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Skyr, the Icelandic superfood now available at Waitrose

Skyr, the Icelandic superfood loved by a broad range of consumers, has finally hit the UK. This unique dairy product produced in Iceland is now available at 197 Waitrose stores all over the UK. Icelandic Skyr is produced by MS Iceland Dairies – a dairy cooperative owned by 600 Icelandic dairy farmers. Until a few

New South Caernarfon Creameries £6million cheese production unit

Work has commenced on a new production unit at South Caernarfon Creameries. The new build, which is located at the Creameries’ site in Chwilog, near Pwllheli, will house a state-of-the-art and flexible cheese production facility. Total investment is estimated at £6 million. The new facility is planned to be fully operational by October 2015 and

Cheeky Cow Cheese Celebrate Highest Monthly Sales

Somerset cheddar maker Cricketer Farm and their 30-strong group of West Country dairy farmers are already celebrating a healthy start to the year, despite the current milk price volatility. This month they have recorded the highest ever monthly sales of their half fat cheese brand, Cheeky Cow Cheese, thanks to a one-off Lidl promotion that

South Caernarfon Creameries investment plan of £8.5million

  South Caernarfon Creameries, Wales’ oldest farmer-owned dairy co-operative, has announced plans for a new cheese production facility with an investment estimated at £8.5 million. The new facility will be on the Creamery’s site in Chwilog and will almost double production capability, increasing capacity from the current level of 9,500 tonnes to 17,000 tonnes. Work

Aldo Zilli creates new DIVO premium cheese range

By trying out the new DVIO premium cheese range created by Aldo Zilli the Italian chef you can become a celebrity cook within the confines of your own home. Aldo has been touring Italy to locate the best ingredients for his authentic and amazing tasting cheese range. “I wanted to enthuse people about using Italian

New Danio yoghurts thick, creamy snacks

    Yoghurts are one of the tastiest, and often, healthiest snacks you can buy. Brits get through thousands of yoghurts every hour of every day but while some of them taste good, their watery consistency doesn’t make them very filling. Food giant Danone, parent company of such household names as Activia, Actimel, Evian and

China is huge baby formula market for Europe and now has tracking

China just loves  infant milk formula (IMF) from European. Amazingly people on China’s satellite island of Hong Kong, people have been detained by authorities for attempting to smuggle foreign baby formula brands into mainland China. The UK has become just the latest country to have restrictions imposed on retail quantities of baby milk; following similar action previously in Germany, the Netherlands

Artisan Food delivery service comes to London

Rob Ford, a Highgate entrepreneur is this week launching Tilia, a new home delivery service for the food lovers of London who prefer groceries which have been sourced only from artisan producers. The premise for Tilia is very simple; food that has been reared then cut and moulded and kneaded and baked by artists in

Pilgrims Choice cheese may be lighter but it certainly doesn’t taste it!

Think of lighter cheese, and the majority of you will sigh and think of a tasteless and dry cheese that just doesn’t tickle the taste buds. Thankfully, you can now dispel those thoughts forever thanks to Pilgrims Choice. They have taken a stand against the bland, low fat cheeses that take up precious space in

Fromage with love from Pilgrims Choice

Love doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to the latest quick, easy and extremely tasty recipes from Pilgrims Choice. It is little wonder that, with us Brits being a nations of cheese lovers, cheese is playing an increasingly important role when it comes to catering for our weddings, and these cheap but oh so delicious

Fromagerie Bergeron Calumet Light cheese and the Classic Calumet

Bergeron is a place known for its incredible cheesemakers, and those cheesemakers have recently created a wonderful new type of cheese, the Calumet Light cheese and the Classic Calumet. The cheesemakers, from Québec, and these cheeses are sure to appeal to consumers because they are incredibly tasty, but also low in fat. A Bergeron tour-de-force

Milk price arguments roll on

Arla Food UK announced that it will increase its milk prices by about 2.5p which has made farmers happy. Originally they planned to cut prices that they offered farmers as a dairy processor located in the West Yorkshire region which led to many protesting farmers. However, the Leeds based Arla Foods UK processer changed their

Life of deli food to be extended thanks to new processing procedure

A new type of high-pressure processing has recently been announced that is going to help extend the life expectancy of delicatessen food from two weeks to around 50 days, without the food losing any of its taste or fresheners. The technology is going to be employed with Deli 24, who are one of the only

Survey proves that ice cream really is hot stuff!

It seems that summer has finally arrived, better late than never, and now is time to tuck into some ice cream, the favourite frozen snack that has now been deemed sexy. The people of Great Britain have spoken and the official word is nothing gets us Brits as hot under the collar like ice cream

Brits prefer to sniff food rather than go by use by dates

Beko home appliances have carried out the first National fridge audit, and it has shown that an amazing 30m of us admit that we have out of date foodstuff in our fridges. Even more alarming is that while half say that they would never serve out of date food to guests, there are potentially 1.2m

Charities join forces to fight the unfair pricing of milk

Two significant charities have recently come together in order to help out with some of the problems that are being seen in the UK milk market. The charities have significant backers including author Bill Bryson, and businesswoman Deborah Meaden. The two charities are trying to tackle the boom and bust situation that is seen repeating

First Milk are the third big company to drop milk prices

Two of the biggest names in the milk market have dropped the buying price of milk to producers by two pence per litre and now a third big name, First Milk, have taken a big step into the functional food sector by buying CNP Professional, the top sports nutrition company. CNP Professional is based in