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PizzaExpress has a Christmas Menu with contemporary twists on classic dishes

This Christmas, PizzaExpress has well and truly mastered the art of indulgence. Ranging from a delectable hog roast and stuffing Romana pizza recipe, to zingy jaffa profiteroles, to creamy cocktails to wash it all down with; the Christmas menu is sure to surprise and delight, with its contemporary twists on classic dishes. SUPRISING TWISTS ON

SPONSORED VIDEO: Lindt Christmas Chocolate

Christmas Chocolate ideas from Lindt in this video plus chance to win an iPad.

Recipe Ideas – Indulge in Fun, Easy, Festive, De-stressing Desserts over Christmas

Christmas is next month and time to get organised but without stressing. We have the greatest solution during what has become mayhem in the home during Michaelmas. By putting your desserts first, you will halve the chaos. Make this your priority! Once you start your shopping, most of these ingredients will be useful for other

Doves Farm Special Christmas Food Recipes

Cooking for large parties at Christmas can be hugely stressful, especially if you’re not aware of all your guests’ dietary requirements. Why not play it safe this year and make some of your special Christmas treats gluten-free? These recipes from Doves Farm are reliable and delicious, require no extra effort and are bound to set

Great Christmas Il Borgo Condimento Box Set of Balsamic Vinegars

Instead of brandy, why not try a splash of balsamic vinegar on your Christmas pud this year? Il Borgo’s Red Label Condiment is rich, thick and sweet – the perfect alternative to brandy sauce and, what’s more, it’s delicious all-year-round as an accompaniment to strawberries, ice cream and or whatever takes your fancy. The Three

John Ross Jr launches new Prawn Cocktail in time for Christmas

If there are two foods that never go out of fashion, it’s smoked salmon and prawn cocktail, which is why foodies will be delighted with John Ross Jr (Aberdeen) Ltd’s decision to launch a premium take on 1980s dinner party favourite, Prawn Cocktail, in time for the festive season. The latest addition from the artisan

Marks and Spencer tasty Christmas food video

Marks and Spencer is obviously regarded as something of a British institution having been a major and trusted vendor of all kinds of household goods clothing and of course fine foods for several generations. For many years now we are treated with television adverts showing the most unbelievably mouthwatering and delicious looking quality food available

A Taste of Christmas…

There is no doubt about it, a big part (maybe even the best part) of Christmas is the food. Succulent turkey, crispy roast potatoes, brandy-soaked Christmas pudding – just the very mention makes our mouths water. We all expect to gain a few pounds over the festive season, as we prepare to over indulgeand make

The perfect Christmas dinner from Waitrose

With Christmas now just literally around the corner, households up and down the country are now well into their preparations. In a few weeks the tree and decorations will be up, the presents will be wrapped and the exciting will be building. One of the most important events of Christmas Day is the dinner, when

Stuff the turkey and treat yourself to a cockerel this xmas

Those who really want to strut their stuff this Christmas and have a dinner that will really go cock-a-doodle-do then stuff the turkey and go for a cockerel instead. Farmison & Co, the online gourmet food outlet, are offering their rare roosters this Christmas as part of their ‘Butchers’ Specialities’ range and you will shaking

Rocking around the Xmas tree this festive season with great organic drinks

  Only the finest drinks and food should be served during Christmas. You can treat your family and friends to various festive foods or simply those foods that can be enjoyed during the celebrations, accompanied by the latest organic squashes and cordials from Rocks Drinks that can be amazingly refreshing. Considering that, Christmas only happens

Veggie Christmas Ideas

If you are planning to invite vegetarian friends to your Christmas festivities it can be a bit daunting.  However it need not be. Here are a selection of quick Veggie Christmas Tips from Veggie Internet TV founder Karin Ridgers …. If you have a veggie guest coming for Christmas dinner make sure that the vegetables

Affordable Alcohol for a Merry Christmas

Bucks Fizz has long been considered a traditional British tipple when opening presents on Christmas Day morning with the family. However, there are many other tasty cocktails and drinks to brighten up your Christmas celebrations, whilst also complementing both the time of day and your choice of meal. In America people prefer mimosas to a

The great Christmas challenge of cooking the perfect dinner

In just over a week’s time millions of us will be striving to meet one of the biggest cooking challenges of the year and cook the perfect Christmas dinner. According to a new study, 4 in 10 people who have in the past cooked a Christmas dinner admitted that they haven’t yet pulled off the

Spam create some great Christmas recipes to lessen your time in the kitchen

With the frantic period of Christmas and New Year getting ever closer, the last thing you want to be worrying about is food preparations. Thankfully, Spam have created a few simple recipes using SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham, meaning you will be spending less time in the kitchen and more time having fun. Make your

Great leftover turkey tips from Marco Pierre White

With the festive season fast approaching, Relish Publications want to share some of the fantastic Christmas recipes there are around at the minute to give you help in getting through the veritable culinary Everest that is cooking at Christmas. Relish have released nine outstanding books and guides full of regional recipes and recommendations of where

Loving those leftovers!

This delicious recipe is perfect for using up turkey leftovers and a light relief after all the rich meals that’ll be eaten over Christmas! Macadamia and Turkey Risotto Serves 4 Ingredients 1 onion, peeled and sliced 1 clove garlic, peeled and finely chopped 2 tablespoons macadamia oil 1 red pepper, deseeded and sliced 180g risotto

Left-Handers cook up a storm this Christmas

Most people who are not left-handed are largely aware that using kitchen tools that are designed for right-handed people can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Items that are particularly annoying include vegetable peelers, as they are often the culprit of many cuts to the hand. Tin openers can also be difficult as the

How to Cook the Christmas Turkey Perfectly

Christmas is quickly approaching and with it are thoughts of that luscious Christmas dinner, dripping with flavour, deliciousness and excess. If it is your job to cook Christmas dinner this year you’ll be keen to learn some tips about cooking a perfect turkey. Cooking turkey is a time-consuming task, but by following this step-by-step guide,

New book takes the confusion out of cooking

A new book from Shirley Bond, entitled How Do You Measure Up? is based on the decades of experience the author has as a food writer, dietician and nutrition lecturer. This is a book that will be very useful for those who wish to cook without any confusion. The country’s top chefs have already heaped

Smoked salmon recipes for this Christmas

There’s no getting away from it – salmon is silky, velvety and delicious. For people wanting to inject some festive frivolity into the Christmas proceedings, smoked salmon is one ingredient that spells easy, affordable luxury. Smoked salmon is one of the most versatile and delectable ingredients known to man (and woman). This Christmas, give thanks

Fudges bakery get set for a round the clock run up to Christmas

Christmas is set to come early this year for Fudges bakery, based in Dorset, as they are set to go into overdrive on their festive production which starts on Monday the 7th September. This family based firm are bucking the current trend and are set to work around the clock at their bakery in Stalbridge

Secret Spices create delicious range for puddings and desserts

The first food tasting company in the UK are extremely proud at being the first to launch a seasoning mix that is sweet amongst their latest additions to their Secret Spices range. The Secret Vanilla Pudding Spices are a clever combination of ginger, ground coriander seed, vanilla, cinnamon and their secret ingredient; roasted cassia. Also

Taste the Difference Christmas cake

It is odd to think about Christmas cake as it seems that the last thing anyone needs is another treat to help expand their waistlines even more, however, it is till traditional that you have some Christmas cake to serve at the table.   A lot of people do not care for the cake or marzipan,

Settling Down For Christmas Dinner With A Hamper From Farmison

It is that time of year when we’re all beginning to wake up in cold sweats at night, dreading arranging that huge Christmas dinner for the whole family! With turkeys, sprouts and festive food shopping on the brain every day, it’s about time we let our mice do the hard work and order our Christmas

Chinese recipes: bring eastern foods west at Christmas

Chinese recipes offer people the chance to experience a delicate balance of oriental flavours which complement one another perfectly. As Christmas is a time for getting together and enjoying great food, now is the perfect time to bring some eastern foods to the west by making some great Chinese recipes to accompany your traditional Christmas

Fruitful gift for wine lovers this festive season

All wine lovers will be able to open their perfect Christmas present this festive season. An independent wine education company known as the Local Wine School are offering gift vouchers that can be redeemed against its courses and tasting sessions that take place across the country. Their network comprises of 8 separate wine schools which

You do not have to avoid all fat this Christmas

The Christmas holidays are always a challenge to many people, especially the millions among us who are battling their waistlines and worrying about their hearts.  Typically, almost everyone eats too much, and often far too much of the ‘wrong’ things.  Fat, as they say, is the enemy, but the Institute of Food Technology, a non-profit

A Holiday Hamper: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Are you looking to find a traditional and thoughtful Christmas present that everyone can enjoy? By purchasing a special hamper, you’ll find that you can give the gift of great taste with ease during the winter festivities. Picking out the perfect Christmas present can be rather stressful. In fact, when it comes down to it,

Eco Food Christmas Present Ideas

The Christmas frenzy is now in full swing with many looking to find organic and eco-friendly Christmas gifts this year. Leading online organic and vegan retailer Greenlife Direct has increased its range of products this year and has a few tips to help with those last minute Christmas stocking filler dilemmas. Booja Booja chocolate truffles