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South Caernarfon Creameries’ cheese takes home 5 International Awards

South Caernarfon Creameries’ has proven once again that they make the best cheese in the west by taking home not one, but five awards at the 2014 International Cheese Awards. Their Vintage Cheddar won a gold award, their Caerphilly won silver, and two different cheddars took bronze awards. In addition their Red Leicester cheese received

OXO Decorating Tools Make it Easy to Celebrate National Cupcake Week

Everyone loves a good cupcake, so why not try out your amateur cooking skills and attempt to craft a gourmet treat with the great decorating products from OXO. National Cupcake Week falls September 15-22, so this is a great time to practice using three grand new tools from OXO including the cupcake corer, baker’s dusting

Any ideas as to what is in the wine you’re drinking?

FIND OUT WHY WE SHOULD BE PAYING MORE ATTENTION WITH ISABELLE LEGERON’S NEW BOOK, NATURAL WINE “A really inspiring book. Isabelle writes beautifully and it’s given me a lot to think about” – Olly Smith Over the last 5 decades the art of winemaking has got evermore controlled, processed and altogether unnatural. The crops is vineyards being

The perfect recipe for gastronomic holidaymakers

If your idea of the perfect holiday is walking in Italy then you will find all the ingredients at Hedonistic Hiking. Their holidays have been designed to give their guests a taste of the real la dolce vita, and can you think of anywhere better to go on a gastronomic delight of a trip than

Sensei-tional Citrus Seasoning with Yuzu

Yutaka’s Yuzu Citrus Seasoning is tipped to be the taste of 2014. Yuzu is the perfect drink for sampling the flavour of the oh so elusive Japanese fruit, the Yuzu. At once deliciously tart yet giving off stunning floral aromas, this tangy citrus seasoning has a truly unusual hybrid taste incorporating lemon, mandarin and the

Wine Collectors Guide Released by Ideal Wine Company

Sir Alex Ferguson, the former manager of Manchester United, is once again in the headlines but for his vintage wine collection instead of football. Throughout his many years as manager for United Ferguson built up a fine wine collection that is valued at around three million and in May it is set to be auctioned

Goddard’s pies cook up a storm and win Gold at National Pie Awards

  Goddard’s Pies won the Gold Award in this year’s the 6th Annual British Pie Awards.  The winning chef slow cooked a lean chunk of British steak that was marinated in ale with fresh mushrooms, onions and rich gravy. “Steak & Ale Pie” also won the gold award in the Football Pie Category. The event was

RECIPE: Vegetarian burrito for Vegetarian Week from KANKUNtastic

The 2014 National Vegetarian Week takes place from 19 – 25 May and, if you are fanatical about your health or a vegetarian, KANKUN invites you to join the celebrations.  Perhaps their inspirational vegetarian burrito recipe will tempt you.     . The aim of National Vegetarian Week is to widen every visitor’s perception of vegetarianism and

The Reincarnation of the Decaffei-nation

Decaf coffee is finally going to have a chance to shine thanks to the creation of The Decadent Decaf Coffee Company. As the name implies the company aims to bring decaf into limelight and explain to coffee drinkers why they should make the much healthier switch to decaf. In order to do this the company

Grab and go healthy breakfast Lizi’s Granola

If you do not have time to eat breakfast in the morning it might be time to take a look at a product that makes it much simpler to eat a healthy and full breakfast even while you are on the go. On The Go, by Lizi’s Granola, is a brand new one serving size

Top TV Chefs Love New ‘Liquid Spice’

Cyrus Todiwala, Tom Kerridge, and Atul Kocchar are all raving about Spice Drops created by Holy lama Naturals. The food flavouring is a finalist in the Ocada ‘Next Top Supplier of the Year 2014’ competition and has won praise from all three top chefs due to its vibrant taste and the flexibility of the spice

Le Mesurier Adds Bearnaise Sauce To Range

The newest addition to the Le Mesurier range is Béarnaise sauce and it is a very top level chef recipe that will offer cooks the chance to skip chopping, whisking, and straining and instead just buy the special sauce off the shelf. Patrick Le Mesurier has already won quite a few awards for his top

10th Anniversary of the Stone Food Drink Festival

The Stone Food & Drink Festival is once again taking place on October 3rd, 4th, and 5th over the long weekend. This will be the 10th year for the Staffordshire festival and will bring together the top cooking talents and best of local produce. The Taste of Staffordshire has plenty of events and attracts more

El Yucateco products now available in the UK exclusively through

  One of the 50 Best Food websites in The Independent and a Times Top 40 Food Site, has become the exclusive retailer for all of the El Yecateco products. El Yucateco is known for producing some of the most authentic Mexican hot sauces. The range includes everything from sauces with a habanero sauce

Cooking like a chef is easier than ever thanks to new recipe book

People are in for a treat this week as Ann Hood the former BBC MasterChef contestant and founder of the Smart School of Cookery will release her new book titled the Smart Book of Recipes and Tips. The book is a great collection of spicy and sweet recipes and each and every recipe clearly shows

Bonne Maman Makes Perfect Pancakes Every Time

Bonne Maman has a range of pancakes designed to create everyone’s favourite pancakes whether those happen to be chocolate infused, fruit infused, American styled, or crepes. The Confiture de Caramel, Conserves, Confiture de Caramel, and Marmalades are made to make sure everyone has perfect pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. For a fantastically child-pleasing pancake topping, smother

Push of a Trolley Offers new Carte Noire Espresso Capsules

Carte Noire launches espresso capsule range, compatible with most Nespresso®* machines Carte Noire, the exquisite French coffee brand, has announced a new collection of divine espresso capsules that can be used inside of most Nespresso machines in order to allow coffee lovers the ability to have a brand new and encapsulating coffee experience in their

Coffee In Just One Touch

Watermark UK has introduced a new range of one touch espresso coffee machines titled the Saeco range aimed at creating an affordable mid-priced range of machines for businesses. The first espresso machine to be introduced in the line is the Saeco Aulika whichi s a one touch machine that takes coffee beans and quickly grounds

Weekend charcuterie courses let you experience the art of preservation

Hammond Charcuterie based in Berwickshire has teamed up with the respected author and pig consultant Linda McDonald-Brown in a bid to shatter the many myths that surround charcuterie by running comprehensive weekend courses just for women so they can learn all about the the art of charcuterie. Charcuterie is the generic name that relates to

Who will be the Chef of the Future 2014? The challenge is now open

The vegetarian restaurant Cordon Vert vegetarian cookery school has sent out a challenge to all chefs, whether they be carnivorous, vegan or veggie. They are all invited to take part in their Chef of The Future Contest for 2014. It doesn’t matter of you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional out to prove what

Gino D’Acampo lays down the challenge to competitors with his £1 coffees

  Popular Italian chef, TV personality and entrepreneur, Gino D’Acampo, the hugely popular TV chef and entrepreneur has just announced that every coffee in the ‘My Pasta Bar’ chain outlets will now cost only £1. This is a brave move that also throws down the gauntlet to other high street chains that are charging an

“Builders Tea” for Valentine’s day?

Are you REALLY going to give her a cup of “Builders Tea” on Valentine’s day? It is about time that you let her enjoy high grade, organic tea that is harvested and processed in Sri Lanka on estates that pay producers fairly. The tea is packaged into a recyclable Bistrotea TeaPod to ensure that it

Raise a Glass at BeerX with Beatson Clark

Beatson Clark, the leading glass manufacturer, is going to be showing off its wide range of bottles and hosting an open discussion to brewers about the different design services the company offers in March at BeerX. BeerX is an annual brewing conference hosted by the Society of Independent Brewers and is planned to take place

Why not Stir up something egg-stra special this Easter

Try making a special egg dish this Easter by taking advantage of the best equipment and the best ingredients available at online bakery to bake everything from an Easter Dove Cake to hot cross buns. Nothing says Easter better than a fresh batch of delicious home-baked hot cross buns. Specially created for hot cross

The very best in international wine, food and cultural adventure

The leading wine lifestyle magazine raises its glass and celebrates the very best in international wine, food and cultural adventure  This years must see wine destinations have been announced by Wine Enthusiast Magazine  in its annual ‘Travel issue’  This is the third travel issue aimed at getting readers out to the actual places where the wine

Young chefs invited to invent South African inspired menu

A challenge has been set for young chefs as they have been asked to to design a new menu that has been inspire by the ingredients and the cooking of South Africa. The prize is an all expenses paid trip to this amazing country as well as undertaking some training at the most renowned restaurant

Sugar set to be new public enemy #1

After complaining about everything from fast food and tobacco to alcoholic drinks and other popular foods; it seems that sugar is next in the firing line. A few experts on gastronomy are currently pulling all the strings to make sugar become the enemy. They want the public to believe that sugar is the most dangerous

New Career for the New Year

For those people who are thinking of a change of career direction for 2014 and are perhaps more concerned about following their passion for food rather than the 9 to 5 grind may want to consider the UK’s leading School of Artisan Food which is in a position to provide a gateway that will give

Councils named and shamed for food hygiene violations

Several local councils have been proven to be unable to make food businesses keep up with hygiene regulations. A consumer monitor has named these councils and caused damage to their reputation.. 395 local areas were inspected and one-third had elevated or average-risk food. To carry out such an inspection, the consumer body used data from

Is printing off your own food the next big jump in technology?

Here it comes . . . the wave of the future, and it’s pretty hard to swallow if you grew up before the internet and the whole computer revolution. But that was yesterday and tomorrow you may be able to eat what you print – not words but food. Not everyone has heard about the

Banquet fit for a Bishop at The Old Palace

After opening up The Old Palace  restaurant the establishment plans to cook a true feast meant for royalty on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2013. The restaurant may be small, but it perfectly caters to the needs of hotel guests and offers the best local food on its menu. In fact, it has

The British Curry Club opens new restaurant in Cardiff Bay

Spicy travel and food magazine Chaat! Has just opened up its first restaurant in CardiffBay, Wales called The Duchess of Delhi. The bar and restaurant specialises in offering guests the best in South Asian cuisine. The Chaat! Team built a great menu to treat guests to the best of India along with help from the

Farmison & Co National Pigs In Blanket’s Day

Farminson & Co predict that over one hundred million of their pigs in blankets will be eaten on Christmas Day although much less are consumed during the rest of the year. In the US pigs in blankets are well known culinary ‘sides’, but up until now they have been largely ignored in the UK outside

Consumers urged to check the hygiene rating of every food outlet they use

When you’re planning a dinner out, a quick takeaway lunch or just about any meal or snack from anywhere except your own kitchen, the Food Standards Agency suggests you check the establishment’s hygiene rating before you order. At last inspection, the agency reports a considerable number of shops and restaurants are selling food from kitchens

London Patisserie Anges de Sucre London Patisserie Limited Edition Macarons Christmas Box

  Artisan macaron specialists Anges de Sucre of London have created a special limited Christmas box that is designed to stimulate all senses this winter. A great gift for family and friends the  Anges de Sucre gift box is filled with either seven of 18 macarons from the patisserie’s Signature Collection. Each decadent Christmas box is

New wotwine app set to revolutionise the way we shop for wine in supermarkets

wotwine has introduced a stunning new free supermarket wine app that allows consumers to quickly press a button and access the most comprehensive wine guide out there. Most supermarkets have stocks and stocks of supermarket wines making it very confusing to the average consumer to know what to buy. In fact, 90% of all retail

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer has a special Christmas twist

Ginger Beer is already pretty festive without adding anything to the brew, but Old Jamaica is taking it a step forward with the introduction of their limited edition flavor Spiced Berry and Gold Spice from the Winter Twists range. A nice Old Jamaica Ginger Bear with a Spice Berry Twist is the perfect way to

Wine of The Year 2013 is Faustino l Gran Reserva 2001

  Decanter magazine composed tasting teams made up of top wine-lovers to choose their top win of 2013. This year the honours go to Faustino I Gran Reserva 2001 which is a leading Rioja. The decision was not easy as experts from the magazine spent the year sampling over three thousand wines from all over

Aldo Zilli creates new DIVO premium cheese range

By trying out the new DVIO premium cheese range created by Aldo Zilli the Italian chef you can become a celebrity cook within the confines of your own home. Aldo has been touring Italy to locate the best ingredients for his authentic and amazing tasting cheese range. “I wanted to enthuse people about using Italian

BHS could be set to house new convenience food stores

Sir Philip Green is thinking about opening up new convenience food shops in all of his BHS department stores in an effort to compete against some of the larger supermarket groups and high street grocers. Green owns the Arcadia Group which owns many top fashion chains like Topman and Topshop as well. Whether or not

Duchess of Cornwall encourages children to cook

The Duchess of Cornwall believes that all children should learn how to cook their own British food even though they tend to be drawn YouTube, iPods, and other electronics for entertainment anymore. She believes that school curriculum should be adjusted to teach children how to cook with fresh ingredients and to grow their own fresh

Love isn’t all yule knead in the kitchen this Christmas

  Whether you are baking mince pies to leave out for Santa or Christmas cakes and pudding, the fast approaching festive season is the time when you will find even sporadic bakers in the kitchen creating tasty treats. The perfect gift for dedicated bakers is something that will lend a helping hand all year round,

Give a foodie their ideal gift this Christmas with a cookery course gift voucher

  If you stuck for ideas this Christmas as to what gifts to get a foodie then the highly esteemed Manna from Devon Cookery School could have the perfect answer. You can buy a loved one or friend a personalised gift voucher and give them a present they will never forget. You don’t have to

Rick Stein teams up with Virgin Wines for first ever UK theatre show

Rick Stein, the celebrated celebrity chef, has teamed up with leading British wine retailer Virgin Wines to create his first ever theatre show in the UK. Entitled Rick Stein Live, this unique show takes place on Monday 9th December at the London Palladium. Rick will be seen preparing a range of dishes that are truly

Give a gift of limited edition pâté this Christmas

Everyone loves a limited edition food product, and especially for this coming Christmas, the Patchwork Traditional Food Company have decided to make this festive season better than ever with its new selection of mouth watering pâtés. If you are looking for a unique foodie gift this Xmas take a trip to and treat either yourself,

Alma de Cuba is the spirit of Cuban coffee

The Alma de Cuba coffee company is on a mission to reveal the best kept secret in Cuba. Their mission involves restoring Cuban coffee, which was one the favourite coffee in the world. Back to its rightful position at the top of the tree. The secret weapon in this mission is the Alma de Cuba

Tesco admit to 30,000 tonnes of food waste during the first 6 months of 2013

In a new step for the food chain, the popular Tesco supermarket chain recently revealed that they had close to 30,000 tonnes of wasted food product during just the first six months of the year. It is hard to even imagine this much wasted food just from a single retail chain. The chief culprit with

Stuff the turkey and treat yourself to a cockerel this xmas

Those who really want to strut their stuff this Christmas and have a dinner that will really go cock-a-doodle-do then stuff the turkey and go for a cockerel instead. Farmison & Co, the online gourmet food outlet, are offering their rare roosters this Christmas as part of their ‘Butchers’ Specialities’ range and you will shaking

Schoolchildren enjoy a food and drink bonanza in Dartmouth

October 24th was a fun day out for the kids from five local schools in the Dartmouth area. The Royal Avenue Gardens was the host for this food and drink extravaganza that had lips smacking and stomachs filled to bursting. The Dartmouth Academy were the main organisers of the event again this year. Their teachers

New ‘Simply Novelli’ recipe book launched

Relish Publications has just launched the new book from super chef Jean Christophe Novelli’s entitled ‘Simply Novelli’. This latest offering boasts more than 100 classic dishes and Jean Christophe Novelli himself has said that the aim of this book is to banish the myth forever that classic French food can be both daunting and complicated