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Goddard’s pies cook up a storm and win Gold at National Pie Awards

  Goddard’s Pies won the Gold Award in this year’s the 6th Annual British Pie Awards.  The winning chef slow cooked a lean chunk of British steak that was marinated in ale with fresh mushrooms, onions and rich gravy. “Steak & Ale Pie” also won the gold award in the Football Pie Category. The event was

School dinners in Birmingham don’t fare well when the food inspector pays a visit

Inside Out discovered that school dinners under investigation by food inspectors from Birmingham did not fare as well as even takeaways, mainly as an aftermath of the horse meat scandal. We decided to follow the food inspectors for a month, to see for ourselves whether the takeaway menu was worth trusting. The testing procedure took

A Yorkshire inspired reshuffle takes place at Silversmiths

Master chefs can be described as classical conductors as they lead a veritable symphony of ingredients, preparation and service. A prime example of this takes place in the kitchen at Silversmiths, one of the most award laden restaurants in Yorkshire. But – in a move designed to further validate Silversmiths dedication to their customer experience

Co-Op survey reveals that Northern folk prefer locally produced foods

A new survey conducted in North Yorkshire and the North-East found that residents prefer foods that are produced locally over other foods. The Co-Operative UK surveyed more than 2,000 people and asked them to name what region they felt had the best food. The research showed that the participants choose their own regions when it