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RECIPE: Chilli CHOC hearts for Halloween

We love Halloween and what better way to celebrate the day of the dead than with spicy chilli chocolate hearts inspired by the ancient Aztec and Mayan. They look so innocent and lovely no one will suspect the chilli kick surprise!   Ingredients: 100g CHOC Chick organic cacao powder 6 tbsp CHOC Chick organic cacao

Sous Chef’s Exclusive DIY Easter Egg Kit

Getting tired of the same plain Easter eggs year after year? Online cooking emporium Sous Chef is here to help. Make your own beautiful, edible Easter gifts with Sous Chef’s DIY Easter Egg Kit. The kit includes everything needed to mould perfect dark chocolate egg shapes and decorate them with orange and strawberry cocoa butter.

Sous Chef limited edition Lakrids Easter Egg for liquorice lovers

This Easter, online cooking emporium Sous Chef have something for the liquorice lovers – and anyone else who’s bored of the same old chocolate Easter eggs. From fine Danish liquorice producer, Lakrids, comes the limited edition Lakrids Egg. Presenting soft liquorice pieces enrobed with creamy dulce de leche chocolate and encased in a crisp sugar

SPONSORED VIDEO: Lindt Christmas Chocolate

Christmas Chocolate ideas from Lindt in this video plus chance to win an iPad.

Ombar’s ‘naturally better’ Raw, Organic Chocolate Bars

“In a world dominated by roasted chocolate, not all bars are created equal. We choose raw because it is naturally better.” Richard Turner, Founder of Ombar.     What makes Ombar so special? Made with raw, organic Ecuadorian cacao, unrefined coconut sugar and real juicy fruits, every Ombar is packed full of goodness and deliciousness.

Chocolate Week is currently underway for UK’s chocolate lovers

The UK’s most mouth-watering awareness week, Chocolate Week, returned this October to celebrate the very best of fine chocolate from across the globe (12th to 18th October). To celebrate, the grand highlight of the week will be Olympia’s The Chocolate Show London, (16-18th October) which sees chocolate exhibitors stretching from Vietnam to Cleethorpes together under

Chocolate brand Honeybee crowdfunding to save London’s bees

Honeybee, the multi-award winning artisan chocolate brand made with ‘home-grown’ London honey is crowdfunding in an effort to help save London’s bee population! With funding in place, at least 1.5 million bees will be attracted to London with a little help from founder Shaun Nixon. Through using the crowd funding platform Honeybee is raising funds to

Delicious Summer Bonne Maman Fruit and Ice Cream Treats

With summer now in full swing – it’s the perfect time to enjoy Bonne Maman’s ‘Wild Conserve’ range. Featuring delicious Strawberry & Wild Strawberry and Wild Blueberry – these two wonderfully textured conserves (with juicy fruit pieces) are not only scrumptious breakfast table staples; they have have a certain je ne sais quoi – bursting

Belgium’s Long History with Chocolate

When speaking about chocolate and its origins we often think of ancient cultures harvesting cocoa in Central America; of cocoa pods ripening in West Africa or being processed in the Amazon River Basin. Whilst these locations are the birthplace of the cacao plant, other places also have a long history with this sweet delicacy. European

Choc Nibbles are launching two new products in January 2015

  The UK’s favourite quirky chocolate treat, Choc Nibbles, are launching not one, but two new products in January 2015. Our best selling ‘Original Choc Nibbles’ have been all ‘poshed’ up! These new Posh Choc Nibbles are new to the market and represent a line extension for the Choc Nibbles brand. For the first time

Paul.a.young Fine Chocolates Named The Outstanding British Chocolatier 2015 In Paris

Last week, the International Chocolate Awards presented Paul.a.Young fine chocolates with the prestigious award for “Outstanding British Chocolatier 2015” at an exclusive awards ceremony held at the Salon du Chocolat exhibition in Paris. This follows Paul’s incredible three Gold awards at the 2013 International Chocolate Awards World Finals, making Paul A Young and his team the most

Introducing The New Supermilk From Hotel Chocolat

The new Supermilk from Hotel Chocolat has all the pleasure of milk chocolate and all the power of dark. 65% of pure cocoa, a splash of milk and less sugar than a dark chocolate bar. A decadently high cocoa content means that it takes just a smaller portion of Supermilk to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Chocolatier Paul A Young has put his own twist on the traditional cream tea

  Leading chocolatier paul.a.young has put his own twist on the traditional cream tea with the launch of his Sea Salted Caramel Cream Tea, available exclusively at paul.a.young fine chocolates at Heal’s. Sit down in Paul’s newest chocolaterie to enjoy a freshly baked traditional brown sugar scone served with pots of Paul’s famous sea salted

New Belgian chocolate Baru marshmallow ‘clouds’ for Christmas

Contemporary confectionery brand Barú describes their range of chocolate coated marshmallows as Chocolate wrapped ‘Clouds’, below you can see why. The signature Marshmallows, are made using a carefully developed recipe that includes real honey and ground vanilla pods to create a soft, light, melt-in-the-mouth experience. Perfectly complemented with a generous coating of luxurious milk or

RECIPE: Bonne Maman’s Chocolate Orange Pots

​Bonne Maman’s Chocolate Orange Pots are the perfect indulgent addition to any picnic this summer. Simple to make with a light and smooth texture – whisk the ingredients together and pop into four pretty empty Bonne Maman Jars to chill, then serve with a slice of orange to decorate and enjoy! Prep Time – 10

Sugar set to be new public enemy #1

After complaining about everything from fast food and tobacco to alcoholic drinks and other popular foods; it seems that sugar is next in the firing line. A few experts on gastronomy are currently pulling all the strings to make sugar become the enemy. They want the public to believe that sugar is the most dangerous

The Caribbean paradise of Buccament Bay Resort is heaven on earth for chocolate lovers

The all-inclusive, award-winning, luxurious Buccament Bay Resort located in the Carribean Paradise of St Vincent and The Grenadines  has joined with the international British chocolatier Gerry Wilton to have the opportunity to offer guests and consumers The Experience of Chocolate: an enlightening, delectable, and entertaining course in making chocolate that will feature chocolate at the

Blonde chocolate from France

Blonde chocolate, as distinct from dark, milk or white is the latest unexpected food product to reach us from France. It is produced by Valrhona, the French chocolate maker, and was found completely by accident, as if written in a Joanne Harris novel. The story begins eight years ago, early one spring morning. The setting

Valrhona Blonde chocolate

Blonde chocolate, as distinct from dark, milk or white is the latest unexpected food product to reach us from France. It is produced by Valrhona, the French chocolate maker, and was found completely by accident, as if written in a Joanne Harris novel. The story begins eight years ago, early one spring morning. The setting

Chocolate unwrapped at chocolate week

Chocolate Week is a themed food week, which has recently begun, and it sees events take place, not just in one place, but all across the UK. The Chocolate Week, started in 2006, and since that time it has expanded rapidly. It showcases some of the incredible food in the chocolate market in Britain, a

Don’t tell the dentist but National Chocolate Week is here again

This coming Monday, the 8th of October, is the start off National Chocolate Week, not that we Brits need any excuse for tucking into our favourite treat! For those whose teeth prefer sweet treats, VisitEngland have put together a list of the top 4 chocolate experiences in England, just don’t tell your dentist. Guaranteed sweet

Research shows that dark chocolate could lower blood pressure

Researchers have discovered through the results of 20 trials that eating dark chocolate may lower blood pressure. In the trials cocoa powder or dark chocolate was eaten regularly by more than 850 people. It was discovered through the study that on average the blood pressure of participant’s was reduced by 2-3mmHG. The Cochrane Group’s report

New Chocolate Delight courses could be the golden ticket to a career in chocolate

Many people consider pursuing a career in making chocolate as a fantasy, but an event that has been organised by the events company Chocolate Delight is going to allow guests the opportunity to learn the fundamentals about creating chocolate. It is a two-day course that is going to be perfect for anyone who is thinking about

Kraft’s buy out of Cadburys sees the Mail on Sundays prophecy of doom come true

It seems the fears of Mail on Sunday readers were well-founded, and the sell-out of Cadbury to the American Kraft Foods corporation back in 2010 was the inglorious end of a chocolate dynasty. The takeover was highly publicised amid speculation that the deal would lead to distasteful changes in the iconic British sweets, not to

Chocolate emporium comes to London

The chocolaterie that is focused on art and designed has just launched its first chocolate emporium in London at 30-32 Foubert’s Place, which is in the Newburgh Quarter. This establishment comes complete with chocolate boudoir, cafe and chocolate shop. Whether you are looking for bespoke cakes, or original sculptures, or just a small and thoughtful