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The growing number of celebs adopting a wheat free lifestyle

Celebrity crazes comes and go, they also have, but one that seems to have taken on a life of its own is the latest wheat free lifestyle that has been adopted by such whippet thin stars as Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow, and they can’t stop talking about it either. It is easy

Non drinkers no longer have to go without thanks to MyMocktail

Anyone who is a designated driver or simply wants a non alcoholic cocktail is set to love MyMocktail, a delicious and refreshing range of blended, cocktail-style drinks which don’t need to be shaken or stirred. The Pina Colada conjures up images of the Caribbean with its combination of pineapple juice and creamy coconut, creating a

A delicious recipe to keep your New Year’s resolution on the right track

Once again that time of year is with us when its time to think of New Year’s resolutions, of which the majority are to lose weight after indulging in all the Christmas excesses. The problem is sticking to your resolution, as it doesn’t take long for cottage cheese and crisp breads to lose the little

Research shows that dark chocolate could lower blood pressure

Researchers have discovered through the results of 20 trials that eating dark chocolate may lower blood pressure. In the trials cocoa powder or dark chocolate was eaten regularly by more than 850 people. It was discovered through the study that on average the blood pressure of participant’s was reduced by 2-3mmHG. The Cochrane Group’s report

New Royal member joins the Munchy Snacks family

Healthy snack maestros Munchy Snacks have just added a new jewel to their crown with a Royal touch. Their range of tasty seed snacks has a a new member; Queen Bee ‘Honey Seeds’. These are summery mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds roasted gently in a floral honey, making them delicious and nutritious to nibble

UK are eating very limited diets according to new research

Recent research has shown that most people in the UK have a very limited diet. The research highlighted that most people tend to eat the same food for breakfast and lunch every day, and then rotate the meals in the evening on a regular basis. Generally, in the evening people tend to stick to simple

Danish research claims moderate alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy

Drinking a moderate level of alcohol during early pregnancy may not cause any developmental problems in five year old children, according to new research published in the Danish medical journal BJOG. According to the researchers a mother can drink up to eight cups of alcohol before any harm is caused to the child. This is

New banana variety reaches the UK

We all know what a banana looks like, but the yellow fruit we’re used to seeing in our shops is only one type of banana and there are many more exciting varieties to be found, as Natur Boutique’s new product shows… Whilst the more culinary adventurous may have been able to find plantains in this

Preserve food the French way with Le Parfait

If you have made your own food and want it to stay edible for a long while then you can preserve it. A great way to do this is to use Le Parfait. Normally people associate preserved food with things such as marmalade, jams, and pickles. However, people are beginning to realise that there are

Check the labels to see if those drinks are really as healthy as they sound

Scientists have recently issued a warning to consumers that many healthy drinks are not as healthy as people initially think. There is an automatic assumption among people that fruit juices and smoothies are healthy drink options. However, they also contain an enormous amount of sugar. A study recently showed the people in Britain thought that

Most Americans happy with their life; but not their health

Studies have shown that most people who live in the United States are happy with their home life, as well as with their friends and family. Unfortunately however, the happiness figures are not so good when it comes to people’s health. Around 20 percent of Americans have said that they are unhappy with the state

Making sense of macrobiotics

The word macrobiotic makes most people think of a strange diet that will involve eating unusual foods in unusual ways but many people don’t realise that going back to basics with this type of diet is easier than most people think. A macrobiotic centre in Scotland is Penninghame House and one of the course teachers