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The Best Foods For Before & After Your Workout

A healthy diet and regular workouts go hand in hand – you’ve probably heard the expression that abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. Going to the gym is no excuse to indulge – even if you exercise regularly, a bad diet could still affect things like cholesterol ratio and your

Spanish Jerte Picota Cherries PDO available soon after much preparation

Naturally sweet, perfectly ripe and uniquely stalkless – Jerte Picota Cherries PDO are nearly here, after a whole year of preparation! They are only grown in the Jerte Valley of Spain, west of Madrid, under the strict quality controls of the PDO. Completely natural, they are never artificially cultivated or preserved – so the taste

Doves Farm new range of Free From Cookies launched

With the increasing demand for allergen-free foods, Doves Farm is launching an exciting new range of Free From Cookies this month. I thought this may be of news interest, since it is also Coeliac Awareness Week 2015.  The cookies are free from gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya and are ideal for consumers with gluten

Cholesterol – The Basics

There is a lot of jargon to be found in conversations about health, and in talk about cholesterol in particular. Sometimes visiting the GP can feel like listening to another language. But what is cholesterol, and how does it really affect your health? What is cholesterol doing in the body? The word cholesterol actually refers

Superfood: Green Tea

Tea is one of the oldest drinks in the world, and one of the most natural. From green to white and black to herbal, there appears to be a natural solution for many of our aliments. With each tea claiming its own natural cure or prevention for a variety of problems and illnesses it is

The Allergy & Free From Show

  The Allergy & Free From Show is coming to the city of Liverpool this October. The show has already been serving allergy sufferers and free from followers in London since its inception in 2009, but due to popular demand, it has also been launched in Liverpool. The event will take place on 25th-26th October,

Pomegranate Essence the Healthiest Dressing and Marinade Launches at Ocado

  Gourmet taste buds are set to tingle this month as the exotic tastes of the Mediterranean hit UK shores in the form of the deliciously tasty Pomegranate Essence by Secret Gardens. Originating in Turkey, the fruity dressing has summer bottled and offers British palettes the chance to enjoy the delectable flavours of sun kissed

Peter’s Yard launch two new nutritious Swedish crispbreads

The popularity of Scandinavian food shows no sign of abating with more and more of us turning to this simple, nutritious, no-nonsense style. This Christmas, impress dinner party guests with a brand new taste of Sweden with two delicious new crispbreads by Peter’s Yard. Produced by Peter’s Yard, the two new crispbreads, Seeded Wholegrain Crispbread

Foods That We Hate to Love

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. In this world of modern convenience, is it really such a surprise that the levels of sugar, additives and preservatives in our foods have given rise to one of the biggest heath risks of our time? From heart disease to tooth decay, it is becoming difficult

Recipe boxes from top chefs delivered to your home every month

  If you fancy baking with Blanc or cooking along with Hom or even getting a food fix from Mark Hix you can now do all of the above within the comfort of your own kitchen. Farmison & Co are renowned online purveyors of fine foods, and they have joined forces with the hit television show

One man’s battle against tasteless food

The story of a man who found a way to strike balance between health and taste. Kerry Costello, a British businessman, had no idea his life was about to take a sharp turn when he decided to spend some time close to nature in US. He sold his property and shifted to the US to

Y’viva Spanish soy drinks

  It looked a real gamble when a Spanish brand that was new to the markets in UK challenged the supremacy of Alpro in the segment of every day soy drinks. But Vivesoy did just that when it was introduced in the Tesco stores in the country in the beginning of the year. October the

Healthy eating for a happy life

We are constantly reminded about the need for healthy eating. It seems that we are bombarded with nutritional recommendations on a daily basis, some of which can be confusing or even contradictory. Here is a simple guide on how to whip up a healthy breakfast! Five a day In 2002/03 the UK government introduced a

Freedom Cereals the latest recruit to the Dept of Health’s Salt Reduction Pledge

The manufacturer of Keep Me GoingTM – the brand-new, healthy breakfast cereal – is one of just 80 companies to have signed up to the Department of Health’s Salt Reduction Pledge to date. Freedom Cereals have recently committed themselves to this pledge, which will see the government aiming to reduce the amount of salt that is eaten

Healthy Diet Tips

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important facet in most peoples’ daily routine and helps to promote longevity and overall wellbeing. There are a number of ways in which we can make changes in our lives to improve our level of health. Finding a healthy life balance is paramount to increasing personal energy levels and

Tasty and healthy Biltong meat products

Biltong2u Ltd are the leading specialists when it comes to the supply of top quality South African Beef Biltong and Game Biltong meats. These versatile products originally come from South Africa but thanks to their delicious taste it is little wonder that they have spread rapidly from SA and can now be found in shops

A hog roast enhances any occasion

Irrespective of what kind of occasion you are celebrating, the food is an integral part of the event and it is always the part people remember. One kind of food which always goes down a storm is hog roast catering as these work for every kind of event you can imagine, as well as providing

It’s now easier than ever to smoke your own food at home

If you always thought it was a real hassle to smoke your own food then its time to think again. The company behind the internationally famous Bradley Smoker are all set to revolutionise the smoking of food in the home by launching their brand new Bradley Counter Top Smoker. Selling at an RRP of £195,

The growing number of celebs adopting a wheat free lifestyle

Celebrity crazes comes and go, they also have, but one that seems to have taken on a life of its own is the latest wheat free lifestyle that has been adopted by such whippet thin stars as Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow, and they can’t stop talking about it either. It is easy

Olive and Tomato relish indulgent combination of flavours

It does not matter if  you are a fanatical foodie, a genuine food connoisseur or just a regular person who wants to experience exciting and interesting new flavours. That is what you get with the new delicious new Olive and Tomato relish from Terra Rossa which guarantees to add more than a little pizzazz to your

Wheatberry offers foodies a healthier choice at events

Wheatberry is a new street food start-up that is offering those at events a healthier and more nutritious choice. The street food vendor will officially open at the Bishop Auckland Food Festival this weekend. Vicky Turnball, chef and creator of Wheatberry, remembers a visit to the US where she went to Whole Foods Market in

Non drinkers no longer have to go without thanks to MyMocktail

Anyone who is a designated driver or simply wants a non alcoholic cocktail is set to love MyMocktail, a delicious and refreshing range of blended, cocktail-style drinks which don’t need to be shaken or stirred. The Pina Colada conjures up images of the Caribbean with its combination of pineapple juice and creamy coconut, creating a

Stephen Fry is our favourite celebrit-tea

A study conducted by ‘The Sick Children Trust’ in a bid to launch its ‘Big Chocolate Tea Party’ campaign revealed Stephen Fry as the UK’s favorite celebrity choice with whom many would like to have a cup of tea with. The survey ran through Woman’s Own, an official media partner of the campaign, with more

Stephen Terry and James Martin team up to tackle Welsh hospital food

Most people know Stephen Terry as the Welsh man behind some great Michelin rated food, but as part of a new BBC series Terry is partnering up with James Martin in order to get some healthier and better tasting food into NHS hospitals. A typical plate of hospital food at a NHS hospital in Wales

Coventry master butcher receives the Royal Warrant

The master butcher Aubrey Allen, the Coventry based supplier to some of the country’s top chefs has been awarded the highest honour it is possible to achieve by receiving HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant to supply game, meat and poultry. The official Royal Appointment is the result of Aubrey Allen supplying the royal households of

Superfoods for better health and weight loss

People planning to lose weight in 2013 will no doubt be aware that a balanced diet is essential to being healthy. There are many superfoods out there that can help you with your efforts, so without further ado, here are some of those very superfoods you should most definitely consider integrating into your diet. Raw

The classic prawn cocktail is very much back in vogue

Across the country, the retro starter is starting to come back into vogue, popping up on many different menu listings. If you want to create some of your own at home you might want to try this fruity version of the seventies classic prawn cocktail. Easy to make with an impressive overall look, this starter

Preparing that romantic meal just got easier thanks to the OXO avocado cutter

It could be the memorable shape, or the energy boosting properties they are renowned for, but whatever the reason avocados have an enviable reputation as an aphrodisiac. If you are looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day but want to spend more time loving than preparing, then the new 3-in-1 avocado slicer for OXO is

A delicious recipe to keep your New Year’s resolution on the right track

Once again that time of year is with us when its time to think of New Year’s resolutions, of which the majority are to lose weight after indulging in all the Christmas excesses. The problem is sticking to your resolution, as it doesn’t take long for cottage cheese and crisp breads to lose the little

New food facts in ads set to shock viewers

New graphic advertisements displaying startling facts about foods consumed everyday will debut on television later today, the government having granted them the go ahead. Change4Life’s new adverts showing how a cola bottle contains as many as seventeen sugar cubes and how a large pizza has fat that would easily fill a glass of wine will

Making the perfect quiche

Quiche can be a wonderfully light entree to serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you know how to make one, otherwise it can be a challenge to tackle.  However, the following instructions make it easy to prepare a perfect quiche in just over an hour. To start, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and

New low salt foods drop during 2010/11

Foods that launched with no/low/reduced sodium claims dropped by about five percent during 2010/2011. The survey supports the new point of view that food manufacturers are starting to reach the limits of what they can do to reduce the amount of salt in goods. In fact, claims appeared in just two percent of food launches

Obesity crisis could be tackled by tax on soft drinks

The US is not the only country to think about placing a tax on sodas to combat the growing rate of obesity as the UK is also thinking about putting a tax on soft drinks. It seems that every few months United States politicians revisit the obesity problem in the country and consider placing a

A huge export market exists for chicken feet in China

Believe it or not, chicken feet may be the largest export to come out of Britain this year. It seems that there has been a large amount of growth in the export industry of chicken feet with a high demand coming from China. Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, stated after trade talks with China during

First Transactional Website from Steamer Trading Cookshop

If you are a cooking enthusiast, then you’ll love the new e-commerce website of Steamer Trading, one of the most popular and reputable cookware retailers in the world. The website gives you access to all types of cookware, specific information about every item and detailed guides for all the features and functions which a certain

Healthy Foods You Can Eat Lots Of

Certain foods have become known as ‘superfoods’ due to their exceptional nutritional content. While the maxim ‘everything in moderation’ is a sensible rule to apply in most cases, you can feel free to fill up on these superfoods without fretting about your waistline. Blueberries These delicious fruits are high in fibre, vitamin C and other

Tasty meals abound with the start of the 2012 leek season

With this years leek season, which takes place from November-April, fast approaching, it’s time to put them to good use with some mouth watering recipes that include these great flavoursome vegetables that are also economical. This is an increasingly difficult time with every visit to a supermarket seeming to cost more than the last, so

New delicious and healthy snack range for YU!

Healthy snacks and good taste are not something that necessarily go together, however recent new range of food from Yu! Uses natural ingredients, and they have made a very healthy snack that doesn’t compromise on taste in any way. It is a perfect solution for people who are looking for food on the go without

Life of deli food to be extended thanks to new processing procedure

A new type of high-pressure processing has recently been announced that is going to help extend the life expectancy of delicatessen food from two weeks to around 50 days, without the food losing any of its taste or fresheners. The technology is going to be employed with Deli 24, who are one of the only

Poultry industry and supermarket team up to fight ‘chicken’ tax

The poultry industry in the UK has recently joined forces with the supermarket Morrisons, in order to fight plans to introduce tax on rotisserie chickens that are being sold in stores. The tax is part of the pasty tax, that the government have decided to introduce, and it is due to come into effect in

Recipe for Christmassy Apple and Blackberry Jam

Apple and Blackberry Jam Recipe Ingredients 500g cooking apples 500g blackberries Juice of 1 small lemon 1kg jam sugar 1 teaspoon mixed spice Put 2 saucers in a freezer. Method Peel, core and then chop the apples into smallish chunks and put them in a preserving pan, along with the the blackberries and 100ml water.

The Beckhams team up with Mr Cenz for Red Tractor Week

Red Tractor Week is about to launch, and in order to celebrate this occasion, the famous graffiti artist Mr Cenz has announced that he is going to be painting an iconic red tractor on the wall of a farm building. This is expected to be something that is going to draw extra people to the

The versatility of Garlic

Garlic is now such a normal herb in most people’s kitchens that it is easy to forget that just a few decades ago it was thought to be continental and exotic by most people. Today it is taken in food items not just for its great flavour, but also because it has many proven health

Channel 4’s Dispatches investigates school dinner issues

Steve Quinn, MD, from Cucina Restaurants, one of the leading companies involved in school catering, has given an interview for the Dispatches programme which will air on Channel 4 this Monday, the 10th September, at 8pm. The programme surveyed a total of 190 local authorities and 108 academies and found significant differences in the amount

Research shows that dark chocolate could lower blood pressure

Researchers have discovered through the results of 20 trials that eating dark chocolate may lower blood pressure. In the trials cocoa powder or dark chocolate was eaten regularly by more than 850 people. It was discovered through the study that on average the blood pressure of participant’s was reduced by 2-3mmHG. The Cochrane Group’s report

Young Edinburgh foodies relaunch food store

Five young foodies from Edinburgh that know the value of wholefoods bonded together to help re-launch and popularise a food store as a new co-op that will owned by its workers. The group of five friends have a background with co-operatives and first met during their days at Edinburgh University. Together, they have a common

Brits prefer to sniff food rather than go by use by dates

Beko home appliances have carried out the first National fridge audit, and it has shown that an amazing 30m of us admit that we have out of date foodstuff in our fridges. Even more alarming is that while half say that they would never serve out of date food to guests, there are potentially 1.2m

New Royal member joins the Munchy Snacks family

Healthy snack maestros Munchy Snacks have just added a new jewel to their crown with a Royal touch. Their range of tasty seed snacks has a a new member; Queen Bee ‘Honey Seeds’. These are summery mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds roasted gently in a floral honey, making them delicious and nutritious to nibble

UK are eating very limited diets according to new research

Recent research has shown that most people in the UK have a very limited diet. The research highlighted that most people tend to eat the same food for breakfast and lunch every day, and then rotate the meals in the evening on a regular basis. Generally, in the evening people tend to stick to simple

Food shortage predicted due to ever increasing population

A growing population, combined with the volatile price of food, has meant that the population in the future might have to rethink what they eat in as little as 20 years time. The rising price of food as well as various environmental concerns has meant that many governments around the world as well as the