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The Sarah Lou Peeler A Kitchen Essential

Sarah Lou launches their brand new premium dual julienne peeler. The company prides themselves on selling high quality kitchen and home products. This dual julienne peeler is no exception. It is made from high quality, ultra sharp stainless steel, perfect for slicing through even the toughest vegetable skin. As an introductory special, Sarah Lou are

New Innovative Products for Bella kitchen Electrical Range

New Bella Extract Pro Blender Take the guesswork out of blending with the new Bella Extract Pro Blender, a must-have in any busy kitchen, its super handy pre-programmed buttons are designed to whizz through those blending tasks effortlessly – all at the touch of a button! The Extract Pro Blender’s powerful 700 watt motor crushes

Kickstarter by Newtonstein for innovative Onion Slicer

A cutting-edge product design group is putting an end to tears in the kitchen with the launch of an innovative new product called Rouncer . Developed by Newtonstein, the patented design can dice and slice onions in just five seconds – without the need to peel. To fund the development of Rouncer, Newtonstein has launched

Gourmet Gadgetry’s Retro Diner Double Pie Maker

‘Fun Food Gadgets’ make the perfect gift for those who like to have fun in the kitchen, host parties or are celebrating a special occasion. With a passion for fine dining and entertaining in style Gourmet Gadgetry are renowned for producing creative cookware electricals for the home. This innovative range of cookware appliances encourages it’s

The perfect homemade Costa coffee

There is no denying that the UK is now a nation of coffee lovers. Whether it is office workers having their morning wake-me-up, or mothers clutching a takeaway cup full of their favourite flavour whilst pushing a buggy, everybody seems to be joining in with what seems to be a new coffee craze. Of course

Nespresso the modern coffee maker

Home coffee machines are certainly nothing new, and were the staples of the dinner party culture of the 1970’s. In the 80’s however, with the advent of fast food and coffee bars, it was a lot easier to get your favourite coffee is a large cardboard cup than have the whole palaver that came with

Great Kitchen Gift Ideas

Top Kitchen Gadgets: Perfect for Christmas Parties and Entertaining at Home Christmas occurs just once a year, but the parties, family gatherings and social occasions come thick and fast. At this time of year, more than any other, you and your kitchen will be stretched to the limit. One consolation is that Christmas is also

Left-Handers cook up a storm this Christmas

Most people who are not left-handed are largely aware that using kitchen tools that are designed for right-handed people can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Items that are particularly annoying include vegetable peelers, as they are often the culprit of many cuts to the hand. Tin openers can also be difficult as the

Grab all those gadgets in readiness for National Baking Week

For one week in October Britain is officially baking mad as TV shows such as the baking series from Lorraine Pascale and the Great British Bake Off have reignited our love for creating cakes and the like, resulting in National Baking Week. This takes place during the week starting on the 15th October and you

OXO wine accessories make great Father’s Day gifts

Whether you class yourself a bona fide connoisseur, or simply someone who enjoys a tipple, why not treat your Dad on Fathers Day, 17th June, to some of the brand new steel accessories from OXO that include foil cutter, wines stoppers and combined stoppers/pourers. Opening that awkward bottle of wine becomes a cinch with the

OXO’s new 21st century hand-held mixer will help you Mix things up this Pancake Day

With its compact and streamlined design, the new OXO mixer is perfect for every day use, whether you want to beat eggs or whip up some cream. This pancake day, which takes place on Tuesday 21st February,why not take part in a vintage baking revival by using OXO’s new and modern take on an old

Folly Russian Matryoshka measuring cups

Folly, the stylish boutique found on the internet have added a clever and strictly limited edition set of Matryoshka  Russian measuring cups to their already abundant collection of home wares, vintage items and designer led gifts. Like the Russian dolls, these cups all fit inside each other to create an essential kitchen item that won’t

De-cluttering your kitchen

De-cluttering your kitchen No matter how much space you have in your kitchen – or how well organised you are – being taken over by utensils, appliances, recipe books and other cooking essentials is something most of us have experienced at some point in our culinary careers. To help fight back against clutter in the

Dragons’ Den 2011 Series – looking for food entrepeneurs

After its record breaking series in 2010, Dragons’ Den is preparing to open for business once again, giving entrepreneurs from across the country the chance to realise their ambitions and make their business dreams come true. If you’re genuinely seeking investment for your business idea or invention, we’d like to hear from you. Last year

What kind of cooker to choose?

Buying a cooker should be a straightforward and simple experience, but it can be a little confusing, because there is so much to consider when looking for your ideal cooker. So with that in mind, here are some quick and easy to understand ways to help you choose a new cooker, whether it’s an electric

Unique Cooking Guide Aprons from Suck UK

If you’re fed up with frantically thumbing through cook books while your roast explodes, or coating your keyboard in beans and bolognese while you search online to see what Delia or Nigella would do, you can now have a range of essential cooking into printed right there on your apron, where you can simply lift

Kilner Vacufresh Wine Stopper prevents wine waste

Keep opened bottles of wine fresh with Kilner’s new Vacufresh wine stopper. Featuring a clever vacuum pump system that removes air in the bottle, the Vacufresh stopper slows down the oxidisation process, ensuring that your wine will stay fresh for longer. The Vacufresh wine stopper is compact, easy to store and really simple to use.

OXO Turntables maximising your kitchen storage space

OXO’s turntables are a cost effective alternative to fitted magic corners and integral spice racks. Ideal in the kitchen, bathroom or pantry, the turntables keep all your essential store cupboard ingredients in an organised fashion and provide a safe, orderly home for essential cleaning supplies. OXO’s UK Marketing Manager, Tracy Carroll, says: “Turntables have always

Heston Blumenhal accounces winner of the Kitchen Innovation Challenge

Heston Blumenthal has announced the winner of a nationwide search for the culinary British innovator of the future set to transform the UK cooking experience. Since its launch in April the ‘Kitchen Innovation Challenge’, has seen 600 new ideas submitted from across the UK. The top ten finalists from all over the UK presented their