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Elia’s Pizza School Teach How To Establish Your Own Pizza Business

Whether you dream of a new culinary career, opening a restaurant, or you simply want to make great pizza; Elia’s Pizza School is the perfect choice Elia’s Pizza School was established two years ago by renowned Italian chef, Elia Tavernese at London’s multi-award winning pizza restaurant, Organica Pizza Company in Camden. With more and more

RECIPE: Pavia Style Risotto

This Cirio Italian risotto recipe from Pavia – a town just southwest of Lombardy is full of succulent Italian flavours. Cirio’s La Classica Passata used in this recipe complements the various flavours of white wine, celery, cheese and garlic! This recipe is sure to become a winter warming favourite! PREP TIME: 15 MINS COOKING TIME:

RECIPE: Italian Baked Fish With Tomato Sauce

‘Al Cartoccio’ means ‘in paper’. This Cirio & Filippo Berio’s Classic Italian dish is incredibly quick and easy to prepare with all ingredients placed on a piece of parchment. This dish is traditionally served in Italy on Christmas Eve and you can use any firm white fish such as cod or haddock. PREP TIME: 15

Two New Italian Treks To Feed Walkers Appetites

Hedonistic Hiking has already created the perfect recipe for an idyllic, food-lovers’ holiday –   a healthy and fun itinerary of walking through wonderful scenery, a generous helping of local seasonal produce, and of course an ample splash of wine to wash it all down. The 2015 season offers two new tours for guests’ delectation and

Ready To Top Pizza Crust Re-Launched with New Box Design From Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica’s ‘Ready to Top’ Pizza Crust with a fresh tomato sauce re-launches with a brand new box design and contemporary colourful graphics – bringing to life the Altogether Italian brand proposition and visual identity. Available across 140 Waitrose stores nationwide from the end of June, the simple clean box design and newly adapted

The perfect recipe for gastronomic holidaymakers

If your idea of the perfect holiday is walking in Italy then you will find all the ingredients at Hedonistic Hiking. Their holidays have been designed to give their guests a taste of the real la dolce vita, and can you think of anywhere better to go on a gastronomic delight of a trip than

Puglia Cooking Holiday – October 2014

Cooking holiday in Puglia – a taste of Southern Italy from £1,400 pp with Authentic Adventures An ideal holiday for couples and solo travellers alike, this culinary retreat in Puglia is a seven-night foodie treat in the glorious surroundings of Masseria Provenzani, a stylish 17th century farmhouse with adjoining mill, set amidst ancient olive groves.

New food delivery service brings you Italy in a box

A brand new food delivery service which brings Italian food directly to your door has just launched, and it fans of this most famous of cuisines right across the UK the opportunity to discover new recipes, cook new meals and then impress family or guests with what you have made from the authentic gourmet products

New ‘Flat White’ with Piada Flatbreads from Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica are a company that supply authentic Italian bread, and they have recently introduced a new type of flatbreads called Piada. This is all sourced from a local bakery in Italy, and they are soft and thick, with a distinct olive oil aroma, that are perfect for putting into a lunch which you

Cheese lovers urged to head online to save our Parmesan

The recent Italian earthquakes have had a devastating effect on Parmesan, one of the world’s most famous cheeses. Now cheese lovers from around the world are being urged to join a new online campaign that aims to help save the production of Parmesan. The two earthquakes that hit the Emilia-Romagna region in May 2012 struck

Prosecco – Becoming Increasingly Popular

The Italian sparkling wine Prosecco is fast-becoming a rival to France’s own Champagne.  Less costly than the French alternative, it’s refreshing flavour and lightness on the palate has seen Prosecco’s popularity soar in recent times. Prosecco is a young wine, which means it is meant to be drunk within a few years of it being

Jamie Oliver announces the opening of new Dublin restaurant

Jamie Oliver has recently announced that he is going to be opening a restaurant in Ireland, specifically he is going to be bringing one of his eateries to Dublin. Mr Oliver, who is 36 years old, said the Italian restaurant is going to be located in the centre of the city and he has described

Global flavour map gives foodies a unique chance to recommend their favourites

The Global flavour map is an interactive map that is going to allow people from all over the world to pin different flavours onto different areas. It has been launched by the company, Glorious! It lets people not only make flavour and taste recommendations but also recommend different things to eat. It is also completely interactive with

Dll’Ugo add a new seasonal range of pastas to their already impressive repertoire

In 1921 the food company, Dll’Ugo was founded by Luigi Ugo. He was born in Italy and came to London in order to sell pasta that he made at home to local restaurants. Today, his range has grown extensively and it is sold in a wide number of retailers, including specialist delicatessens, the popular supermarket

Italian Style in your Kitchen this Christmas

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or simply want something to make your kitchen feel a bit more festive the new Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition Filippo Berio tin makes a great Christmas present. The limited edition 1L tin from Flippo Berio sports the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is

Spaghetti Bolognese: You can’t beat an original recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese is undoubtedly the most ‘classic’ and mostly loved Italian recipe worldwide. Dating back to the 5th century its ‘formal’ ingredients have varied greatly throughout the years but most modern chefs consider them to be: beef, pancetta, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, oregano, tomato paste, meat broth, wine and salt/pepper, nutmeg, sugar and basil to – new Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Pasta Store is a new family-run business with an obsessive passion for premium-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The site introduces consumers to some of the finest olive oil and balsamic vinegar producers from around the world. As well as an impressive choice of products, the website will help consumers choose the right oil and vinegar

Parma Ham and Seafood Skewers Recipe

Parma Ham and seafood skewers make for a stylish dinner party starter, and they only take minutes to make. All you need to do is to simply wrap slices of Parma Ham around scallops and thread on to rosemary spears, along with king prawns. Cook on a griddle or barbeque and serve with a delicious

Sacla sauces bring authentic flavour of Italy into the kitchen

The Italian food market is a fiercely competitive one, as myriad firms compete to bring the taste of that nation’s great cuisine to food-lovers all around the globe, from pesto to spaghetti Bolognese. Yet, in spite of the sheer weight of competition, Sacla have elicited an enduring affection from cooks of all ages and nationalities,

Rhodes Across Italy – Upcoming Gary Rhodes TV Series

From tiramisu to spaghetti carbonara, feast on Italian favourites, as well as plenty of surprises! Hot on the trail of Rhodes Across the Caribbean, Gary Rhodes hot-foots it to Italy on a mission to learn the secrets of Italian cooking from the very best. Taken out of his comfort zone, Gary must learn how to