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Ethical Food Products from Natreco.com

One stop ethical shop – Natreco.com A new online store, launched this month, with the aim of making it easier for consumers to shop in one place according to their ethical preferences, whether that be ‘organic’, ‘fair trade’ or ‘locally sourced’. Inspired after a trip to visit Orangutans in Borneo, where he saw first-hand the

The Teapod signals the end of the messy tea bag

Bistrotea have just introduced their innovative new product the Teapod. This high tech, single use tea diffuser has a unique filter system which delivers a fragrant and richly flavoured cup of tea. Every Teapod is packed at its point of origin using only organic, premium grade tea leaved that have been harvested, then selected before

Liberate the new Fairtrade nuts

Over at the HQ of Liberation Foods things have gone, well, nutty. The first farmer owned and Fairtrade nut company in the UK have just launched two new delicious snacks. Oven baked Chilli & Lime Cashews with Peanuts & Roasted Corn Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts True to Liberation’s beliefs, all nuts are sourced

Great British cuppa in crisis

Cafedirect have just carried out a new investigation which has revealed the full extent of the crisis which is facing our treasured cuppa. With the cost of actually growing the tea has rocketed by an astonishing 94% over the past 5 years, smallholder growers have been crippled as the market has been unable to keep

Artisan Food delivery service comes to London

Rob Ford, a Highgate entrepreneur is this week launching Tilia, a new home delivery service for the food lovers of London who prefer groceries which have been sourced only from artisan producers. The premise for Tilia is very simple; food that has been reared then cut and moulded and kneaded and baked by artists in

Starbucks look into selling fairtrade coffees in various outlets

It has been announced that Starbucks are considering the idea of selling coffee in petrol stations from vending machines, airports and offices. The vending machines will offer 100% Fairtrade espressos 5 to 15p less than those offered in shops and the customers will be able to choose from more than 250 drink combinations. Starbucks is

Esteemed tea room critic continues his journey of the UK

It has been a busy summer for Joe Ellis, the often controversial reviewer for the Joe Ellis Tea Room Guide website, as he has swept across both the Derbyshire Dales and the Peak District on his never ending mission to seek out the best, and the worst, of English tea rooms and bid to save

Experts warn another global food crisis could be on its way

Experts are worried that the world is to face another food crisis, following droughts in the US and near the Black Sea, insidious hunger in the Sahel region of Africa and in India, weak monsoon rains. Keeping catastrophe at bay is Asia’s strong rice harvest with the G20 group trying to deflect the main threat

Food shortage predicted due to ever increasing population

A growing population, combined with the volatile price of food, has meant that the population in the future might have to rethink what they eat in as little as 20 years time. The rising price of food as well as various environmental concerns has meant that many governments around the world as well as the

Harry Hill mans the tills at Oxfam to sell his fairtrade nuts

The television presenter Harry Hill is going to be working behind the till at the Oxfam store on Kensington high street in London. The idea is that people are going to come to the store to buy fair trade products that bear the name of the star. The range is called Harry’s Nuts! These products,

Harry Hill goes Fairtrade crazy after trip to Ghana

In 2002 Harry Hill went to Ghana with his brother Rod, a Devon farmer, just to “see how it works on the ground”. That trip got him interested in Fairtrade, and he’s carrying the message with a will. His brand on Harry’s Nuts! that include peanuts, cashews and now peanut butter boasts the Fairtrade logo

Sales of Fairtrade produce soar in the UK

Fairtrade products have gone against the trend of the economy by growing by over 10 percent in the last year alone. Shops across the UK have recorded sales of over £1.3 billion in 2011 which compares favourably with the figure for 2010 which was just below £1.2 billion. These figures have been released by the

Harry’s nuts! decreed to be Elephant friendly

With the Asian Elephant suffering so much hardship through persecution where it feeds and massive losses of its natural habitat, it’s great to hear that Harry’s Nuts! Are grown so responsibly that they are benefiting both the elephants and the farmers. Harry’s Nuts are the delicious salted nut snack from Harry Hill, and have been

New farming methods needed to keep the food reaching our tables

Major changes in the way our food is produced are necessary if the human race in general is to avoid starvation.  Instead of concentrating on the use of diminishing and irreplaceable natural resources to increase crop yields and expand production, we need to reverse the course and head back to the organic farming that took

The Fairtrade logo, a ticket to a fair deal

Products displaying the Fairtrade logo are frequently more costly here than those goods without the symbol. While shoppers accuse supermarkets of excessive profit making, it must be remembered that the large mark up does cover the basic housing, health and food needs of the local people in the producing countries such as Brazil and India.

Fair Trade needed for a good cuppa

In 2009 higher wages were protested for by the tea workers in Sri Lanka, home of Ceylon Tea. At that time they wanted their wages to be doubled to $4.50 for a day’s wage. That wage is comparable to purchasing an inexpensive box of tea in supermarkets throughout the UK and close to half of

Food labels will show Israeli and Palestinian sources

Food labels in the UK will now distinguish foods that are produced from Palestine and foods that are produced from Israeli settlements. The guidelines will change the way labels use to group the countries together naming the West Bank as the origination of goods. The government stated that it will not boycott the importation of

Zingolo Singing about Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification in the UK and Ireland is something worth singing about – watch out for the awesome dance moves in this video. If you like it you can download the single from iTunes with net profits going to charity Care International.