‘Make it easy on yourself’ this Christmas with Almondy cakes

In the words of those exemplary crooners the Walker Brothers, ‘Make it easy on yourself’ this Christmas by taking this exceptionally delicious shortcut in your festive feastings – Almondy Daim dressed simply with some whipped cream and edible flowers.




The Almondy retail range comprises two equally mouth-watering varieties with lip-smackingly good toppings: Toblerone or Daim.  Both are made with the same almond base, from a traditional Swedish recipe dating from the 1890s and which does not contain flour making the Almondy range ideal for anyone who is a coeliac or simply prefers not to include gluten in their diets.  Perhaps it’s because the Almondy cakes come as gluten free and have not had the flour element removed, that they taste out of this world unlike so many free-from foods on the market which disappoint on texture and flavour.




Almondy cakes are found in the freezer aisle of most major supermarkets and that bastion of Swedish-ness IKEA.  Despite being frozen they defrost in just 30-50 minutes and so as well as offering something a little different to the usual Christmas fayre they also make superb ‘come to the rescue’ desserts when unexpected friends and family pop in with festive felicitations!  It almost makes it worth having an emergency!

Almondy cakes are delicious eaten just as they come with a cup of tea but look so good glammed up with a coulis, cream or fruit that they are good enough to grace even the best dressed tables. So if you’re already dreading the festive frenzy facing up to the turkey, roasties and mountains of veg, make it easy on yourself when it comes to dessert and choose Almondy.  Just remove from the freezer 30-50 minutes (depending on which variety you have) before it’s needed and hey presto – pudding is served, simple as that!




Available in the freezer aisle in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Morrison’s, Asda, Waitrose and IKEA, a 400g Almondy cake serves eight people and at a mere £3.00, offers amazing value for money.

For more information on the Almondy range or for mouth-watering suggestions on how to serve your choice of cake, visit www.almondy.com

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