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Spanish Jerte Picota Cherries PDO available soon after much preparation

Naturally sweet, perfectly ripe and uniquely stalkless – Jerte Picota Cherries PDO are nearly here, after a whole year of preparation! They are only grown in the Jerte Valley of Spain, west of Madrid, under the strict quality controls of the PDO. Completely natural, they are never artificially cultivated or preserved – so the taste

Pomegranate Essence the Healthiest Dressing and Marinade Launches at Ocado

  Gourmet taste buds are set to tingle this month as the exotic tastes of the Mediterranean hit UK shores in the form of the deliciously tasty Pomegranate Essence by Secret Gardens. Originating in Turkey, the fruity dressing has summer bottled and offers British palettes the chance to enjoy the delectable flavours of sun kissed

The classic prawn cocktail is very much back in vogue

Across the country, the retro starter is starting to come back into vogue, popping up on many different menu listings. If you want to create some of your own at home you might want to try this fruity version of the seventies classic prawn cocktail. Easy to make with an impressive overall look, this starter

Preparing that romantic meal just got easier thanks to the OXO avocado cutter

It could be the memorable shape, or the energy boosting properties they are renowned for, but whatever the reason avocados have an enviable reputation as an aphrodisiac. If you are looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day but want to spend more time loving than preparing, then the new 3-in-1 avocado slicer for OXO is

Healthy Foods You Can Eat Lots Of

Certain foods have become known as ‘superfoods’ due to their exceptional nutritional content. While the maxim ‘everything in moderation’ is a sensible rule to apply in most cases, you can feel free to fill up on these superfoods without fretting about your waistline. Blueberries These delicious fruits are high in fibre, vitamin C and other

Tasty meals abound with the start of the 2012 leek season

With this years leek season, which takes place from November-April, fast approaching, it’s time to put them to good use with some mouth watering recipes that include these great flavoursome vegetables that are also economical. This is an increasingly difficult time with every visit to a supermarket seeming to cost more than the last, so

Recipe for Christmassy Apple and Blackberry Jam

Apple and Blackberry Jam Recipe Ingredients 500g cooking apples 500g blackberries Juice of 1 small lemon 1kg jam sugar 1 teaspoon mixed spice Put 2 saucers in a freezer. Method Peel, core and then chop the apples into smallish chunks and put them in a preserving pan, along with the the blackberries and 100ml water.

The versatility of Garlic

Garlic is now such a normal herb in most people’s kitchens that it is easy to forget that just a few decades ago it was thought to be continental and exotic by most people. Today it is taken in food items not just for its great flavour, but also because it has many proven health

The many benefits of growing your own herbs

It has become very common for both expert gardeners and beginners to make full use out of herb garden kits. This is due to the fact that many people are starting to realise that there are many benefits to growing herbs at home, including the fact that you can save money on herbs while also

Food festival in Norfolk set to run for 6 weeks from the 1st September

The EDP Adnams Norfolk Food and Drink Festival is an event that is going to be taking place in Norfolk and it starts on the 1st September. This year the festival is going to run for an incredible six weeks and will be ending with a specific Aylsham Food Festival which takes place from the

The latest superfood is set to be the Chia seed from South America

Superfoods to do seem to come and go, although some have remained very successful such as the berries acai and goji. It seems as if a new superfood is about to come to the UK from Latin America. This is a seed which is called chia, and has already become very successful in both Australia

New banana variety reaches the UK

We all know what a banana looks like, but the yellow fruit we’re used to seeing in our shops is only one type of banana and there are many more exciting varieties to be found, as Natur Boutique’s new product shows… Whilst the more culinary adventurous may have been able to find plantains in this

M&S prepare to launch the Papple

Papple is a type of fruit that is about to be launched by Marks & Spencers which is a type of pear that resembles an apple. There have been many PR stunts to do with fruit in recent years and one of the most notable was a couple of years ago, which saw the introduction

Preserve food the French way with Le Parfait

If you have made your own food and want it to stay edible for a long while then you can preserve it. A great way to do this is to use Le Parfait. Normally people associate preserved food with things such as marmalade, jams, and pickles. However, people are beginning to realise that there are

Sainsbury’s launch new range of frozen ingredients

The new frozen range of ‘ingredients for cooks’ from Sainsbury’s is a convenient range of ready chopped vegetables and herbs and spices, and ready to bake pastry dishes. They are available now priced from £1 and are great to keep in the freezer for a cost effective and quick way to add an extra something

The Pineberry makes its debut in commercial markets

While it is not a new fruit, the pineberry is making its first appearance in large commercial markets. The fruit recently received a lot of attention and many stores across the country sold out of the fruit very quickly. The story of the fruit dates back to 2003, when three Dutch people were in France