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Beverage Town is the tastiest new website dedicated to drinks lovers

The art of creating the perfect cup of coffee, the search for the finest, full-bodied wine. and the perfect cup of tea is a never-ending journey for drinks lovers the world over. But now a new website dedicated to bringing beverage enthusiasts together and providing them with insider knowledge is here to shake up the

Join OXO’s Cold Brew Revolution With Their New Coffee Maker

First there was artisan chocolate, then craft beer and now the latest trend sweeping across the UK is cold brew coffee. Coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts are all hailing cold brew as the next big thing in coffee and now you can be part of this latest trend with the launch of OXO’s new cold brew

Harmless Harvest Launch World’s First 100% Raw Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee

Continuing to raise the industry standards for social and environmental practices, Harmless Harvest’s new project blends their critically acclaimed, 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with fair trade and organic coffee beans. Highlighting the unique flavor, aroma, and nutritional properties of real ingredients, Harmless Harvest combines its distinctive Fair for Life – Fair Trade &

Why Coffee Is The ‘Creative’ Drink Of Choice

There’s not many things that humans have chosen to consume as romantically tied up with thinking, creativity and philosophy as coffee. Other beverages may have their own interesting histories and cultural associations, but coffee is the only one that makes our brains jump into action and start firing off thoughts like a child that’s got

Gluten-Free Bakery & Café Beyond Bread Opens in London

If a truly delicious, gluten-free sandwich, Danish pastry or mince pie is on your Christmas list; your wish is about to come true! Beyond Bread, a 100% gluten-free Bakery and Café, will open its doors to an eager and hungry crowd today from 11am. The Bakery is set to become the ultimate hangout for foodies

Kickstarter for Tea and Coffee Press with GROUNDSAWAY Cleaning System

Coffee addicts up and down the country understand the frustration and inconvenience of having to clean dregs and residue from used cafetieres. Degono has launched a Kickstarter campaign to put an end to the repeated cleaning of cups and mugs with its groundbreaking tea and coffee press designed to prevent coffee grounds and tea leaves

Amazing & Unusual Places To Get A Coffee

There are many amazing places to get a great cup of coffee these days. Most cities have a vast selection of coffee shops to cater for all tastes and personal preferences. However there are a few around the world who have taken this to the extreme. Made popular not because of their comfort, quality, speed

New Premium Listing at Harvey Nichols For Alma De Cuba

Alma de Cuba, the ethically sourced Cuban mountain coffee, has secured its first prestigious UK listing for its gourmet roast coffee gift tin in the Food Markets of all six of Harvey Nichols’ luxury department stores – reinforcing its premium brand credentials and positioning within the luxury sector. Alma de Cuba director Phillip Oppenheim says:

Alma de Cuba Launches New Nespresso©- compatible capsules

Alma de Cuba, the soul and spirit of artisan Cuban coffee, launches its first premium Nespresso©-compatible capsules. Priced at £8 for 20 capsules, the product is available at And will soon be available from selected retailers Intense, bright but balanced, with wonderful silkiness and a lingering finish, this medium to high roast bean (which

The Reincarnation of the Decaffei-nation

Decaf coffee is finally going to have a chance to shine thanks to the creation of The Decadent Decaf Coffee Company. As the name implies the company aims to bring decaf into limelight and explain to coffee drinkers why they should make the much healthier switch to decaf. In order to do this the company

Alma de Cuba’s new lower cost Espresso/Cafecito roast

The Cuba Mountain Coffee Company (CMC), the company behind the new ethically and sustainably farmed and artisan-roasted Alma de Cuba gourmet coffee brand, will be launching an entry-level mini 225gm pack available at £7 from their e-commerce site (wholesale £4.50). A steady increase in production of top-end coffee from the island and the growing close

Push of a Trolley Offers new Carte Noire Espresso Capsules

Carte Noire launches espresso capsule range, compatible with most Nespresso®* machines Carte Noire, the exquisite French coffee brand, has announced a new collection of divine espresso capsules that can be used inside of most Nespresso machines in order to allow coffee lovers the ability to have a brand new and encapsulating coffee experience in their

Coffee In Just One Touch

Watermark UK has introduced a new range of one touch espresso coffee machines titled the Saeco range aimed at creating an affordable mid-priced range of machines for businesses. The first espresso machine to be introduced in the line is the Saeco Aulika whichi s a one touch machine that takes coffee beans and quickly grounds

Alma de Cuba is the spirit of Cuban coffee

The Alma de Cuba coffee company is on a mission to reveal the best kept secret in Cuba. Their mission involves restoring Cuban coffee, which was one the favourite coffee in the world. Back to its rightful position at the top of the tree. The secret weapon in this mission is the Alma de Cuba

Aromo coffee is recognised for its Espresso pods in Great Taste Awards

Coffee company Aromo is celebrating winning two Great Taste Awards for its Boost and Buzz Lite coffee pods which can be used in espresso machines – bringing great coffee into everyone’s home. Aromo is the only ESE supplier (Easy Serving Espresso) recognised in the awards and marks the first time an ESE pod has been

Coffee expert advises us to buy new beans to explore exciting flavours

Anyone who has ever drunk their safe, usual coffee and longed to try something different and a little bit special can now exactly that from an online coffee supplier of fine, artisan coffees. They are encouraging coffee lovers to try something new by buying coffee beans from their excellent website, and taste for yourself what

Sainsbury’s to launch the UK’s first single origin coffee from the Congo

Speciality Fairtrade Sopacdi coffee to support farming communities in the world’s poorest country Discerning coffee drinkers already know what a must have Sopacdi Fairtrade Ground Coffee is, but few will realise the story behind it. Look past the subtle cherry and grapefruit flavours, and the hint of citrus, and you find an inspirational story of

First signature blend from Sea Island Coffee allows you to espresso yourself

According to Sea Island Coffee, the purveyors of exotic coffees, how fantastic your caffeine shot in the morning is depends very much on the blend. The new Sea Island Signature Espresso Blend is a heady combination of rich blueberry and the chocolate finish of the coffee native to the Ethiopian region of Yirgacheffe, creating a