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FSA seek to improve food hygiene standards

Every year, about a million people in the U.K. are reported to suffer from food poisoning, and the Food Standards Agency is doing something about it.  In November last year, partnering with local authorities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, FSA launched a scheme designed to improve food hygiene standards in establishments where food is

Brit’s suffer less from food allergies than other countries

The British do not suffer from food allergies as much as those in the U.S. (and most other places), according to a recent study published in the Allergy journal. Researchers at Imperial College London conducted a study of over 4,500 adults in thirteen countries.  They tested participants’ blood for the antibodies produced by the immune

European Commission gives go-ahead for GM potato

The European Commission had approved consumption of a few genetically modified (GM) crops that include a potato called Amflora and a various types of maize. The crop approvals were made on Tuesday and were significant as they marked the end of a deadlock in which lawmakers in Brussels in refused to approve GM foods for

Supermarket chicken poisons 440,000 each year

The Food Standards Agency is calling all supermarkets to reduce the amount of contaminates found in their food items after it was released that almost 66% of all the chicken sold at supermarkets contain the bug that is the root of most of Britain’s food poisoning cases. The contaminate in the chicken is called campylobacter