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Laksha Bay – Award Winning Indian Dining Room in Wapping Unveils New Menu

The fresh tastes of a new season in far-off Goa and Bangladesh come to Wapping as the award-winning Indian dining room, Laksha Bay unveils its mouth watering new menu. The delectable new menu has been a labour of love for the Laksha Bay team and head chef Anayet Hussain who spent two weeks on a

Combi steamer brings out the flavour of Indian street food

In the last few years street food has really grown in popularity due to the many new flavors combined with freshness and authentic tastes. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that Croydon’s Chia Corner Indian street food restaurant is a flaming success. Interestingly enough, the clever restaurant utilizes a combi steamer in place of

New wines to complement spicy food from

The quality wine merchants who specialise in half bottles;, are expanding their portfolio so it now includes the Alsace Collection. This is a range of several wines that go especially well with curries and chilli based dishes. Britain has a long standing love affair with hot and spicy foods, so it makes sense that

New Baltipedia website aims to educate lovers of Indian food

If you are interested in curries, but are unsure about the different types, how spicy they are, or what they taste like, then you’re going to be very pleased with the creation from Curry Culture – a new wiki that has just been launched in order to help define the different curries and provide information

Shortage of Indian chefs due to change in immigration laws

Owners of Indian restaurants in the UK have said that they are facing a crisis as immigration rules have tightened up making it difficult for them to hire chefs from India. It is estimated that the Indian restaurant market in the UK is worth over £3 billion and the owners of these restaurants have said