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Consumers urged to check the hygiene rating of every food outlet they use

When you’re planning a dinner out, a quick takeaway lunch or just about any meal or snack from anywhere except your own kitchen, the Food Standards Agency suggests you check the establishment’s hygiene rating before you order. At last inspection, the agency reports a considerable number of shops and restaurants are selling food from kitchens

Food Life Spans – How Long is Too Long?

We are all secretly passionate about food and enjoy the different types of things we can eat whether they are healthy or not. Food is an important part of life – nice dinners, eating out, party foods, snacks and comfort foods. Food dominates our lives in so many ways and that’s why it is so

The South Korean food event known as Chuseok

Chuseok was celebrated in South Korea last week and it is the equivalent of a yearly thanks giving holiday based on the lunar calendar. It is the day when people pay their homage to their ancestors, visit their families and exchange different packages of canned pork that is commonly known as Spam. Partially cooked tinned

Consumers still confused by best before and sell by dates

According to a research paper, it is logical to hide the sell-by labels on food products from consumers. This is because a lot of edible food is thrown away simply because it has lasted past its expiry date. Researchers believe that there is a common misconception regarding the expiration date of food items. The best-before

Is fish set to be the next food industry scandal?

Food tests commissioned to be run by the BBC discovered that many products that were labelled to be cod were in fact that not cod at all. Thirty foods were examined by the Belfast Institute for Global Security following the recent horse meat scandal that occurred. Surprisingly, while lamb and beef samples were all found

FFA call for countries of origin to be clear on food labelling

Some products do not seem to always show a clear country of origin on their labels, and now the Farmers for Action (FFA) is calling on shops and retailers to show the right information while they are labelling their products, especially for things like cheap imported cheese and other imported goods being sold as home

Food fraud on the increase

While some fine wines have exotic tastes, some even having a grassy aroma, if you start thinking your cup of tea has the same taste, then perhaps you should be suspicious of something called food fraud. Over the years, unscrupulous companies have been known to mix real food with products that could allow them to

Public outcry over horse meat in popular supermarket burgers

It’s commonly thought that food sold in the supermarket is exactly as it seems however, some recent events seem to suggest that blind trust placed in big brands may be misplaced. Finely chopped horse meat was found in beefburgers on shelves in Iceland, Dunnes, Tesco, Aldi, and Lidl. The supermarket is supposed to be the

New facts revealed about campylobacter bacteria

The BBC has revealed in an investigation that campylobacter cases are on the increase; about half a million infections occur per year. In response, the Food Standard Agency stated that it was time for the poultry industry take responsibility for correcting this common source of food poisoning. Food Standard Agency says that somewhere between sixty

Channel 4’s Dispatches investigates school dinner issues

Steve Quinn, MD, from Cucina Restaurants, one of the leading companies involved in school catering, has given an interview for the Dispatches programme which will air on Channel 4 this Monday, the 10th September, at 8pm. The programme surveyed a total of 190 local authorities and 108 academies and found significant differences in the amount

EU change food labelling laws to make them more amusing

Food labelling laws are about to be changed by the European Union which might make the idea of foods being regional rather amusing, because the new labelling would insist that products have a label which states the country of origin for any ingredients. It is expected that this new law is going to come into

New EU legislation decrees that beef must be older that 12 months

Legislation from the European Union has stated that beef which is under twelve months old can no longer be referred to as ‘beef’. Under the labelling legislation it must be labelled as ‘8-12 month beef’. The ruling was introduced to stop beef being passed off as veal. Veal is classed as under 8 months old

Food poisoning is prevalent in both free range and cage reared chickens

Just because your roast chicken was raised cage-free and fed naturally, that chicken can still make you sick. The latest report from Which? about a study they conducted on raw chicken sold at nine of the UK’s major supermarkets warns that one out of every five chickens contains bacteria that cause food poisoning. The researchers

Washing your hands is not optional when cooking

Rachel Sanders is a nutrition and food safety expert and lecturer at Northampton College. She is an expert in making sure the people working in a kitchen maintain excellent health standards and there are several methods that she has taught and employed to keep people safe. One of these is ensuring that people wash their

Best before food labels may change completely

One of the most familiar sights to British shoppers is set for a major overhaul. The Government has indicated that there is to be a shake up in ‘best before’ labelling. Although they have been around for years, there is still a lot so confusion between what they actually mean. A “best before” date indicates

Cloned meat, milk, and cheese may get go ahead

The government seems to be clearing a route for the official acceptance of cloned meat, milk, and cheese available for sale and marketing, whether intentional or not.  A recent finding by the Food Standards Agency has stated that any banning of such products from the lineage of cloned animals is disproportionate with findings that these

Kosher battle rations for British troops

British Troops who happen to be Jewish will now be able to eat a better range of kosher meals, according to Ministry of Defence officials.  The meals will include a kosher meat dinner and will be made available for all troops in all the branches of service. Many of the new meals are designed to

Cloned cow meat and milk debate begins

Last week it was found that meat from a handful of cloned cows was sold on the market and ended up being consumed by several British families.  It was added later that milk from the animals may also have ended up on supermarket shelves. The news caused headlines to cry out that ‘supercalves’ were now

Has government given in to food giants

Ministers have been charged with giving in to the junk food manufacturers by bending out of any strategies that would impose tougher controls on the amount of fat, sugar, and salt content in snacks instead settling to simply lend financial support to healthy eating campaigns. Yesterday health specialists warned that any proposal to enforce regulation

No ban on trans fats in foods

The Government has ruled out a ban on trans fats in food that may cause danger even though there is strong evidence that trans fats can cause around 7,000 premature deaths annually. NICE, the official health watchdog, has asked for a veto on the fats that are the culprits often blamed for clogged arteries, high

Flagship KFC fined for poor hygiene

KFC, the popular chicken fast food chain has been ordered to pay out £18,452 after pleading guilty to a number of food hygiene offenses at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court. The flagship restaurant located near Leicester Square on Coventry Street pleaded guilty in 2008 after inspectors received numerous complaints.  Upon their visit, inspectors found

Food profiling to be scrapped by EC

The MEP’s are considering a move to stop profiling nutrients in food and drink, this has alarmed the consumer campaign group Which? who claim such a move would allow many unhealthy food manufacturers to claim that their items were in fact healthy. To further stress their concern, the consumer group sent a jam doughnut out

Food Standards Agency wants understandable food labels

It has become pretty clear that consumers in general are confused about the labelling on food products. Different manufacturers and retailers using different codes and standards make it hard for a buyer to figure out whether the product they are buying is healthy or not, and what percentage of daily nutritional needs it supplies. The

Government wants a vegetarian Britain

In order to reduce the amount of personal contributions to climate change, families are now being encouraged to switch to a vegetable based diet over red meat. The idea is part numerous proposals listed by ministers that will hopefully help both the rising cost of food items and the effect meat consumption has on the