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Cornish Seaweed Company bringing fresh seaweed to UK supermarkets

Famous for crystal clear waters rolling away behind tin mines, Cornwall has a history of doing things differently. The Cornish Seaweed Company are the first company to sell fresh seaweed in supermarkets in the UK. 71 Tesco stores around the country are now stocking the 80g pouches of freshly harvested seaweed, which have been popularised

Ready To Top Pizza Crust Re-Launched with New Box Design From Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica’s ‘Ready to Top’ Pizza Crust with a fresh tomato sauce re-launches with a brand new box design and contemporary colourful graphics – bringing to life the Altogether Italian brand proposition and visual identity. Available across 140 Waitrose stores nationwide from the end of June, the simple clean box design and newly adapted

Grab and go healthy breakfast Lizi’s Granola

If you do not have time to eat breakfast in the morning it might be time to take a look at a product that makes it much simpler to eat a healthy and full breakfast even while you are on the go. On The Go, by Lizi’s Granola, is a brand new one serving size

El Yucateco products now available in the UK exclusively through

  One of the 50 Best Food websites in The Independent and a Times Top 40 Food Site, has become the exclusive retailer for all of the El Yecateco products. El Yucateco is known for producing some of the most authentic Mexican hot sauces. The range includes everything from sauces with a habanero sauce

BHS could be set to house new convenience food stores

Sir Philip Green is thinking about opening up new convenience food shops in all of his BHS department stores in an effort to compete against some of the larger supermarket groups and high street grocers. Green owns the Arcadia Group which owns many top fashion chains like Topman and Topshop as well. Whether or not

The perfect Christmas dinner from Waitrose

With Christmas now just literally around the corner, households up and down the country are now well into their preparations. In a few weeks the tree and decorations will be up, the presents will be wrapped and the exciting will be building. One of the most important events of Christmas Day is the dinner, when

Tesco admit to 30,000 tonnes of food waste during the first 6 months of 2013

In a new step for the food chain, the popular Tesco supermarket chain recently revealed that they had close to 30,000 tonnes of wasted food product during just the first six months of the year. It is hard to even imagine this much wasted food just from a single retail chain. The chief culprit with

New Waitrose range raises the profile of Crosta & Mollica breads

Now that more people are discovering the authentic tastes of the regional breads and snacks created by Crosta & Mollica, the Italian bakers have decided to introduce a new range of items. The range includes the following items and is available to purchase now from Waitrose. Savoury Tarallini with Pugliese Tomato 1.89 150g Building on

More consistent food labeling could help identify what is really in food

A more consistent method in food labeling has been introduced in the UK. As per this, the nutritional value of food is to be mentioned in a label at the front of pack which together with appropriate color coding will let the user have an idea of details like calorie, fat, salt and sugar content

Freedom Cereals the latest recruit to the Dept of Health’s Salt Reduction Pledge

The manufacturer of Keep Me GoingTM – the brand-new, healthy breakfast cereal – is one of just 80 companies to have signed up to the Department of Health’s Salt Reduction Pledge to date. Freedom Cereals have recently committed themselves to this pledge, which will see the government aiming to reduce the amount of salt that is eaten

Sainsbury’s to launch the UK’s first single origin coffee from the Congo

Speciality Fairtrade Sopacdi coffee to support farming communities in the world’s poorest country Discerning coffee drinkers already know what a must have Sopacdi Fairtrade Ground Coffee is, but few will realise the story behind it. Look past the subtle cherry and grapefruit flavours, and the hint of citrus, and you find an inspirational story of

Co-Op survey reveals that Northern folk prefer locally produced foods

A new survey conducted in North Yorkshire and the North-East found that residents prefer foods that are produced locally over other foods. The Co-Operative UK surveyed more than 2,000 people and asked them to name what region they felt had the best food. The research showed that the participants choose their own regions when it

Tesco launch new food waste campaign

The Tesco chief executive is getting ready to launch a new campaign to tackle food waste this week stating that the problem is much more large scale than most people know with about every family wasting about £700 in food per year. The move is aimed at proving that Tesco is able to inspire social

Is fish set to be the next food industry scandal?

Food tests commissioned to be run by the BBC discovered that many products that were labelled to be cod were in fact that not cod at all. Thirty foods were examined by the Belfast Institute for Global Security following the recent horse meat scandal that occurred. Surprisingly, while lamb and beef samples were all found

There is more to Tesco than just its supermarkets

Tesco is not only the well known store where millions of people go to buy goods every month, the company is also an investor, a big one in fact, and this is no real secret for those in the industry. The large store chain is obviously the largest supermarket in the UK, thanks to over

Caviar now has a conscience

We are constantly hearing about how our fish reserves are dwindling and that we should be eating stock that is more sustainable, so you could be forgiven for thinking that this is not the best time to be indulging in the luxury of caviar. Traditionally, the Beluga Sturgeon, from which caviar is extracted from the

New Bisto pasta ready meals to coincide with Kerry Foods first advertising campaign

Kerry Food have announced that they will be investing in their first ever advertising campaign for the Bisto frozen ready meal range, as well as announcing their plans for 2 new pasta ready meals. The ad campaign will be launched across women’s magazines and the national press on the 18th March, and is designed to

FFA call for countries of origin to be clear on food labelling

Some products do not seem to always show a clear country of origin on their labels, and now the Farmers for Action (FFA) is calling on shops and retailers to show the right information while they are labelling their products, especially for things like cheap imported cheese and other imported goods being sold as home

British cakes celebrated by the new Cake Awards

Today, the 11th February, sees The Cake Awards launch in order to find and then celebrate the best of British cakes. From fine slices in tea rooms to fancies in the grandest hotels, a myriad of varieties on supermarket shelves, in bakeries and in retails food outlets across the UK, the new Cake Awards are

Food fraud on the increase

While some fine wines have exotic tastes, some even having a grassy aroma, if you start thinking your cup of tea has the same taste, then perhaps you should be suspicious of something called food fraud. Over the years, unscrupulous companies have been known to mix real food with products that could allow them to

Twins have a recipe for success with their Chinese dipping sauces

A brand new range of Chinese sauces intended for dipping has been creates by a pair of twin sisters and are now on the shelves at Sainsbury’s, packaged in bottles from Beatson Clark, one of the leading glass manufacturers. Lisa and Helen Tse were able to get Sweet Mandarin up and running after they received

Waitrose expect 5% price rise on basic foodstuffs thanks to the bleak autumn

The problems caused by the bleak autumn are all set to trouble people in the form of increased prices of basic food items, the increase being about five per cent, as has been opined by Waitrose’s managing director. Forecasting tough times, Mark Price remarked that the current food price inflation of three and a half

Supermarkets set to offer ‘real’ special offers

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and Waitrose are just a few of the major supermarket to sign a new pledge to offer fairer special offers to their customers based on the principles put forth by the Office of Fair Trading. Eight of the largest supermarkets in the UK signed up to follow the new principles

Life of deli food to be extended thanks to new processing procedure

A new type of high-pressure processing has recently been announced that is going to help extend the life expectancy of delicatessen food from two weeks to around 50 days, without the food losing any of its taste or fresheners. The technology is going to be employed with Deli 24, who are one of the only

Poultry industry and supermarket team up to fight ‘chicken’ tax

The poultry industry in the UK has recently joined forces with the supermarket Morrisons, in order to fight plans to introduce tax on rotisserie chickens that are being sold in stores. The tax is part of the pasty tax, that the government have decided to introduce, and it is due to come into effect in

£1m invested into the Scottish food and drink industry by the government

The Scottish government have recently injected £1 million into the food and drink industry, and this is something that has been welcomed by bodies in the hospitality industry. There are many showcase events that is taking place in 2014, and it is believed that this money is found going to stimulate these events. In 2014

Secret Spices create delicious range for puddings and desserts

The first food tasting company in the UK are extremely proud at being the first to launch a seasoning mix that is sweet amongst their latest additions to their Secret Spices range. The Secret Vanilla Pudding Spices are a clever combination of ginger, ground coriander seed, vanilla, cinnamon and their secret ingredient; roasted cassia. Also

Crops growing differently thanks to climate change

Climate change is affecting the way that crops grow which in turn is affecting the raw material prices of several different major food items. Some sectors are actually experiencing some positive commercial benefits at the hands of climate change, but for sectors that are dependent on food the changes are mostly reactive instead according to

EU change food labelling laws to make them more amusing

Food labelling laws are about to be changed by the European Union which might make the idea of foods being regional rather amusing, because the new labelling would insist that products have a label which states the country of origin for any ingredients. It is expected that this new law is going to come into

Charities join forces to fight the unfair pricing of milk

Two significant charities have recently come together in order to help out with some of the problems that are being seen in the UK milk market. The charities have significant backers including author Bill Bryson, and businesswoman Deborah Meaden. The two charities are trying to tackle the boom and bust situation that is seen repeating

First Milk are the third big company to drop milk prices

Two of the biggest names in the milk market have dropped the buying price of milk to producers by two pence per litre and now a third big name, First Milk, have taken a big step into the functional food sector by buying CNP Professional, the top sports nutrition company. CNP Professional is based in

New banana variety reaches the UK

We all know what a banana looks like, but the yellow fruit we’re used to seeing in our shops is only one type of banana and there are many more exciting varieties to be found, as Natur Boutique’s new product shows… Whilst the more culinary adventurous may have been able to find plantains in this

M&S prepare to launch the Papple

Papple is a type of fruit that is about to be launched by Marks & Spencers which is a type of pear that resembles an apple. There have been many PR stunts to do with fruit in recent years and one of the most notable was a couple of years ago, which saw the introduction

Preserve food the French way with Le Parfait

If you have made your own food and want it to stay edible for a long while then you can preserve it. A great way to do this is to use Le Parfait. Normally people associate preserved food with things such as marmalade, jams, and pickles. However, people are beginning to realise that there are

Food poisoning is prevalent in both free range and cage reared chickens

Just because your roast chicken was raised cage-free and fed naturally, that chicken can still make you sick. The latest report from Which? about a study they conducted on raw chicken sold at nine of the UK’s major supermarkets warns that one out of every five chickens contains bacteria that cause food poisoning. The researchers

Dll’Ugo add a new seasonal range of pastas to their already impressive repertoire

In 1921 the food company, Dll’Ugo was founded by Luigi Ugo. He was born in Italy and came to London in order to sell pasta that he made at home to local restaurants. Today, his range has grown extensively and it is sold in a wide number of retailers, including specialist delicatessens, the popular supermarket

We could soon be buying our food in edible packaging

Food technology is something that has been a big deal for a while but the latest speculation about what’s going to be the next big thing in the industry is quite unusual. The idea is that you will be able to buy milk, and other products, that comes in packaging that is completely edible. While

Survey reveals that the UK public want more sustainable food packaging

A recent survey and report by London-based research market firm Mintel points to some interesting trends in the UK consumer’s attitudes regarding food packaging and waste. Three out of four of the 1,600 consumers surveyed said companies should be investing in more sustainable packaging to cut down on the amount of waste from spoiled food.

Sainsbury’s launch new range of frozen ingredients

The new frozen range of ‘ingredients for cooks’ from Sainsbury’s is a convenient range of ready chopped vegetables and herbs and spices, and ready to bake pastry dishes. They are available now priced from £1 and are great to keep in the freezer for a cost effective and quick way to add an extra something

San Miguel announce new UK beer launch

San Miguel is a beer company that has never before extended its brand beyond its signature beer in the UK. However, this is about to change with the launch of San Miguel Fresca. The company describe this new product as a, “Refreshing lager that is perfect for drinking in the sun and can be enjoyed

The Pineberry makes its debut in commercial markets

While it is not a new fruit, the pineberry is making its first appearance in large commercial markets. The fruit recently received a lot of attention and many stores across the country sold out of the fruit very quickly. The story of the fruit dates back to 2003, when three Dutch people were in France

STAGG offer outstanding Chilli, barbecue, and more

Nothing adds a special spice to a summer party then the spice that comes from Hormel Foods. Therefore, if you want to plan an Al Fresco party this summer you may want to take a look at the wide selection of recipes that the pros over at Hormel Foods have come up with. Three great

Easy Bean vegetarian one-pot meals now in Waitrose stores

The premium ready meal company Easy Bean, who have the unique feature of having beans in every one of their recipes, has announced that their 4 vegetarian one pot meals now have increased availability and can now be found in 114 of Waitroses’ main stores. They have secured themselve a prominent shelf space the stores’

Morrisons open new processing plant in Cheshire

In Cheshire, Morrisons is about to open another 100,000 square foot plant, in order to increase its food processing ability. The supermarket, which is based in Bradford, is going to be buying the facility, which is capable of processing lamb and pork, and is located in Winsford. It is expected that the deal is going

Co-op store in Kirriemuir gets a £220,000 makeover

The Co-op have invested £220,000 into its food store at the Square in Kirriemuir, as part of their ongoing commitment to the local community. The retailers, which boasts a food store in every postal area of the UK, has undergone a major transformation during recent years and once more become a leading light in food

Paterson Arran bring Braille to their shortbread packaging

One of the UK’s biggest shortbread manufacturers has announced that it will be adding Braille labels to its packaging in an effort to cater for the needs for all customers. Paterson Arran’s products will now include Braille labels identifying the weight and size of the box, as well as the nutritional information, on those ranges

Supermarkets use creative wording to boost sales

The amount of creative marketing that supermarkets are engaging in is gradually increasing and in some cases the leading supermarkets have been known to make up fictional locations in order to make their products sound more appealing. For example, Tesco sell chicken that has come from a place called ‘Willow Farm,’ the problem is this