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Sponsored Video: Heinz Chilli Sauces – 57 and Counting

Stories of successful entrepreneurs abound in the annals of American industry, but some are quirkier and more lively than others; the H.J. Heinz Company story is just downright fun. Few of us in the Western world are unfamiliar with the “Heinz 57 Varieties” logo; now the company is introducing a few more of those varieties

Any ideas as to what is in the wine you’re drinking?

FIND OUT WHY WE SHOULD BE PAYING MORE ATTENTION WITH ISABELLE LEGERON’S NEW BOOK, NATURAL WINE “A really inspiring book. Isabelle writes beautifully and it’s given me a lot to think about” – Olly Smith Over the last 5 decades the art of winemaking has got evermore controlled, processed and altogether unnatural. The crops is vineyards being

The perfect recipe for gastronomic holidaymakers

If your idea of the perfect holiday is walking in Italy then you will find all the ingredients at Hedonistic Hiking. Their holidays have been designed to give their guests a taste of the real la dolce vita, and can you think of anywhere better to go on a gastronomic delight of a trip than

The British Curry Club opens new restaurant in Cardiff Bay

Spicy travel and food magazine Chaat! Has just opened up its first restaurant in CardiffBay, Wales called The Duchess of Delhi. The bar and restaurant specialises in offering guests the best in South Asian cuisine. The Chaat! Team built a great menu to treat guests to the best of India along with help from the

New food delivery service brings you Italy in a box

A brand new food delivery service which brings Italian food directly to your door has just launched, and it fans of this most famous of cuisines right across the UK the opportunity to discover new recipes, cook new meals and then impress family or guests with what you have made from the authentic gourmet products

UK and the rest of Europe set to reach crop growing limits

Scientists are warning that the UK and many other countries in Europe may not be able to increase food capacity as a result of growing limits. Britain along with other countries simply will not be able to produce more of their staple crops because the crops are already nearing their physiological growing limits. President of

French culture revealed through food and storytelling at Le Foodist

Paris-based Le Foodist offers English speakers a delicious way to discover France, with the Once Upon a Table dining experience The new Paris based local, Le Foodist, which invites all travellers to both dine together and also discover culture through story telling and food has officially opened. It nestles on a barge beside the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral,

Olive and Tomato relish indulgent combination of flavours

It does not matter if  you are a fanatical foodie, a genuine food connoisseur or just a regular person who wants to experience exciting and interesting new flavours. That is what you get with the new delicious new Olive and Tomato relish from Terra Rossa which guarantees to add more than a little pizzazz to your

A treat for American Whiskey fans

At 10am this coming Thursday, a new gift store will be opening its doors to fans and visitors, but American whiskey fans may well be showing up much earlier in the day, or the previous night, based on how past events have gone. This is thanks in large part to a limited edition bottle that

Caviar now has a conscience

We are constantly hearing about how our fish reserves are dwindling and that we should be eating stock that is more sustainable, so you could be forgiven for thinking that this is not the best time to be indulging in the luxury of caviar. Traditionally, the Beluga Sturgeon, from which caviar is extracted from the

You can now get your nomination in for the 2013 Scottish Curry Awards

Once again, the Scottish Curry Award are aiming to showcase the best curries that Scotland has to offer and the sixth annual event is to be held at Glasgow’s Thistle Hotel in Monday 10th June. The awards, which have gone from strength to strength since their inaugural event in 2008, are set to be another

The hole in the Nottingham food sector is filled by Bagel Nash

Bagel Nash, the food chain which is rapidly expanding, has selected Nottingham as their flagship location to spearhead their growth across the Midlands, and their city centre outlet will opening at the end of this month. The company sells a wide variety of coffee and bagels throughout its 14 stores, the majority of which are

The Crown Estate’s Grand Restaurant project proving to be hugely successful

The restaurant scene in St James’ will burst into life this spring thanks to esteemed restauranteur Philippe Le Roux opening Villandry, his flagship restaurant, and spearheading what restaurants in the area have to offer the diner. 6 Waterloo Place is near to Piccadilly Circus, and one of a group of venues with a rich and

New whisky launched from the Scot Distillery

This week a new whisky was launched and forms a third part in the Scot distillery’s “Age of Discovery.” Brought out in 2011, it already includes a Bourbon and Madeira, which are finished in casks. This whisky is nineteen years-old with 40% alcohol, and is finished in giant South American wine casks. When released on

Twins have a recipe for success with their Chinese dipping sauces

A brand new range of Chinese sauces intended for dipping has been creates by a pair of twin sisters and are now on the shelves at Sainsbury’s, packaged in bottles from Beatson Clark, one of the leading glass manufacturers. Lisa and Helen Tse were able to get Sweet Mandarin up and running after they received

Goodbye fish and chips, hello enchiladas

As we start off another year, the appetite the UK has for food from around the world is at its highest ever levels., the online takeaway platform, has discovered that eating in has become the new eating out, and the British public are also becoming much more increasingly adventurous in their tastes for foreign

Preparing that romantic meal just got easier thanks to the OXO avocado cutter

It could be the memorable shape, or the energy boosting properties they are renowned for, but whatever the reason avocados have an enviable reputation as an aphrodisiac. If you are looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day but want to spend more time loving than preparing, then the new 3-in-1 avocado slicer for OXO is

My Secret Kitchen reveals upcoming food trends

My Secret Kitchen celebrates the New Year by creating the latest food and drink trends, not only for this year, but for the next few years. Here’s what you should look forward to: 1. Not Just Chillis: there has been an increasing heat in the UK over the last couple of years, and this is

Making the perfect quiche

Quiche can be a wonderfully light entree to serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you know how to make one, otherwise it can be a challenge to tackle.  However, the following instructions make it easy to prepare a perfect quiche in just over an hour. To start, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and

The colour of your wine can determine your personality

Experts have been examining the lifestyle and social habits of wine drinkers, and have come up with some interesting facts. For example, red wine drinkers generally earn more and are happier than their white wine drinking counterparts, but the latter are more practical. The study found that lifestyles can be generalised according to the colour

Fromagerie Bergeron Calumet Light cheese and the Classic Calumet

Bergeron is a place known for its incredible cheesemakers, and those cheesemakers have recently created a wonderful new type of cheese, the Calumet Light cheese and the Classic Calumet. The cheesemakers, from Québec, and these cheeses are sure to appeal to consumers because they are incredibly tasty, but also low in fat. A Bergeron tour-de-force

Time to wake up and smell the coffee

Sea Island Coffee is a retailer an importer of Coffey based in Knightsbridge, and they have some of the most exclusive and finest coffees from around the world, including coffee that comes from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africaas well as the Pacific. The products retail online at and here you will be able

Sutra Kitchen brings vegetarian and vegan cookery to Carnaby Street

Sutra Kitchen is a cooking school in London that is dedicated to vegetarian food, and it is something that local people have been waiting for a long time to open. The concept cooking school is located in Carnaby Street and it is the latest project by the well-known vegetarian chef, Jay Morjaria. Here, the chef

The versatility of Garlic

Garlic is now such a normal herb in most people’s kitchens that it is easy to forget that just a few decades ago it was thought to be continental and exotic by most people. Today it is taken in food items not just for its great flavour, but also because it has many proven health

Experts warn another global food crisis could be on its way

Experts are worried that the world is to face another food crisis, following droughts in the US and near the Black Sea, insidious hunger in the Sahel region of Africa and in India, weak monsoon rains. Keeping catastrophe at bay is Asia’s strong rice harvest with the G20 group trying to deflect the main threat

The taste of Vietnam comes to the UK in a teacup

Although the 2nd of September will be a date that means nothing to most people, it is the of the hugest importance in the country of Vietnam where they celebrate National Independence Day on this date. This marks the day when Vietnam claimed both its sovereignty and independence from France and Japan. So what better