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Tarantella says 100% organic tomatoes are the difference!

There is simply nothing like the taste of a lush, juicy, sweet, Italian sun ripened tomato, warm and just asking to be eaten when it is picked fresh off the vine. That is the taste you get when you indulge in a Tarantella product….tinned tomatoes, passata or paste….but apart from that, the main difference between

Sanchi Shows Soy Sauces Aren’t All The Same!

Soy sauce and its many forms are found widely throughout Asia, but Tamari is specifically a Japanese form of soy sauce, traditionally made as a byproduct of miso paste. Miso itself is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and other ingredients. Even though both sauces are similar in colour and flavour,

Halloween Treats Pumpkin Gnocchi or Roasted Pumpkin & Chorizo Ravioli

  October is all about Halloween….and pumpkins are everywhere….and the TRICK to having a quick and tasty Halloween foodie TREAT is Pumpkin Gnocchi or Roasted Pumpkin and Chorizo Ravioli, both from Dell’Ugo!     Pumpkin Gnocchi take just 1 minute to cook – how great is that? Made simply from fresh potato, fresh pumpkin and

Foodie Revolution Continues With Hot Food Trends In 2015

Food, like most things, follows trends and everyone is always looking for the next ‘big thing’. Ali Tyler of and , leading importers and distributors of high-quality foods in the UK, looks at what will be appearing on restaurant menus and supermarket shelves in 2015. Thanks to the recent findings of a US

Pomegranate Essence the Healthiest Dressing and Marinade Launches at Ocado

  Gourmet taste buds are set to tingle this month as the exotic tastes of the Mediterranean hit UK shores in the form of the deliciously tasty Pomegranate Essence by Secret Gardens. Originating in Turkey, the fruity dressing has summer bottled and offers British palettes the chance to enjoy the delectable flavours of sun kissed

Any ideas as to what is in the wine you’re drinking?

FIND OUT WHY WE SHOULD BE PAYING MORE ATTENTION WITH ISABELLE LEGERON’S NEW BOOK, NATURAL WINE “A really inspiring book. Isabelle writes beautifully and it’s given me a lot to think about” – Olly Smith Over the last 5 decades the art of winemaking has got evermore controlled, processed and altogether unnatural. The crops is vineyards being

Top TV Chefs Love New ‘Liquid Spice’

Cyrus Todiwala, Tom Kerridge, and Atul Kocchar are all raving about Spice Drops created by Holy lama Naturals. The food flavouring is a finalist in the Ocada ‘Next Top Supplier of the Year 2014’ competition and has won praise from all three top chefs due to its vibrant taste and the flexibility of the spice

Olive and Tomato relish indulgent combination of flavours

It does not matter if  you are a fanatical foodie, a genuine food connoisseur or just a regular person who wants to experience exciting and interesting new flavours. That is what you get with the new delicious new Olive and Tomato relish from Terra Rossa which guarantees to add more than a little pizzazz to your

Wheatberry offers foodies a healthier choice at events

Wheatberry is a new street food start-up that is offering those at events a healthier and more nutritious choice. The street food vendor will officially open at the Bishop Auckland Food Festival this weekend. Vicky Turnball, chef and creator of Wheatberry, remembers a visit to the US where she went to Whole Foods Market in

Grasshopper delicacy at Wahaca grabs attention

Anyone who has watched TV shows such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will be no stranger to eating insects, but watching someone else tuck into them and having the chance to do that yourself is a totally different ball game. Now however, this is very much possible thanks to Wahaca and

New low salt foods drop during 2010/11

Foods that launched with no/low/reduced sodium claims dropped by about five percent during 2010/2011. The survey supports the new point of view that food manufacturers are starting to reach the limits of what they can do to reduce the amount of salt in goods. In fact, claims appeared in just two percent of food launches

The perfect fruits for home made drinks

There are many great home made drinks that savvy people can make using the fresh vegetables and fruit from straight out of the garden. It is important to realize however that all vegetable juices need to be immediately consumed or frozen because there is no real safe way to keep them. Grapes are one easy

Tasty meals abound with the start of the 2012 leek season

With this years leek season, which takes place from November-April, fast approaching, it’s time to put them to good use with some mouth watering recipes that include these great flavoursome vegetables that are also economical. This is an increasingly difficult time with every visit to a supermarket seeming to cost more than the last, so

Stevia sweetener finding its way into more and more products

Earlier this year, Mintel’s Global New Products Database tracked over 279 stevia-based products that were launched across Europe. The world’s largest supplier of stevia, PureCircle, is quite happy with this given the fact that the item is really taking off. Vice President of global marketing and innovation at PureCircle, Jason Hecker, stated that there has

Make Christmas a cracker with Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar

If you think of Christmas you’re probably going to primarily think of types of food such as Turkey and Christmas pudding. However, there is one culinary item that you shouldn’t forget at Christmas time, that has become almost equally important; the cheeseboard. One cheese that should certainly have on your cheeseboard this Christmas is Collier’s

The versatility of Garlic

Garlic is now such a normal herb in most people’s kitchens that it is easy to forget that just a few decades ago it was thought to be continental and exotic by most people. Today it is taken in food items not just for its great flavour, but also because it has many proven health

Marmite ingredient could counteract MRSA

Research suggests that an ingredient placed inside of Marmite might actually help to attack the MRSA superbug. Scientists have discovered that when administered in large doses vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is able to boost the body’s natural immunity and defences to fight off staphylococcus bacteria. In different tests performed, when vitamin B3 is

Experts warn another global food crisis could be on its way

Experts are worried that the world is to face another food crisis, following droughts in the US and near the Black Sea, insidious hunger in the Sahel region of Africa and in India, weak monsoon rains. Keeping catastrophe at bay is Asia’s strong rice harvest with the G20 group trying to deflect the main threat

Don’t just say cheese…say Cheddar

A traditional British favourite has been chosen as September’s Sandwich of the month by the British Sandwich Association; Cheddar cheese with Branston pickle. Cheddar is the long standing favourite for consumers who make a sandwich at home, and is also one of the favourites when we pop out to buy a sarnie at lunchtime. The

Young Edinburgh foodies relaunch food store

Five young foodies from Edinburgh that know the value of wholefoods bonded together to help re-launch and popularise a food store as a new co-op that will owned by its workers. The group of five friends have a background with co-operatives and first met during their days at Edinburgh University. Together, they have a common

Cheese lovers urged to head online to save our Parmesan

The recent Italian earthquakes have had a devastating effect on Parmesan, one of the world’s most famous cheeses. Now cheese lovers from around the world are being urged to join a new online campaign that aims to help save the production of Parmesan. The two earthquakes that hit the Emilia-Romagna region in May 2012 struck

The many benefits of growing your own herbs

It has become very common for both expert gardeners and beginners to make full use out of herb garden kits. This is due to the fact that many people are starting to realise that there are many benefits to growing herbs at home, including the fact that you can save money on herbs while also

Great British summer food on your smartphone courtesy of Great British Chefs and Ocado

Great British Chefs is an award-winning website that is about to launch a new application which has been created in partnership with the online supermarket, Ocado. Information about the new application can be found at the website This application has a great many dishes that can be cooked and are traditionally the sort of

National Sheep Association aiming to show there’s more to farming than choice lamb chops

The National Sheep Association is an organisation “dedicated to safeguarding the interests and future of sheep farmers throughout the UK”, according to their website. Right now they are trying to remind the authorities and the British public that there’s more to hill sheep farming than providing choice local lamb chops for restaurant and private dining.

Heinz Tomato ketchup is literally bursting with tomatoes

In the manufacturing of tomato ketchup by Heinz, the company use a special variety of tomato which they have grown themselves. These tomatoes are grown in a very special way and then are turned into ketchup following a special recipe that the company has been following for a very long time. These tomatoes and the

Red Tractor logo more prevalent than ever in UK stores

A new report on the Red Tractor labelling reveals that retailers are now using the Red Tractor logo on a much higher proportion of British products than they did last year, with an increase from 66% to 70%. Building on the success they achieved with their inaugural report in 2011, Red Tractor Assurance have launched

Check the labels to see if those drinks are really as healthy as they sound

Scientists have recently issued a warning to consumers that many healthy drinks are not as healthy as people initially think. There is an automatic assumption among people that fruit juices and smoothies are healthy drink options. However, they also contain an enormous amount of sugar. A study recently showed the people in Britain thought that

Amount of salt in fast food varies wildly between countries

It is commonly known that most fast food has a high amount of salt in it, but a recent study has highlighted that it may really depend on which country you live that determines how much salt is put on the food. A comparison has recently been made by researchers in the United States which

Sainsbury’s launch new range of frozen ingredients

The new frozen range of ‘ingredients for cooks’ from Sainsbury’s is a convenient range of ready chopped vegetables and herbs and spices, and ready to bake pastry dishes. They are available now priced from £1 and are great to keep in the freezer for a cost effective and quick way to add an extra something

Most Americans happy with their life; but not their health

Studies have shown that most people who live in the United States are happy with their home life, as well as with their friends and family. Unfortunately however, the happiness figures are not so good when it comes to people’s health. Around 20 percent of Americans have said that they are unhappy with the state

The sauce of great food sauces and condiments from Owen Potts

Those who like to potter around in the kitchen and are constantly looking out for a helping hand will be delighted that their search has come to an end, thanks to the launch of a whole new range of top quality condiments and sauces courtesy of Owen Potts who, until now, has been the best

New online Christmas range from

KPMG and the British retail Consortium recently released figures which have shown that the number of people spending money online has increased in October which was rather unexpected after very poor figures were seen in September. Analysts expect this is because people are starting their Christmas shopping and is providing a boost to online retailers.

New additions to the Discovery Mexican Food Range

The clever chefs in the Discovery kitchen have done it again with the creation of two new products that build on Discovery’s delicious range of great tasting Mexican Food. Discovery’s NEW Garlic & Herb Tortilla and NEW Crispy Crumb coating are not only tantalisingly tasty, but extremely versatile and easy to share – perfect for

Cornish Sea Salt is an essential ingredient

Cornish Sea Salt are a company that has taken much time to create a product that is in demand. Export markets are something that most companies want to break into, they can be very lucrative but unfortunately many companies fail in their efforts. This is often due to a lack of resources and not having

Autumn/Winter range of inspirational foods with a twist from My Secret Kitchen

My Secret Kitchen have just launched their new and intriguing range of foods with a twist, and these new products are just as interesting as the rest of them. The White wine and Porcini finishing sauce. has been developed after they received requests for something special for pork, white fish and chicken dishes. A finishing

Over 90% of own-label products are just as good, if not better than leading brands

Food prices are constantly increasing, and branded goods are being ditched in favour of cheaper, own label brands, with over 41% of us buying more of these than we did a year ago. These findings come courtesy of Which?, who have been comparing the buying habits of consumers between 2010 and 2011. The discount food

Wing Yip offers new look sauces at Tesco

Wing Yip, the leading oriental grocery brand has secured a deal with Tesco to list four of its stir fry sauces after a significant investment was made in customer research and a whole new look given to its packaging. The four sauces are Kung Po; Cho Mein, Black Bean and Spicy Szechuan. They are available

7 Food Substitutes That Are Like The Real Thing

An Advertorial Feature Attempting to remove certain food groups as a result of being diagnosed with food intolerance or allergy can be tricky. We are all used to consuming certain foods that it becomes difficult to avoid them. The following therefore is a list of food substitutes compiled by Dr Gill Hart, Scientific Director at – new Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Pasta Store is a new family-run business with an obsessive passion for premium-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The site introduces consumers to some of the finest olive oil and balsamic vinegar producers from around the world. As well as an impressive choice of products, the website will help consumers choose the right oil and vinegar

Danone tones down its health claims

Danone the diary company has withdrawn its requests to approve its claims that the brand offers many health benefits to its consumers. Danone has often promoted its yoghurt drink Actimel as a natural strengtheners of the body’s defences and that Activia will help regulate digestion.  According to the company, it is simply waiting for the

Castillo de Canena – 2010 Family Reserve Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil now available

Castillo de Canena, the award winning Spanish producer of premium extra virgin olive oil, has released two Family Reserve oils for 2010, reflecting the olive varieties grown in the extensive olive groves within the castle’s grounds – Picual and Arbequina. Rated by expert olive oil taster Marco Oreggia’s ‘Flos Olei 2010’ guide as one of

How to eat a Jerusalem artichoke without the side effects

It’s commonly understood that the Jerusalem artichoke is not actually a real artichoke and also does not have origins in its name sake. However, many people believe that it also causes people to produce excess wind, which may be to the fact came from North America and the actual edible part is not found in

Sacla sauces bring authentic flavour of Italy into the kitchen

The Italian food market is a fiercely competitive one, as myriad firms compete to bring the taste of that nation’s great cuisine to food-lovers all around the globe, from pesto to spaghetti Bolognese. Yet, in spite of the sheer weight of competition, Sacla have elicited an enduring affection from cooks of all ages and nationalities,