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OX Grills’ commercial quality grills to revolutionise UK outdoors cooking

Outdoor kitchens are trending as foodies move from the kitchen to outdoors in the quest for new ways to work with flavour and entertain friends. With the dinner party now old hat, outdoor cooking has become the ultimate expression of relaxed entertaining. UK based, Argentine grill company OX Grills makes high quality wood fired grills

RECIPE: Sweet potato skewers

With summer fast approaching, these orange and honey glazed sweet potato and chicken skewers are easy to rustle up and brighten any BBQ. Also delicious when cooked on a griddle pan, they will put a smile on your face even if it does start to rain! This dish created by celebrity chef and sweet potato

Men… forget the barbecue… learn to cook in a wood fired oven

At the top of every cooking enthusiast’s wish list is likely to be a wood fired oven. This is due to the fact that a wood fire oven is the perfect way to combine fire, food, and the great elements of outdoor cooking. The best place to learn about how to use a wood fired

Choosing the perfect drinks for your barbecue

It can be hard to decide what drinks to offer at your barbecue, the normal offerings of a few cases of lager will no longer cut it, and savvy barbecuers put as much effort into their drinks as they would if holding a formal dinner party. The truth is that there is a great selection

Tips on creating the perfect barbecue

The number one leisure activity in the UK during summer is barbequing at home, along with entertaining and eating. Two out of every three households in the UK have their own barbeque grill and two years ago the UK was actually the leading barbeque nation with over 120 million people grilling out on a regular

Spice up your alfresco dining this summer with chillies

Now that the fine weather finally seems to have arrived, its time to dust off the barbecue and get ready for some alfresco dining. To add a little more heat to this years barbecues, why not spice up things a bit by trying this great recipe for barbecued prawns marinated in soy and chilli, courtesy