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Helen Browning’s Organic Highlights Organic And Non-organic Meat Differences

A new study in the British Journal of Nutrition shows organic meat and milk contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic. It also revealed that organic meat had slightly lower concentrations of two saturated fats linked to heart disease. The study is the largest systematic review of its kind and led by

Award Winning British Food Author States British Steak Among The Best

‘Through his passion, intellectual curiosity and sheer power of description, Schatzker builds a narrative that reveals a deep relationship between him and the animal whose flanks and haunches and loins he is so fond of consuming’ Associated Press ‘Schatzker writes with wit, pace and grace, and a gentle, self- deprecating humour that makes him the

‘Make My Sausage’ Challenge For Dream Sausage Flavour Suggestions

The ‘welly good’ sausage makers at debbie&andrew’s are always on a Quest for the Best in sausages. Looking for new inspiration to help create the most delicious of sausages, debbie&andrew’s are inviting sausage fans to suggest what favourite flavours and ingredients they would choose to have in their dream sausage! The winning idea will become

Helen Browning’s Organic Hot Dogs for a gourmet BBQ experience

With the BBQ season here, finding tasty things to cook outdoors, which all of the family will love, can be a challenge but look no further than theHelen Browning’s Organic range of meats.  The range includes award-winning Hot Dogs and Speedy Sausages – both perfect for a family BBQ and get together.Helen Browning’s Organic Hot

RECIPE: Parma Ham Christmas Salad

Treat your family this Christmas with this colourful and rich Parma Ham salad with pomegranate, mint, toasted almonds and White Stilton. Whisk together lime zest and juice, honey and olive oil and season to taste. Arrange the salad leaves with chunks of White Stilton, toasted almonds, mint leaves and pomegranate seeds. Drizzle each plate with

RECIPE: Rich beef stew with chunky vegetables

Ideal for the autumn, here is a hearty recipe from the team from the Great British Meat Company.     Serves four One of the more economical cuts of meat, beef skirt is great for stews. The slow cooking allows the meat, which is famed for its flavour rather than its tenderness, to considerably soften

Tasty and healthy Biltong meat products

Biltong2u Ltd are the leading specialists when it comes to the supply of top quality South African Beef Biltong and Game Biltong meats. These versatile products originally come from South Africa but thanks to their delicious taste it is little wonder that they have spread rapidly from SA and can now be found in shops

A hog roast enhances any occasion

Irrespective of what kind of occasion you are celebrating, the food is an integral part of the event and it is always the part people remember. One kind of food which always goes down a storm is hog roast catering as these work for every kind of event you can imagine, as well as providing

RECIPE: Pulled pork with Chipotle Salsa

Here is a recipe from  authentic Mexican food distributor, ideal for a summer part. Katya Torres, CEOof says that: “This recipe adds a classic Mexican kick to the mouth-watering pull pork burger, enough to feed four hungry people. It takes minutes to prepare and some time to cook but you can leave the

British Sausages with a Mediterranean Twist from Olive Hill

The Great British banger has been given a Mediterranean make over with the launch of Olive Hill Farm Sausages which taste utterly sensational and have the added bonus of containing at least 30% less saturated fat than other premium pork sausages thanks to a revolutionary new process which replaces the saturated fat with the finest

Kid goat finding its way onto many menus

One of the most domesticated animals in the UK is the goat, even though Britain is barely starting to enjoy goat meat. This is a new trend that is quickly gaining acceptance. Forget your usual Jamaican stew or even a goat curry here, we are talking about a new meal in town, kid goat. Served

SPAM appreciation week 4th-10th March

Attention all SPAM lovers! The 4th of March marks the start of the official SPAM appreciation week, and fans right across the UK are being invited to show their appreciation and become involved. SPAM is still far and away the most popular meat for the British household, and with 75 years of history is it

Leamington Spa butcher’s shop voted the best in the country

The annual Butcher’s Shop the Year awards have just been held, and a retailer based in the Midlands has walked away with the top prize. Aubrey Allen is a 3rd generation family butchers based in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire first of all successfully defended their title as the favourite butcher’s in the Midlands and the

How to Cook the Christmas Turkey Perfectly

Christmas is quickly approaching and with it are thoughts of that luscious Christmas dinner, dripping with flavour, deliciousness and excess. If it is your job to cook Christmas dinner this year you’ll be keen to learn some tips about cooking a perfect turkey. Cooking turkey is a time-consuming task, but by following this step-by-step guide,

Rare breed of pig produces litter in the UK

One of the rarest types of pig in the UK is the Meishan, and a pure bred litter has just arrived for the first time in three decades. These piglets are from one of only 3 types of Meishan pig that exists in the UK. When they are fully grown they are extremely unusual to

Venison demand leads to increase in Deer population

Following an increase in venison sales across the UK, deer production in Scotland is to increase thanks to the establishment of a new group. Venison sales rose from 2006’s £32million to £43million in 2009, a 34% increase. However, of the 3,500 tonnes of venison which was consumed a mere 50 tonnes came from farms, with

Richmond Ham – As Nature Intended

With so much processed food packed full of all sorts of additives and numbers on the shelves today, it’s hard to imagine that there are actually products available that don’t contain all that rubbish. Richmond, the food brand best known for their delicious sausages, have released a new cooked ham that prides itself on being

Demand for online butchers fuelled by rise in petrol prices

Demand for online butchers fuelled by rise in petrol prices The rising price of fuel is helping to boost demand for online butcher services in the US, new figures have suggested. According to figures from MasterCard Advisors and the latest SpendingPulse survey published by the Financial Times, online shopping in the US grew at its

Hammier Horror with SPAM Spooks

Halloween is almost here and SPAM have just released a new variety that will be very useful during this haunted holiday. SPAM Chopped Pork and Ham with Garlic is sure to be a great way to keep those troublesome vampires away. It is a special limited edition version of the popular canned meat and will

Kiev Burgers

You can easily make your own Kiev burgers with minced meat if you have the right recipe, as the Kiev video proves with the help of the right cook, anyone can produce a perfect dish.  In fact, the only thing you need are a few tips and some ingredients and you can have Kiev’s out

Cloned meat and dairy may hit supermarket shelves

Food safety experts have made the conclusion that milk and meat from descendants of cloned pigs and cattle should be allowed to be sold in the UK. The Food Standards Agency, the official food regulator is meeting Wednesday next week to make a decision as to whether consumer should be able to purchase products from

Your Guide to the Perfect BBQ

For the uninitiated, barbecuing can seem complicated. From what to cook to what kind of grill to use and more, many variables go into cooking up the perfect BBQ. How do you keep track of what to do? If you’re in doubt, here’s our simple guide to the perfect BBQ – it lists the basics

There’s more to meat than meets the eye!

For many of us, tucking into a perfectly cooked steak is an indulgence.  However, you may not have considered that lean red meat can help in maintaining a healthy body weight and the prevention of obesity, a major risk factor for heart disease. From quality lamb to beef and pork, there are a wide variety

Much more than just Chicken Recipes

The help available for novice chefs has moved on a long way since the time when looking through a leading chef’s cookbook was the only way to increase your culinary knowledge; the Internet is now home to food sites that contain everything from online recipes to information on the seasonality of fresh ingredients like vegetable

Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week – How to buy the best quality bacon

It’s hard to imagine the Traditional breakfast without bacon; whether it’s part of a full English, or piled between two slices of bread for a butty, it is undeniably delicious. However bacon is much more versatile than you may think. With a range of different cuts and cures available, it can liven up an assortment