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How to Chop Food Like an Expert

Have you ever struggled with knowing what the best techniques for chopping foods? Do you know the difference between ‘the rolling technique’ and ‘the claw grip technique’? Well, catering supplier Nisbets have put together this super infographic giving the lowdown on all the main food chopping techniques so your food cut look great.

New study reveals top 20 dishes Brits regularly fail to cook properly

Roast dinner, lasagne and a traditional fry up are amongst the dishes Brits can’t cook properly, according to a new study. Researchers have revealed the top 20 dishes Brits regularly fail to serve perfectly on every occasion – because they are burnt, undercooked or hard to deliver to the table at the same time. Eggs

Spice Drops will really add an orange zest to your cooking!

Spice Drops®, the unique range of concentrated extracts of herbs and spices is removing the g-rind from cooking with new Orange Spice Drops® – just four drops are the same as adding the zest of half an orange to any recipe, effortlessly enhancing and intensifying the orange flavour of smoothies, juices, cakes, carrot soup, sauces

OX Grills’ commercial quality grills to revolutionise UK outdoors cooking

Outdoor kitchens are trending as foodies move from the kitchen to outdoors in the quest for new ways to work with flavour and entertain friends. With the dinner party now old hat, outdoor cooking has become the ultimate expression of relaxed entertaining. UK based, Argentine grill company OX Grills makes high quality wood fired grills

Ashburton Cookery School’s Training Goes To Halifax Chefs Academy

One of the UK’s leading independent culinary schools, the Ashburton Cookery School based in Devon, is bringing its award-winning cookery training to the north of the country this winter with the opening of the Ashburton Chefs Academy at Dean Clough Mills, a renowned centre for business and the arts in Halifax, West Yorkshire. “Over the

Adopt an olive tree with Pomora for year round olive oil

Pomora is a new service that ensures you’ll always have access to some of the finest Italian olive oil you’ll ever taste. Adopt an olive tree with Pomora and you’ll receive quarterly deliveries of three 250ml tins of premium extra virgin olive oil from your tree, while knowing you’re also supporting hard-working olive growers. Adopting an olive

Innovative Cooking Product Roccbox in Pitch to Rich 2015

Pitch to Rich 2015 is a nationwide competition run by Virgin Media Business to find the country’s most exciting and innovative businesses. The competition is the latest Virgin Media Business initiative to support small, growing UK businesses – the disproportionate drivers of the national economy. Virgin Media Business is offering an unprecedented £1m business accelerator

Elia’s Pizza School Teach How To Establish Your Own Pizza Business

Whether you dream of a new culinary career, opening a restaurant, or you simply want to make great pizza; Elia’s Pizza School is the perfect choice Elia’s Pizza School was established two years ago by renowned Italian chef, Elia Tavernese at London’s multi-award winning pizza restaurant, Organica Pizza Company in Camden. With more and more

LouAna’s New Website Dedicated to Cooking with Coconut Oil

LouAna Oils has seen sales increase more than 632%, since introducing its 100% Pure Coconut Oil in 2010. As the brand and its retail partners throughout the U.S. and Canada continue to enjoy exponential sales growth, LouAna has created the definitive online resource for consumers who want to learn more about cooking with coconut oil

RECIPE: Sweet potato skewers

With summer fast approaching, these orange and honey glazed sweet potato and chicken skewers are easy to rustle up and brighten any BBQ. Also delicious when cooked on a griddle pan, they will put a smile on your face even if it does start to rain! This dish created by celebrity chef and sweet potato

El Yucateco products now available in the UK exclusively through

  One of the 50 Best Food websites in The Independent and a Times Top 40 Food Site, has become the exclusive retailer for all of the El Yecateco products. El Yucateco is known for producing some of the most authentic Mexican hot sauces. The range includes everything from sauces with a habanero sauce

Why not Stir up something egg-stra special this Easter

Try making a special egg dish this Easter by taking advantage of the best equipment and the best ingredients available at online bakery to bake everything from an Easter Dove Cake to hot cross buns. Nothing says Easter better than a fresh batch of delicious home-baked hot cross buns. Specially created for hot cross

Young chefs invited to invent South African inspired menu

A challenge has been set for young chefs as they have been asked to to design a new menu that has been inspire by the ingredients and the cooking of South Africa. The prize is an all expenses paid trip to this amazing country as well as undertaking some training at the most renowned restaurant

Duchess of Cornwall encourages children to cook

The Duchess of Cornwall believes that all children should learn how to cook their own British food even though they tend to be drawn YouTube, iPods, and other electronics for entertainment anymore. She believes that school curriculum should be adjusted to teach children how to cook with fresh ingredients and to grow their own fresh

Give a gift of limited edition pâté this Christmas

Everyone loves a limited edition food product, and especially for this coming Christmas, the Patchwork Traditional Food Company have decided to make this festive season better than ever with its new selection of mouth watering pâtés. If you are looking for a unique foodie gift this Xmas take a trip to and treat either yourself,

Stuff the turkey and treat yourself to a cockerel this xmas

Those who really want to strut their stuff this Christmas and have a dinner that will really go cock-a-doodle-do then stuff the turkey and go for a cockerel instead. Farmison & Co, the online gourmet food outlet, are offering their rare roosters this Christmas as part of their ‘Butchers’ Specialities’ range and you will shaking

Schoolchildren enjoy a food and drink bonanza in Dartmouth

October 24th was a fun day out for the kids from five local schools in the Dartmouth area. The Royal Avenue Gardens was the host for this food and drink extravaganza that had lips smacking and stomachs filled to bursting. The Dartmouth Academy were the main organisers of the event again this year. Their teachers

New ‘Simply Novelli’ recipe book launched

Relish Publications has just launched the new book from super chef Jean Christophe Novelli’s entitled ‘Simply Novelli’. This latest offering boasts more than 100 classic dishes and Jean Christophe Novelli himself has said that the aim of this book is to banish the myth forever that classic French food can be both daunting and complicated

Recipe boxes from top chefs delivered to your home every month

  If you fancy baking with Blanc or cooking along with Hom or even getting a food fix from Mark Hix you can now do all of the above within the comfort of your own kitchen. Farmison & Co are renowned online purveyors of fine foods, and they have joined forces with the hit television show

Famous West End Belgian restaurant celebrates 120th birthday

On September 25th Leon de Bruxelles in the West End celebrated its 120th birthday in style by hosting a grand event. Over the course of the day guests of the Belgian kitchen were treated to many different signature mussels, free Belgian waffles, and rounds of Belgian beer. Food was not the only thing on the

Observer Food Awards name Heston Blumenthal as the Chef of the Decade

Last night in London the Observer Food Monthly Awards winners were announced and true to form, at the 10th annual event even the trophies could be eaten. The night was hosted by Sue Perkins, The Great British Bake Off presenter and Jay Rayner.  Heston Blumenthal received the Chief of the Decade award for making such

School dinners in Birmingham don’t fare well when the food inspector pays a visit

Inside Out discovered that school dinners under investigation by food inspectors from Birmingham did not fare as well as even takeaways, mainly as an aftermath of the horse meat scandal. We decided to follow the food inspectors for a month, to see for ourselves whether the takeaway menu was worth trusting. The testing procedure took

One man’s battle against tasteless food

The story of a man who found a way to strike balance between health and taste. Kerry Costello, a British businessman, had no idea his life was about to take a sharp turn when he decided to spend some time close to nature in US. He sold his property and shifted to the US to

The South Korean food event known as Chuseok

Chuseok was celebrated in South Korea last week and it is the equivalent of a yearly thanks giving holiday based on the lunar calendar. It is the day when people pay their homage to their ancestors, visit their families and exchange different packages of canned pork that is commonly known as Spam. Partially cooked tinned

Thai Cookery Experience Review

This review was submitted by Sara Richardson, who would like to share her experience of going along to a cooking tuition day for people who may have thought about it, but haven’t gotten around to actually doing it themselves. To start with, I absolutely love Thai food and spend an absolute fortune in our local

The history of casserole

Casserole is one of the most hearty and warming dishes to date. It’s also extremely easy to create and is the perfect plate to serve when you have little time to spend in the kitchen. The original casserole dish is derived from French origins and was originally called ‘Cassoulet’. This nourishing bean stew was popular

Tasty and healthy Biltong meat products

Biltong2u Ltd are the leading specialists when it comes to the supply of top quality South African Beef Biltong and Game Biltong meats. These versatile products originally come from South Africa but thanks to their delicious taste it is little wonder that they have spread rapidly from SA and can now be found in shops

Choosing the best cookery course

If you are one of the millions who loves nothing better than disappearing into the kitchen and concocting creations from nothing you may also be one of the many who want to take this passion from a hobby into something else by taking a cookery course. These are vast, varied and widely available, but before

Men… forget the barbecue… learn to cook in a wood fired oven

At the top of every cooking enthusiast’s wish list is likely to be a wood fired oven. This is due to the fact that a wood fire oven is the perfect way to combine fire, food, and the great elements of outdoor cooking. The best place to learn about how to use a wood fired

UK households now each throwing away food worth around £700

The UK government’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is part of a larger commitment to reducing the amount of food that goes to waste on a global scale. According to their data, the average UK household throws out about ₤700 worth of food every year to compost or landfill. Some of that waste is

It’s now easier than ever to smoke your own food at home

If you always thought it was a real hassle to smoke your own food then its time to think again. The company behind the internationally famous Bradley Smoker are all set to revolutionise the smoking of food in the home by launching their brand new Bradley Counter Top Smoker. Selling at an RRP of £195,

French culture revealed through food and storytelling at Le Foodist

Paris-based Le Foodist offers English speakers a delicious way to discover France, with the Once Upon a Table dining experience The new Paris based local, Le Foodist, which invites all travellers to both dine together and also discover culture through story telling and food has officially opened. It nestles on a barge beside the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral,

The taste of the Caribbean in a bottle

“This new glass bottle is a cost-effective packaging solution for our client which will greatly enhance the quality feel of the product” Lynn Sidebottom, Sales and Marketing Director at Beatson Clark Beatson Clark, the glass manufacturers, are bringing a real taste of the Caribbean into retail outlets with their new, bespoke bottle specially created for

Five great cycling tours for lovers of wine and gourmet food

Freedom Treks now feature more than 200 cycling tours across Europe but far from resting on their laurels they are continuing to respond to the increasing demand for this type of holiday and are now allowing all travellers to discover and explore la Dolce Vita in their own time and at their own pace. They

Baking bread in a wood fired oven is a true art

Can there really be anything that can be more enjoyable and rewarding than getting stuck in and making your own bread? Using lots of time, the very best first class ingredients, and heaps of skill the folks at Manna from Devon Cooking School make bread as they believe it should be made. Now you can join

Grasshopper delicacy at Wahaca grabs attention

Anyone who has watched TV shows such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will be no stranger to eating insects, but watching someone else tuck into them and having the chance to do that yourself is a totally different ball game. Now however, this is very much possible thanks to Wahaca and

Kid goat finding its way onto many menus

One of the most domesticated animals in the UK is the goat, even though Britain is barely starting to enjoy goat meat. This is a new trend that is quickly gaining acceptance. Forget your usual Jamaican stew or even a goat curry here, we are talking about a new meal in town, kid goat. Served

New Bisto pasta ready meals to coincide with Kerry Foods first advertising campaign

Kerry Food have announced that they will be investing in their first ever advertising campaign for the Bisto frozen ready meal range, as well as announcing their plans for 2 new pasta ready meals. The ad campaign will be launched across women’s magazines and the national press on the 18th March, and is designed to

The hole in the Nottingham food sector is filled by Bagel Nash

Bagel Nash, the food chain which is rapidly expanding, has selected Nottingham as their flagship location to spearhead their growth across the Midlands, and their city centre outlet will opening at the end of this month. The company sells a wide variety of coffee and bagels throughout its 14 stores, the majority of which are

Look out for The Bowler at this years festivals

Those who get around and visit different events and festivals around the UK may remember seeing a grass covered van show up at several events. Affectionately known as The Bowler by its own Jez Felwick, those who have tried the homemade goods that come out of the van can attest to the fact that Felwick

The enduring appeal of haggis

A Burns supper is a traditional event that many Scots know about and celebrate as part of the yearly calendar. It used to be a ceremonial event, happening just once a year, but has since evolved into a meal that can be served at any time and is especially popular in certain northern towns. In

SPAM appreciation week 4th-10th March

Attention all SPAM lovers! The 4th of March marks the start of the official SPAM appreciation week, and fans right across the UK are being invited to show their appreciation and become involved. SPAM is still far and away the most popular meat for the British household, and with 75 years of history is it

Twins have a recipe for success with their Chinese dipping sauces

A brand new range of Chinese sauces intended for dipping has been creates by a pair of twin sisters and are now on the shelves at Sainsbury’s, packaged in bottles from Beatson Clark, one of the leading glass manufacturers. Lisa and Helen Tse were able to get Sweet Mandarin up and running after they received

Pasta with Leeks, Chilli and Prawns Recipe

January is a notoriously tough month financially after the Christmas period, and finding cheap yet nutritious meals is of the highest priority. The good news is that a selection of recipes from British Leeks will feed as many as 4 people for less that a fiver. Leeks are very much in season at the moment

The classic prawn cocktail is very much back in vogue

Across the country, the retro starter is starting to come back into vogue, popping up on many different menu listings. If you want to create some of your own at home you might want to try this fruity version of the seventies classic prawn cocktail. Easy to make with an impressive overall look, this starter

Leek, Chorizo & Goat’s Cheese Tortilla Recipe

After overspending at Christmas, every penny counts in January, especially when it comes to feeding a family. If you didn’t know, we are in the leek season, and British Leeks have come up with some great recipes where, for less than £5,  you can feed 4 people. Leeks are the perfect ingredient for everything from

Beating the winter blues with some great budget recipes

January is a notoriously tough month financially after the Christmas period, and finding cheap yet nutritious meals is of the highest priority. The good news is that a selection of recipes from British Leeks will feed as many as 4 people for less that a fiver. Leeks are very much in season at the moment

Preparing that romantic meal just got easier thanks to the OXO avocado cutter

It could be the memorable shape, or the energy boosting properties they are renowned for, but whatever the reason avocados have an enviable reputation as an aphrodisiac. If you are looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day but want to spend more time loving than preparing, then the new 3-in-1 avocado slicer for OXO is

A delicious recipe to keep your New Year’s resolution on the right track

Once again that time of year is with us when its time to think of New Year’s resolutions, of which the majority are to lose weight after indulging in all the Christmas excesses. The problem is sticking to your resolution, as it doesn’t take long for cottage cheese and crisp breads to lose the little

Waitrose expect 5% price rise on basic foodstuffs thanks to the bleak autumn

The problems caused by the bleak autumn are all set to trouble people in the form of increased prices of basic food items, the increase being about five per cent, as has been opined by Waitrose’s managing director. Forecasting tough times, Mark Price remarked that the current food price inflation of three and a half