, and sales closing in on the £100m mark, it will take something special for a new entry product to make an impact on the coconut water market. Buko Organic Coconut Water believe however that, through a unique partnership, they have what it takes to make

RECIPE: Parma Ham, Gorgonzola, Sage and Pumpkin Halloween Risotto

Surprise your guests this Halloween with this scarily satisfying Parma Ham, gorgonzola, sage and pumpkin risotto. Sweat onion and garlic in olive oil until soft and add half of the chopped sage. Stir in risotto rice and pumpkin and fry. Add in white wine and vegetable stock until the liquid has been absorbed. Add in

Julian Jeffs’ 6th edition of Sherry published

The sixth edition of Julian Jeffs’ classic work Sherry is published by Infinite Ideas this November as the third book in its Classic Wine Library. In 1956 Julian Jeffs got a job (by chance) in the sherry bodega of Williams & Humbert. Having decided he needed to learn all there was to know about sherry

Winter Warmers from Fun Food Gadget Creators Gourmet Gadgetry

With a passion for fine dining and entertaining in style Gourmet Gadgetry are renowned for producing creative cookware electricals for the home. ‘Fun Food Gadgets’ make the perfect gift for those who like to have fun in the kitchen, host parties or are celebrating a special occasion. This innovative range of cookware appliances encourages it’s

Introducing The New Supermilk From Hotel Chocolat

The new Supermilk from Hotel Chocolat has all the pleasure of milk chocolate and all the power of dark. 65% of pure cocoa, a splash of milk and less sugar than a dark chocolate bar. A decadently high cocoa content means that it takes just a smaller portion of Supermilk to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Essex based La Sala fully booked ahead of launch

With just days to go until the official opening of La Sala in Essex, all tables for Friday and Saturday nights at the highly anticipated social dining restaurant are booked for the coming three months. With 2000 covers booked within the first two weeks of their booking system going live , the team are gearing

OXO’s new Baker’s Dusting Wand For That Magic Touch

Everyone finds from time to time they could do with a little helping hand in the kitchen when it comes to baking; someone to spread a little magic as we create our beautiful bakes. With OXO’s latest kitchen gadget, the Baker’s Dusting Wand, you can wave your magic wand, effortlessly dusting your cakes and bakes

Some Popular 12-Year Old Whiskies

The label 12-Year old on a whisky bottle refers to a perfectly blended spirit that is made to gain maturity in an oak cask for over a period of twelve years. The beauty lies in the process of brewing and later maturing the whisky. The 12-year old whisky could also be matured in different casks,

The Allergy & Free From Show

  The Allergy & Free From Show is coming to the city of Liverpool this October. The show has already been serving allergy sufferers and free from followers in London since its inception in 2009, but due to popular demand, it has also been launched in Liverpool. The event will take place on 25th-26th October,

RECIPE: Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Fennel Salad

    Beetroot and sweet potato make the perfect partnership in this recipe for a late summer salad. With beetroot in season until October and sweet potatoes available all year round, now is the time to make the most of these brightly coloured veggies. This salad makes a deliciously light and fragrant lunch or side

Two New Italian Treks To Feed Walkers Appetites

Hedonistic Hiking has already created the perfect recipe for an idyllic, food-lovers’ holiday –   a healthy and fun itinerary of walking through wonderful scenery, a generous helping of local seasonal produce, and of course an ample splash of wine to wash it all down. The 2015 season offers two new tours for guests’ delectation and