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Buko Organic Coconut Water favoured by major retailers

With around forty brands competing in the UK, for the 30% market share that’s left over after VitaCoco’s dominance (worth around £100 million market in UK), Aled Morris, the director behind Buko Organic Coconut Water, knew the market was going to be a tough nut to crack when he launched his offering earlier this year.

Big slowdown in organic area loss reported by new figures

In comparison to drop-offs seen in the last four years the decline in organic land area in the UK has slowed significantly. That’s the key fact to be found in the latest Organic Statistics released today by Defra and it has been welcomed by leading control body, Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G). While the sector

Organic brewery hire homeless man to do home deliveries

Beau’s is a company that are brewing extract free and organic beer and they are known for having a serious commitment to long-term sustainability, and all of their packaging, advertising and brochures are made from 100 percent recycled materials. As well as these great commitments, they also give financial assistance to a large number of

Picking your own mushrooms

Warning: Never experiment with a mushroom that you cannot positively identify. A poisonous mushroom can kill you. Please note that the information in this post is for general information only.  We are not experts and before you attempt to search out wild mushrooms it is extremely important to read some expert guides and to seek

No proof organic food is better for you

Many consumers choose to eat organic food due to the fact they think it is healthier for them, but at the moment there is not actually any convincing evidence that proves organic food is more nutritious for you. Although there are questions at the moment about the nutritional value of organic food, there are other

Organic farms produce half to food for little eco benefit

Scientists stated today that the increase of biodiversity and benefits of organic farming to wildlife are much fewer than originally thought. In fact, while organic farms may have been thought of as friendly towards wildlife, the benefits to bees, butterflies, and birds are much less than that thought according to research by the University of

Public confused, as organic food is not chemical free

A new survey asked consumers what they think when they enter a supermarket and see organic food on display, the majority answered either chemical free or expensive. Expensive is true given the fact that organic foods can cost on average from ten percent more than conventional food, up to a massive100% more. However, chemical free

Eco Food Christmas Present Ideas

The Christmas frenzy is now in full swing with many looking to find organic and eco-friendly Christmas gifts this year. Leading online organic and vegan retailer Greenlife Direct has increased its range of products this year and has a few tips to help with those last minute Christmas stocking filler dilemmas. Booja Booja chocolate truffles