New study reveals top 20 dishes Brits regularly fail to cook properly

Roast dinner, lasagne and a traditional fry up are amongst the dishes Brits can’t cook properly, according to a new study. Researchers have revealed the top 20 dishes Brits regularly fail to serve perfectly on every occasion – because they are burnt, undercooked or hard to deliver to the table at the same time. Eggs

Yutaka launches Great British Sushi Search with a patriotic twist

There’s the California Roll, the Hawaiian Roll and Norway introduced salmon to Japan and sushi in the 70s. So Yutaka – – the UK’s largest producer and distributor of authentic Japanese food has decided it is time the Brits developed a patriotic sushi of their own.     They’re challenging the Great British public to

Delicious Picnic Perfect Bonne Maman ​Jam Jar Recipes

  Chocolate and Orange Jam Jar 2 egg yolks, 10g sugar, 10ml water, 60g dark chocolate – melted, 120ml whipping cream, 4tbsp Bonne Maman Fine Shred Orange Marmalade. (MAKES 2) 1. Beat the egg yolks in a bowl. Heat the sugar in a saucepan with 10ml water. When the syrup has reached 120ºc, pour it

RECIPE: Aubergine Rice Salad

Ingredients: Ingredients for 6 – 8 portions 500g Carnaroli rice 350g Cherry tomatoes 250g Feta Fresh mixed herbs such as basil, parsley Chilli pepper (powder or fresh) Aubergines in oil Jar of tomato passata Oil from the shredded aubergines Salt Method: Boil the rice in salted water for 15-18 minutes, drain and stir in 2

Joe & Seph’s launches flavour sensation with the first official Marmite Popcorn

Award winning popcorn brand Joe & Seph’s is today excited to launch its latest flavour sensation in partnership with one of the nation’s most iconic brands, Marmite, creating the first official Marmite Popcorn! Love it or hate it, Marmite is one of Britain’s most iconic products and it now coats Joe & Seph’s air-popped corn

Great British Cheese Awards nominations now open and judges annonuced

Nominations are now open for the Great British Cheese Awards which have been launched to celebrate the best of British cheese produced and distributed by independent cheesemakers and retailers.     Artisan Cheese producers and retailers can enter for free and alongside this, the Great British Cheese Awards will bring together a community of fine

Guys Geeking Out in the Kitchen: It’s a Beautiful Thing

Seeing a guy get really, really serious about a DIY project in the garage is pretty adorable — but it kind of takes second chair to a guy who wants to geek out in the kitchen. After all, the guy who geeks in the garage may or may not succeed in his quest to build

Brew Club launches brew your own beer packages aimed at corporate companies

When it comes to corporate entertainment, Brew Club, a different and new kind of brewery, has come up with the ultimate solution – brewing your own beer in the heart of East London. Over the decades everything from wine tasting to days at the spa, have proven great options for client entertainment. However, in the

London based company Tg Green Teas looking to sell tea to China

Nine UK food and drink companies – including Tg green teas – will take part in the first UK national pavilion at Shanghai’s SIAL China. China’s global importance in food and drink exports has led to increased demand from UK business looking for suitable marketing platforms with which to enter the market or further establish

Some Top Kitchen Design Tips To Enhance Your Cooking Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you have been cooking and baking for five minutes or five decades, the kitchen you prepare food in can have a significant impact on the results. When timing needs to be precise, the ability to do what you need to do, when you need do it, will be integral if you

Christian Furr’s new art collection ‘The Humble Cheese’ at Knight Webb Gallery

Internationally renowned artist, Christian Furr has turned his focus away from traditional portraits, and towards the strange beauty of the humble cheese. The new collection, entitled ‘The Humble Cheese’ will be displayed at Knight Webb Gallery, 54 Atlantic Rd, Brixton, SW9 8PZ from Friday 29 April 2016 until Tuesday 31 May 2016. Christian Furr, who