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WIN a cooking experience with TV Chef Rosemary Shrager

California Prunes are on the lookout for foodies with delicious prune recipes, to encourage people to cook healthy and indulgent dishes using this versatile and incredibly delicious super fruit. Whether it’s a gorgeously indulgent winter warmer or a tasty high-fibre snack for a healthy new you, California Prunes are rich and flavourful, healthy and nutritious

Great British Bake Off Winner Frances Quinn’s new recipe for the California Prunes Board

Current Great British Bake Off Queen Frances Quinn produces another brand new recipe for the California Prune Board in time for Biscuit Week The BBC’s most recent Great British Bake Off Winner Frances Quinn has created her second exclusive new recipe for the California Prune Board, encompassing her signature flare for imaginative and attractive bakes.

Cooking like a chef is easier than ever thanks to new recipe book

People are in for a treat this week as Ann Hood the former BBC MasterChef contestant and founder of the Smart School of Cookery will release her new book titled the Smart Book of Recipes and Tips. The book is a great collection of spicy and sweet recipes and each and every recipe clearly shows

Weekend charcuterie courses let you experience the art of preservation

Hammond Charcuterie based in Berwickshire has teamed up with the respected author and pig consultant Linda McDonald-Brown in a bid to shatter the many myths that surround charcuterie by running comprehensive weekend courses just for women so they can learn all about the the art of charcuterie. Charcuterie is the generic name that relates to

Who will be the Chef of the Future 2014? The challenge is now open

The vegetarian restaurant Cordon Vert vegetarian cookery school has sent out a challenge to all chefs, whether they be carnivorous, vegan or veggie. They are all invited to take part in their Chef of The Future Contest for 2014. It doesn’t matter of you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional out to prove what

Aldo Zilli creates new DIVO premium cheese range

By trying out the new DVIO premium cheese range created by Aldo Zilli the Italian chef you can become a celebrity cook within the confines of your own home. Aldo has been touring Italy to locate the best ingredients for his authentic and amazing tasting cheese range. “I wanted to enthuse people about using Italian

Rick Stein teams up with Virgin Wines for first ever UK theatre show

Rick Stein, the celebrated celebrity chef, has teamed up with leading British wine retailer Virgin Wines to create his first ever theatre show in the UK. Entitled Rick Stein Live, this unique show takes place on Monday 9th December at the London Palladium. Rick will be seen preparing a range of dishes that are truly

New ‘Simply Novelli’ recipe book launched

Relish Publications has just launched the new book from super chef Jean Christophe Novelli’s entitled ‘Simply Novelli’. This latest offering boasts more than 100 classic dishes and Jean Christophe Novelli himself has said that the aim of this book is to banish the myth forever that classic French food can be both daunting and complicated

Recipe boxes from top chefs delivered to your home every month

  If you fancy baking with Blanc or cooking along with Hom or even getting a food fix from Mark Hix you can now do all of the above within the comfort of your own kitchen. Farmison & Co are renowned online purveyors of fine foods, and they have joined forces with the hit television show

RECIPE: Minced Beef and Dumplings

You think of Heston Blumenthal and immediately your mind conjures up images of outrageous creations using such ingredients as dry ice in his molecular gastronomy. While we marvel at his television shows which highlights his excellence at combining cookery with science, and producing food items that have seen him described as both a lunatic and

Thomas the Baker offer you the chance to bake like a pro

Wish you could bake like one of the pros on Bake-off but have no idea of how to even get started? Well according to Thomas the Baker all you have to do is take home a bake. Thomas the Baker is a group of Yorkshire bakers that have created a new range called ‘Bake at

Observer Food Awards name Heston Blumenthal as the Chef of the Decade

Last night in London the Observer Food Monthly Awards winners were announced and true to form, at the 10th annual event even the trophies could be eaten. The night was hosted by Sue Perkins, The Great British Bake Off presenter and Jay Rayner.  Heston Blumenthal received the Chief of the Decade award for making such

Relish publications land Jean Christophe Novelli’s latest cookery book

Relish Publications, the specialist publisher of fine dining guides and recipe books, have pulled off a major coup by signing up Jean Christophe Novelli to publish his latest book. This book will be released in November ready for the peak Christmas rush. This latest book is titled ‘Simply Novelli’ and will feature more than 100

Tour operator Wendy Wu offers food based tour called A Taste of China with chef Ching He Huang

This exciting itinerary allows tourists to explore the Chinese food treasure in the company of renowned chef Ching He Huang Wendy Wu Tours have introduced a new tour to China that is food based and takes tourists on a trip that aims to combine culture with cuisine in such a manner that visitors not only

Tree hotel gets a new chef and it’s causing quite a buzz

  The Tree Hotel, situated at Cadmore End, announced the arrival of a new Chef in the form of Anurag Sharma. He is believed to be introducing changes in the existing menu that will happen at the same time as some renovations are being undertaken. Patrons will also benefit from the introduction of a new

RECIPE: Chiles en Nogada

Mexican Independence Day is on Monday 16 September 2013 Marco Cuervo, chef at Lupita East, and supporter of authentic food supplier mexgrocer.co.uk, shares with us his family recipe of Chiles en Nogada, the dish to eat for Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Celebrations in Mexico and the UK replicate the moment when the priest rang the

A Yorkshire inspired reshuffle takes place at Silversmiths

Master chefs can be described as classical conductors as they lead a veritable symphony of ingredients, preparation and service. A prime example of this takes place in the kitchen at Silversmiths, one of the most award laden restaurants in Yorkshire. But – in a move designed to further validate Silversmiths dedication to their customer experience

The Boulestin Restaurant to open today

The eagerly awaited Boulestin Restaurant, brainchild of owner Joel Kissin, will open its doors to the public today (2nd September). Kissin, alongside Sir Terence Conran, was given credit for changing the restaurant scene in London and this new restaurant in inspired by X. Marcel Boulestin. Marcel Boulestin is a hugely popular restauranteur as well as

Inaugural Celebrity Chef Week at Eden has T Rex eggs on the menu

Paul Ainsworth, the well known celebrity chef has had a cracking idea as to how to celebrate the harvest season at the Eden Project. He has created a sumptuous dish which, in his own words, look like baby dinosaur eggs. Paul is just one of many culinary stars set to make an appearance at Eden’s

Kid goat finding its way onto many menus

One of the most domesticated animals in the UK is the goat, even though Britain is barely starting to enjoy goat meat. This is a new trend that is quickly gaining acceptance. Forget your usual Jamaican stew or even a goat curry here, we are talking about a new meal in town, kid goat. Served

For one week only Jean-Christophe Novelli becomes the resident chef on ‘What’s Cooking?’

Jean-Christophe Novelli, generally considered to be Britain’s favourite French chef, is to join Lisa Faulkner and Ben Shepherd every day on Channel 4 for one week starting on Monday 18th March. He is planning to cook up a storm and the recipes he creates over the week are set to be both flavoursome and exciting

Stephen Terry and James Martin team up to tackle Welsh hospital food

Most people know Stephen Terry as the Welsh man behind some great Michelin rated food, but as part of a new BBC series Terry is partnering up with James Martin in order to get some healthier and better tasting food into NHS hospitals. A typical plate of hospital food at a NHS hospital in Wales

New study reveals the UK’s favourites when it comes to cakes and baking

New research has revealed that Mary Berry is the who most of the UK public would like to bake a cake with, and that more than 60% of the respondents get their inspiration for cakes from friends and family, closely followed by the huge current interest in cookery and baking TV shows, as well as

VANESSA KIMBELL creates a cookery school like no other

There is a brand new cookery school which is unlike no other in that it is dedicated to creating courses that are affordable, inspirational and ethical. The Juniper and Rose kitchen Garden School has been founded by Vanessa Kimbell, the BBC radio presenter and author of ‘Prepped’, and is located in a stunning house in

Leek, Chorizo & Goat’s Cheese Tortilla Recipe

After overspending at Christmas, every penny counts in January, especially when it comes to feeding a family. If you didn’t know, we are in the leek season, and British Leeks have come up with some great recipes where, for less than £5,  you can feed 4 people. Leeks are the perfect ingredient for everything from

A Guide to the best less-popular restaurants where top chefs eat

It would be safe to say that the latest restaurant guides will feature kiosks in Stockholm, burger stands in Istanbul and a diner in Hong Kong situated under the bridge. These places are also restaurants but they are the less famous ones endorsed by neither critics nor reviewers. Instead, communities of food-lovers are praising them

TV’s Ready Steady Can’t Cook Fifteen-Minute Masterchef Bake-off Obsession

Napoleon famously described Britain as a nation of shopkeepers. If he’d been able to look at the TV listings for any particular week in the last two decades though, he’d probably have revised his opinion in the belief that we are a nation composed almost exclusively of keen amateur chefs. Every channel is crammed with

Great leftover turkey tips from Marco Pierre White

With the festive season fast approaching, Relish Publications want to share some of the fantastic Christmas recipes there are around at the minute to give you help in getting through the veritable culinary Everest that is cooking at Christmas. Relish have released nine outstanding books and guides full of regional recipes and recommendations of where

New book takes the confusion out of cooking

A new book from Shirley Bond, entitled How Do You Measure Up? is based on the decades of experience the author has as a food writer, dietician and nutrition lecturer. This is a book that will be very useful for those who wish to cook without any confusion. The country’s top chefs have already heaped

Sutra Kitchen brings vegetarian and vegan cookery to Carnaby Street

Sutra Kitchen is a cooking school in London that is dedicated to vegetarian food, and it is something that local people have been waiting for a long time to open. The concept cooking school is located in Carnaby Street and it is the latest project by the well-known vegetarian chef, Jay Morjaria. Here, the chef

Great British summer food on your smartphone courtesy of Great British Chefs and Ocado

Great British Chefs is an award-winning website that is about to launch a new application which has been created in partnership with the online supermarket, Ocado. Information about the new application can be found at the website www.greatbritishchefs.com/the-app. This application has a great many dishes that can be cooked and are traditionally the sort of

Gordon Ramsay launches new range of food preparation products

Gordon Ramsey has just released a new range of appliances that are going to make food preparation significantly easier. The chef has won numerous awards for his cooking appliances and they’ve become known as something that allow you to be more confident in the kitchen and save time in the preparation of food. They are

A mad frog and an Englishman….go fishing

Jean Christophe Novelli would probably be regarded as the favoured French chef in the country and he has recently released a new book which is titled, A Mad Frog and an Englishman…Go Fishing. This book details the various recipes that he has created for the fish that he caught off the coasts of Cumbria. He

Jamie Oliver announces the opening of new Dublin restaurant

Jamie Oliver has recently announced that he is going to be opening a restaurant in Ireland, specifically he is going to be bringing one of his eateries to Dublin. Mr Oliver, who is 36 years old, said the Italian restaurant is going to be located in the centre of the city and he has described

Harry Hill mans the tills at Oxfam to sell his fairtrade nuts

The television presenter Harry Hill is going to be working behind the till at the Oxfam store on Kensington high street in London. The idea is that people are going to come to the store to buy fair trade products that bear the name of the star. The range is called Harry’s Nuts! These products,

Ex Corrie actor becomes a real foodie

On the television show Coronation Street, Martin Platt was the husband of Gail and the father of the wayward David, but since leaving the show, Sean Wilson the actor who played Martin, has become a food fanatic. He has become heavily involved in the cheese industry and established the Saddleworth Cheese Company, which strongly promotes

Stevie Parle is the ultimate child culinary prodigy who made good

Stevie Parle must be the definition of a culinary prodigy in terms of extraordinary inventiveness and talent. In fact ‘child prodigy’ might be even more apt, since the man was voted Young Chef of the Year by the Observer Food Monthly in 2010, he’s been cooking professionally since he was 16, and he’s still only

Sponsored Video: Salmon with Chilli Mango Quinoa Recipe with Sophie Mitchell

Sponsored Post Many people believe that healthy eating means tasteless eating, but Sophie Mitchell proves that this is not true with her Salmon with Chili Mango Quinoa Recipe. According to Mitchell, Salmon is one of the fattiest fish, but all of the fats are good fats, made up of Omega 3s that are actually very

We could soon be buying our food in edible packaging

Food technology is something that has been a big deal for a while but the latest speculation about what’s going to be the next big thing in the industry is quite unusual. The idea is that you will be able to buy milk, and other products, that comes in packaging that is completely edible. While

Spanish Young Chef of the Year title goes to Pierre Koffmann protege

A young protege of Pierre Koffmann has been named as the Spanish Young Chef of the Year in the 2012 competition. Ben Murphy is a 21 year old chef working under Koffmann at the Berkeley, and his prize for coming first in the competition is to spend a week in the kitchen of one of

Celebrity chef & releases new lab inspired recipe book

Celebrity chef and author of the #1 best selling book Indian Superfood, Gurpareet Bains, has produced a new collection of recipes entitled Indian Superspices. These recipes are all lab inspired and are aimed at helping sufferers of everyday ailments such as PMT, colds, insomnia and hangovers. In his own unique way, Bains uses spices in

LucyCooks in the Lakes so linger longer

Enjoy at The Lakes, a gastronomic getaway this year that will tickle the palate and give the feeling of a foodie affair and either sharpen or spice up your kitchen skills. LucyCooks the divine cookery school in Staveley near Kendal, is ready to astound food lovers with a stay at a beautiful Lake District location

5 Of The Best Eric Lanlard Recipes As Featured On Channel 4’s Baking Mad

A Featured Advertorial Channel 4’s Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard gives amateurs and pros the chance to bake incredible recipes that give the taste buds something to remember. Eric’s recipe ideas are simple to follow and look fantastic. Beginners will appear as if they have been baking for years, while pros can experiment and show

Britain’s traditional pub food next on Jamie Oliver’s hit list

In the herculean task of trying to convert, a nation of 300 million Americans, to healthy eating, and he admittedly fell short of his goal. So it is not any surprise that Jamie Oliver’s upcoming project is a bit more modest and falls safely within the comfort zone of his culinary lifestyle; a celebration of

My Secret Kitchen, Spring range with a real twist

My Secret Kitchen’s Phil Moran says they like to push the tastebud boundaries. Trying familiar foods with a bit of a twist is what they believe people will do in 2011. Three new products have been launched by My Secret Kitchen to test their theory. Lemon and Bergamot Shortbread mix – Having your afternoon tea

Jamie Oliver not eating what he preaches

Jamie Oliver the champion of healthy eating has been working on getting people across Britain to cook in their own kitchens with local produce.  However, it seems that now he is in the centre of storm as news cropped up that his Italian restaurant in George Square over in Glasgow is one just one out

Even the mice are jumping the Gordon Ramsay ship

Even the mice are fleeing Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.  The Hell’s Kitchen chef, who runs a culinary empire, is reportedly in deep financial trouble.  Some say the tune of his woes goes as deep as about £18 million. Ramsay blames much of the trouble on his father-in-law who was, until recently, Ramsay’s business partner.  Chris Hutchinson,

Rhodes W1 Truffle fortnight

Following the success of the British Asparagus fortnight back in May, Gary Rhodes’ Michelin starred fine dining restaurant, Rhodes W1, is hosting an exclusive Truffle fortnight to celebrate the start of the new season. Launched on the 12th October 2010, Head Chef and Gary Rhodes’ protégé, Paul Welburn, is treating guests to a fabulous four

Jamie Oliver’s cooking centres could be closed

Jamie Oliver’s cooking centres could face closure because of spending cuts, the celebrity chef himself has revealed.  He’s says that the very first of the centres ever to open, the one in Rotherham, is facing shut down by March. The centres were places where Oliver put into practice his theory of better health and finance

Jervaulx Blue cheese launched by Wensleydale Creamery

The Jervaulx Blue cheese has just been launched by the Wensleydale Creamery. The launch venue was the Launceston Place restaurant, the award-winning restaurant is home to star chef Tristan Welsh. Although it might sound French, Jervaulx Blue is named after Yorkshire’s famous Jervaulx Abbey. The blue cheese is targeted at the sector of the market