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2017 Food Trend Forecasts

What food trends are taking over UK consumers at the moment – and what can we expect for 2017? A survey undertaken by catering equipment specialists Nisbets questioned 1,323 catering companies, food and drink suppliers, catering workwear suppliers and restaurants to find out what culinary delights the New Year will bring. Straight from professionals working

Peter’s Yard announces launch of new lines in grocery and speciality sectors

Peter’s Yard has become an exciting brand to watch. Single-handedly they have shaken up the savoury crackers category in the speciality food sector and become trailblazers in innovation and quality. Peter’s Yard have also made a seamless, well-handled entry into multiple grocery with listings at Waitrose and Ocado. This month, they will introduce three new

6 Things to Consider When Using a Courier Service for Food

Shipping food is a multi-billion pound business all over the world. Everything from huge shipments of canned food, to the fresh (hopefully!) pizza that gets delivered to your door. Without such courier services much of the food we consume would not be available, such as strawberries in January, and the price would be higher. Even

Rascal London Porter’s 5 Steps to Success in Crowded Sector

Craft beer brand Rascal London Porter, which celebrates its first birthday this month, is making a big splash with beer lovers and the trade. And the best bit? With little marketing and facing a crowded sector, the cheeky Rascal is succeeding against the odds. Winner of an award before it was officially launched, critics’ favourite,

Happerley Passports For UK’s First Universal Food Traceability Scheme

To Coincide with the 15th anniversary of the Foot and Mouth Crisis on 19 February Devised by Gloucestershire farmers with widespread support from across the food industry, Happerley Passports empowers farmers to control provenance at the point of production and consumers to instantly unlock the whole provenance story of their food with one unique traceability

National KP Day on June 22nd To Celebrate Kitchen Porters

“Helping caterers shine and customers dine!” Celebrate the role of kitchen porters and help raise £1,000 for the Springboard Charity On June 22 2015, the catering industry will be able to celebrate the people whose work makes kitchens tick across the UK: kitchen porters.   The day is also an opportunity to raise up to

Young chefs invited to invent South African inspired menu

A challenge has been set for young chefs as they have been asked to to design a new menu that has been inspire by the ingredients and the cooking of South Africa. The prize is an all expenses paid trip to this amazing country as well as undertaking some training at the most renowned restaurant

Sugar set to be new public enemy #1

After complaining about everything from fast food and tobacco to alcoholic drinks and other popular foods; it seems that sugar is next in the firing line. A few experts on gastronomy are currently pulling all the strings to make sugar become the enemy. They want the public to believe that sugar is the most dangerous

Councils named and shamed for food hygiene violations

Several local councils have been proven to be unable to make food businesses keep up with hygiene regulations. A consumer monitor has named these councils and caused damage to their reputation.. 395 local areas were inspected and one-third had elevated or average-risk food. To carry out such an inspection, the consumer body used data from

New fish and chip venture launched by Castle Pub and Castle Rock Brewery

The Castle Pub in Nottingham is about to transform itself and become the premier fish and chip venue in the city through its new partnership with the Castle Rock Brewery. Those who visit this iconic pub, which stands right opposite Notttingham Castle, can now place an order at their brand new fish and chip bar

Recipe boxes from top chefs delivered to your home every month

  If you fancy baking with Blanc or cooking along with Hom or even getting a food fix from Mark Hix you can now do all of the above within the comfort of your own kitchen. Farmison & Co are renowned online purveyors of fine foods, and they have joined forces with the hit television show

Gourmet Gadgetry create some great fun food items for Christmas

Gourmet gadgetry are a company with a reputation for producing electrical cookware that are both fun and creative. These are perfect for those who love fine dining and who enjoy entertaining. ‘Fun Food Gadgets’ are the ideal Christmas gift for anyone who likes having fun in their kitchen, or hosting parties or looking to celebrate

Observer Food Awards name Heston Blumenthal as the Chef of the Decade

Last night in London the Observer Food Monthly Awards winners were announced and true to form, at the 10th annual event even the trophies could be eaten. The night was hosted by Sue Perkins, The Great British Bake Off presenter and Jay Rayner.  Heston Blumenthal received the Chief of the Decade award for making such

Sefton Park enjoys successful food and drink festival

Sefton Park’s Palm House in Liverpool witnessed a big cultural extravaganza in the form of a food and drink festival. Merseyside Black History Month has a Cultural Food Festival included as a part of the celebrations. Eight professional caterers provided free food for everyone who attended the full day event. The number of people attending

One man’s battle against tasteless food

The story of a man who found a way to strike balance between health and taste. Kerry Costello, a British businessman, had no idea his life was about to take a sharp turn when he decided to spend some time close to nature in US. He sold his property and shifted to the US to

The South Korean food event known as Chuseok

Chuseok was celebrated in South Korea last week and it is the equivalent of a yearly thanks giving holiday based on the lunar calendar. It is the day when people pay their homage to their ancestors, visit their families and exchange different packages of canned pork that is commonly known as Spam. Partially cooked tinned

Consumers still confused by best before and sell by dates

According to a research paper, it is logical to hide the sell-by labels on food products from consumers. This is because a lot of edible food is thrown away simply because it has lasted past its expiry date. Researchers believe that there is a common misconception regarding the expiration date of food items. The best-before

Aromo coffee is recognised for its Espresso pods in Great Taste Awards

Coffee company Aromo is celebrating winning two Great Taste Awards for its Boost and Buzz Lite coffee pods which can be used in espresso machines – bringing great coffee into everyone’s home. Aromo is the only ESE supplier (Easy Serving Espresso) recognised in the awards and marks the first time an ESE pod has been

Wineology is the latest must have life skill

Why is Cabernet Sauvignon the rugby player of wine? How is Viognier like a tropical sun goddess? Which grape is the ladyboy of Piedmont? PAH to dry facts! VINALOGY is a beginner’s wine guide with a difference. If you entertain a lot both at work and at home, it will pay to gain an additional

The Boulestin Restaurant to open today

The eagerly awaited Boulestin Restaurant, brainchild of owner Joel Kissin, will open its doors to the public today (2nd September). Kissin, alongside Sir Terence Conran, was given credit for changing the restaurant scene in London and this new restaurant in inspired by X. Marcel Boulestin. Marcel Boulestin is a hugely popular restauranteur as well as

Liberate the new Fairtrade nuts

Over at the HQ of Liberation Foods things have gone, well, nutty. The first farmer owned and Fairtrade nut company in the UK have just launched two new delicious snacks. Oven baked Chilli & Lime Cashews with Peanuts & Roasted Corn Oven Baked Salted Cashews & Peanuts True to Liberation’s beliefs, all nuts are sourced

World Health Organization voice concerns over child obesity

WHO, the public health department of United Nations on Tuesday has accused the food corporations of flouting the regulations of advertising unhealthy food products to kids and also igniting the obesity issue among them. According to WHO, the measures by the British government to curb such promotion among children through TV adverts is not doing

UK and the rest of Europe set to reach crop growing limits

Scientists are warning that the UK and many other countries in Europe may not be able to increase food capacity as a result of growing limits. Britain along with other countries simply will not be able to produce more of their staple crops because the crops are already nearing their physiological growing limits. President of

A hog roast enhances any occasion

Irrespective of what kind of occasion you are celebrating, the food is an integral part of the event and it is always the part people remember. One kind of food which always goes down a storm is hog roast catering as these work for every kind of event you can imagine, as well as providing

The Queens Head, Troutbeck, has an edge over competitors thanks to chemistry, Champagne and cocktails

The food and drink on offer at The Lake District’s Queen’s Head is set to be even better since the bar menu has seen the additions of a selection of classic cocktails as well as Champagne by the glass. As if that wasn’t enough, sparks are set to fly in the kitchen as well since

First signature blend from Sea Island Coffee allows you to espresso yourself

According to Sea Island Coffee, the purveyors of exotic coffees, how fantastic your caffeine shot in the morning is depends very much on the blend. The new Sea Island Signature Espresso Blend is a heady combination of rich blueberry and the chocolate finish of the coffee native to the Ethiopian region of Yirgacheffe, creating a

Tesco launch new food waste campaign

The Tesco chief executive is getting ready to launch a new campaign to tackle food waste this week stating that the problem is much more large scale than most people know with about every family wasting about £700 in food per year. The move is aimed at proving that Tesco is able to inspire social

French culture revealed through food and storytelling at Le Foodist

Paris-based Le Foodist offers English speakers a delicious way to discover France, with the Once Upon a Table dining experience The new Paris based local, Le Foodist, which invites all travellers to both dine together and also discover culture through story telling and food has officially opened. It nestles on a barge beside the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral,

The growing number of celebs adopting a wheat free lifestyle

Celebrity crazes comes and go, they also have, but one that seems to have taken on a life of its own is the latest wheat free lifestyle that has been adopted by such whippet thin stars as Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow, and they can’t stop talking about it either. It is easy

Climate changes improving the quality of British wines

Despite the fact that some of the English vineyards have the same type of soil that is found in the Champagne region of France, the vineyards in England are note for producing low-grade wine. However, over the last decade some great wines have been coming out of the country and many winemakers believe that climate

Wheatberry offers foodies a healthier choice at events

Wheatberry is a new street food start-up that is offering those at events a healthier and more nutritious choice. The street food vendor will officially open at the Bishop Auckland Food Festival this weekend. Vicky Turnball, chef and creator of Wheatberry, remembers a visit to the US where she went to Whole Foods Market in

Is fish set to be the next food industry scandal?

Food tests commissioned to be run by the BBC discovered that many products that were labelled to be cod were in fact that not cod at all. Thirty foods were examined by the Belfast Institute for Global Security following the recent horse meat scandal that occurred. Surprisingly, while lamb and beef samples were all found

Cut food waste and save £680 a year

The city of  Greater Manchester is currently generating in the region of 170,000 tonnes of  waste food each year. Food waste is a big deal, so much so that the average household loses £480 a year, not only that a family with kids can throw away £680 in food waste annually. Recycle for Greater Manchester can help you

Farmers warned of barley contamination

Farmers have been warned that their spring barley seeds could have been contaminated with higher levels of diseases than before. Plant pathologists at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) have found an extraordinary high level of Fusarium and Microdochium. Two fungal diseases, and have issued a warning before farmers begin sowing the seeds. 40% of the samples

Five great cycling tours for lovers of wine and gourmet food

Freedom Treks now feature more than 200 cycling tours across Europe but far from resting on their laurels they are continuing to respond to the increasing demand for this type of holiday and are now allowing all travellers to discover and explore la Dolce Vita in their own time and at their own pace. They

A treat for American Whiskey fans

At 10am this coming Thursday, a new gift store will be opening its doors to fans and visitors, but American whiskey fans may well be showing up much earlier in the day, or the previous night, based on how past events have gone. This is thanks in large part to a limited edition bottle that

Stephen Fry is our favourite celebrit-tea

A study conducted by ‘The Sick Children Trust’ in a bid to launch its ‘Big Chocolate Tea Party’ campaign revealed Stephen Fry as the UK’s favorite celebrity choice with whom many would like to have a cup of tea with. The survey ran through Woman’s Own, an official media partner of the campaign, with more

Grasshopper delicacy at Wahaca grabs attention

Anyone who has watched TV shows such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will be no stranger to eating insects, but watching someone else tuck into them and having the chance to do that yourself is a totally different ball game. Now however, this is very much possible thanks to Wahaca and

Caviar now has a conscience

We are constantly hearing about how our fish reserves are dwindling and that we should be eating stock that is more sustainable, so you could be forgiven for thinking that this is not the best time to be indulging in the luxury of caviar. Traditionally, the Beluga Sturgeon, from which caviar is extracted from the

New Bisto pasta ready meals to coincide with Kerry Foods first advertising campaign

Kerry Food have announced that they will be investing in their first ever advertising campaign for the Bisto frozen ready meal range, as well as announcing their plans for 2 new pasta ready meals. The ad campaign will be launched across women’s magazines and the national press on the 18th March, and is designed to

For one week only Jean-Christophe Novelli becomes the resident chef on ‘What’s Cooking?’

Jean-Christophe Novelli, generally considered to be Britain’s favourite French chef, is to join Lisa Faulkner and Ben Shepherd every day on Channel 4 for one week starting on Monday 18th March. He is planning to cook up a storm and the recipes he creates over the week are set to be both flavoursome and exciting

FFA call for countries of origin to be clear on food labelling

Some products do not seem to always show a clear country of origin on their labels, and now the Farmers for Action (FFA) is calling on shops and retailers to show the right information while they are labelling their products, especially for things like cheap imported cheese and other imported goods being sold as home

You can now get your nomination in for the 2013 Scottish Curry Awards

Once again, the Scottish Curry Award are aiming to showcase the best curries that Scotland has to offer and the sixth annual event is to be held at Glasgow’s Thistle Hotel in Monday 10th June. The awards, which have gone from strength to strength since their inaugural event in 2008, are set to be another

The hole in the Nottingham food sector is filled by Bagel Nash

Bagel Nash, the food chain which is rapidly expanding, has selected Nottingham as their flagship location to spearhead their growth across the Midlands, and their city centre outlet will opening at the end of this month. The company sells a wide variety of coffee and bagels throughout its 14 stores, the majority of which are

Yorkshire bakery prove to be a force to be reckoned with

Slices, bakes, sponges and Battenburg from the ProperMaid Yorkshire’s bakery have achieved this weeks stripes as they have been selected as one of the Navy Army  and Air Force Institutes’ “greatest of British” foods that are used to feed the forces. Soldiers serving overseas will be given a much missed slice of home sweet home

The Crown Estate’s Grand Restaurant project proving to be hugely successful

The restaurant scene in St James’ will burst into life this spring thanks to esteemed restauranteur Philippe Le Roux opening Villandry, his flagship restaurant, and spearheading what restaurants in the area have to offer the diner. 6 Waterloo Place is near to Piccadilly Circus, and one of a group of venues with a rich and

British cakes celebrated by the new Cake Awards

Today, the 11th February, sees The Cake Awards launch in order to find and then celebrate the best of British cakes. From fine slices in tea rooms to fancies in the grandest hotels, a myriad of varieties on supermarket shelves, in bakeries and in retails food outlets across the UK, the new Cake Awards are

Shrewsbury looks forward to its first food festival

The idea of a Shrewsbury Food Festival was met with acceptance as eighty people attended an informal meeting at a pub planned to help tell the town about plans for a new food festival. Local chefs, volunteers, traders, and restaurant owners all gathered in support of the newly planned Shrewsbury Food Festival that will take

Coventry master butcher receives the Royal Warrant

The master butcher Aubrey Allen, the Coventry based supplier to some of the country’s top chefs has been awarded the highest honour it is possible to achieve by receiving HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant to supply game, meat and poultry. The official Royal Appointment is the result of Aubrey Allen supplying the royal households of

Preston Council provide local businesses with food and hygiene stickers

Preston Council sent out over a thousand food safety and hygiene rating stickers to businesses within its limits in an attempt to encourage businesses to use the stickers so that customers will have an easier time deciding where they should eat. The Evening Post rated the worst and best of the Preston Council’s inspections from last