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Discovering Hong Kong cuisine with Ching He Huang

There are few places that rank so highly on so many people’s travel wish lists as Hong Kong. This island state which was under British rule for so long until control was regained by the Chinese back in 1997. Pictures and prints of Hong Kong are the biggest sellers in the world after New York

Tour operator Wendy Wu offers food based tour called A Taste of China with chef Ching He Huang

This exciting itinerary allows tourists to explore the Chinese food treasure in the company of renowned chef Ching He Huang Wendy Wu Tours have introduced a new tour to China that is food based and takes tourists on a trip that aims to combine culture with cuisine in such a manner that visitors not only

Twins have a recipe for success with their Chinese dipping sauces

A brand new range of Chinese sauces intended for dipping has been creates by a pair of twin sisters and are now on the shelves at Sainsbury’s, packaged in bottles from Beatson Clark, one of the leading glass manufacturers. Lisa and Helen Tse were able to get Sweet Mandarin up and running after they received