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Kid goat finding its way onto many menus

One of the most domesticated animals in the UK is the goat, even though Britain is barely starting to enjoy goat meat. This is a new trend that is quickly gaining acceptance. Forget your usual Jamaican stew or even a goat curry here, we are talking about a new meal in town, kid goat. Served

Global flavour map gives foodies a unique chance to recommend their favourites

The Global flavour map is an interactive map that is going to allow people from all over the world to pin different flavours onto different areas. It has been launched by the company, Glorious! It lets people not only make flavour and taste recommendations but also recommend different things to eat. It is also completely interactive with

Free Moroccan Recipe Book

Following on from the huge success of their Little Yellow Cook Book, with over 10,000 downloads, Maroque have produced a new Little Orange Cook Book which is full of new and inspiring recipes for those looking to entertin with a  Moroccan theme.  Maroque is the UK’s largest supplier of specialist Moroccan and Middle Eastern ingredients,