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Spooky Healthier Halloween Treats!

There are two camps of Halloween supporters: the lazy ones and those who go all out! To be brutally honest those in the former buy products that are filled with the worst ingredients guaranteed to ruin teeth and haunt their inner parts with colorants. Making Halloween treats is not only fun but really special (and

Deep fried Mars bars may need EU protection

Scotland is a country that has some strange food, and one of the most notable items that the country is famous for serving up is the deep-fried Mars bar. Interestingly, one of the most famous sellers of this Mars bar in the country, a fish and chip shop in Aberdeenshire, has been sent a letter

We could soon be buying our food in edible packaging

Food technology is something that has been a big deal for a while but the latest speculation about what’s going to be the next big thing in the industry is quite unusual. The idea is that you will be able to buy milk, and other products, that comes in packaging that is completely edible. While

New La Gelatiera Gelato parlour opens in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is set to become London’s hotspot for high-end Italian gelato, as LA GELATIERA artisan gelato, opens for business at no. 27 New Row. The new gelato and coffee parlour will be serving up the finest Italian frozen deserts with a modern, healthy twist, to excite our taste buds and bring a bit of sunshine into the winter months. With Londoners already

Vimto limited edition halloween bottles

A fiendishly good limited edition of the nation’s favourite fruity drink is set to hit the supermarket shelves this Halloween, as Vimto launches a range of specially designed bottles, perfect for themed parties and other Halloween fun. The spooky limited edition haunted house designs are available across all 2L bottles of Fizzy Vimto, No Added

Truffles the almost mystical mushrooms

Truffles are a rare and delicate type of mushroom and are mostly grown in France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. They are also collected in the United States in Oregon and Washington. The truffles form a symbolic relationship with the environs around them as they grow underground amongst the roots of elm, chestnut, oak, willow and

The pie and pasty may become extinct

Healthy and virtuous eating does not start with the words pie or pastie. The famous phrase of “Who ate all the pies” answers that question for us, if it was good for us, then no one would have eaten all the pies. Because of the content of the average pie, the nutritional value is not

Snake Cake wins Gold in Cake International exhibition

Coventry based cake artist Laura Edwards won Gold for her Snake Cake, in the sculpted novelty cake category, at last weekend’s Cake International exhibition at the NEC. The cake (named Eric), which was made from vanilla madeira sponge, was sculpted into the shape of a corn snake.  This was the first major competition that Laura,

Beer Ice Cream going into production thanks to Sheffield Hallam University inventor

Fans of real ale will be able to go out for a few scoops this summer, but they won’t be left with a hangover thanks to the student inventor of beer flavoured ice-cream. The Pride of Sheffield Beer Ice Cream will go into mainstream production later this year, after being developed by Sheffield Hallam University