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No More Tea Bags causes media storm in a tea cup

When drinks entrepreneur Guy Woodall began brainstorming the concept for No More Tea Bags back in 2014 little did he imagine the media storm that would erupt when the brand finally launched last month, causing one of the biggest food and drink PR frenzies of 2016. From national newspapers (including The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror

No More Tea Bags to Teavolutionise the way we drink tea

If, as Steve Jobs put it, ‘innovation is the only way to win’ then No More Tea Bags is set for success in a UK tea market worth over £650 million… With the standard tea bag having been in circulation since1904, and accounting for over 96% of tea drunk in the UK, it’s fair to

New No More Tea Bags is set to start a Teavolution

If, as Steve Jobs put it, ‘innovation is the only way to win’ then No More Tea Bags is set for success in a UK tea market worth over £650 million… With the standard tea bag having been in circulation since1904, and accounting for over 96% of tea drunk in the UK, it’s fair to

London based company Tg Green Teas looking to sell tea to China

Nine UK food and drink companies – including Tg green teas – will take part in the first UK national pavilion at Shanghai’s SIAL China. China’s global importance in food and drink exports has led to increased demand from UK business looking for suitable marketing platforms with which to enter the market or further establish

YumCha showing UK customers what ‘real iced tea’ tastes like

As they launch a new marketing campaign entitled ‘putting the tea back into iced tea’, YumCha are hoping to capitalise on the growing consumer demand for innovative cold drinks and to show UK customers what ‘real iced tea’ tastes like. The British brand was launched in 2012, but to date have largely concentrated on the

Natur Boutique is putting Vietnam tea back on the map

Ask people where the origin of Britain’s most famous drink is and you’re likely to get a reply of either China or India. Whilst it’s probably true that the first cultivated tea came from China, before the Brits set up farms in India, it is believed the oldest tea trees in the world are from

Tea Roulette’s New Subscriptions For Artisan Tea Revival

Something exciting is brewing for British tea enthusiasts, with a boutique start-up launching a new subscription package that brings a dash of adventure to every cup. Inspired by the specialty tea trend, Tea Roulette delivers a cherry picked collection of imaginative blends, direct to the doors of subscribers across the UK.     As a

Innovative Billy the Teapot a portable teapot for tea lovers on the move

An entrepreneurial student with a love of tea has developed a portable bamboo teapot which can be used for an array of hot and cold drinks. Billy the Teapot is an eco-friendly, stylish water infuser for use with teabags, loose leaf tea, coffee and fruit.     The tea flask is made of reinforced double-walled

Ovvio Still in Time for Summer as Artisan Cold Brew Tea Hits UK Shelves

Summer just got more refreshing with the launch of a new cold brew tea company retailing health conscious beverages in a cornucopia of unique flavours. Fresh, calorie free and packed full of antioxidants, the luxury range of Ovvio cold brew tea is sure to be a favourite with those looking to cool down in style

Kickstarter for Tea and Coffee Press with GROUNDSAWAY Cleaning System

Coffee addicts up and down the country understand the frustration and inconvenience of having to clean dregs and residue from used cafetieres. Degono has launched a Kickstarter campaign to put an end to the repeated cleaning of cups and mugs with its groundbreaking tea and coffee press designed to prevent coffee grounds and tea leaves

Chocolatier Paul A Young has put his own twist on the traditional cream tea

  Leading chocolatier paul.a.young has put his own twist on the traditional cream tea with the launch of his Sea Salted Caramel Cream Tea, available exclusively at paul.a.young fine chocolates at Heal’s. Sit down in Paul’s newest chocolaterie to enjoy a freshly baked traditional brown sugar scone served with pots of Paul’s famous sea salted

RECIPE: Blackberry, Mint and English Breakfast Iced Tea

  With blackberry-picking season in full swing and the last of the British summer to enjoy this Bank Holiday – Newby has prepared a delicious iced-tea recipe with purée blackberries, mint, a touch of sugar and delicious Newby English Breakfast Tea… INGREDIENTS (serves 4) Two Newby English Breakfast silken pyramid infusers 20 mint leaves, crushed

New Beautifully Illustrated Book All About Indian Tea

If  you are a tea lover then you’ll love this beautiful new £25 hardcover book “CHAI – The Experience of Indian Tea” an essential read for any tea connoisseur or any avid tea drinker. Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea,  by Rekha Sarin & Rajan Kapoor; 317 x 246mm; 288 pages, all colour; 300 photographs;

First Range of Healthly Loose Leaf Tea Launched By Sleepy Leaf

A new premium online tea shop, Sleepy Leaf , has debuted its first range of herbal loose leaf teas.  Launched at the start of the month, sleepyleaf.co.uk sells high quality whole leaf varieties of black, green, oolong and other herbal infusions.  The site offers something for all tea lovers, including a caffeine-free range and teas

“Builders Tea” for Valentine’s day?

Are you REALLY going to give her a cup of “Builders Tea” on Valentine’s day? It is about time that you let her enjoy high grade, organic tea that is harvested and processed in Sri Lanka on estates that pay producers fairly. The tea is packaged into a recyclable Bistrotea TeaPod to ensure that it

The Teapod signals the end of the messy tea bag

Bistrotea have just introduced their innovative new product the Teapod. This high tech, single use tea diffuser has a unique filter system which delivers a fragrant and richly flavoured cup of tea. Every Teapod is packed at its point of origin using only organic, premium grade tea leaved that have been harvested, then selected before

Teaple aim to bring back the art of real tea making

They certainly know their tea at Teaple. A cuppa has been a British staple for centuries now and is one of those things that is used in all manner of circumstances; to cheer up, to calm down or simply to enjoy, we haven’t been able to get enough of these little leaves since they first came

Great British cuppa in crisis

Cafedirect have just carried out a new investigation which has revealed the full extent of the crisis which is facing our treasured cuppa. With the cost of actually growing the tea has rocketed by an astonishing 94% over the past 5 years, smallholder growers have been crippled as the market has been unable to keep

Brits lagging behind where tea technology is concerned

Even though Britain has a reputation for drinking tea it seems that the country may be a bit behind when it comes to how they like their cupper. While most Brits are plenty happy to sip on green, herbal and iced tea the genre in itself has still not evolved in the way that the

Esteemed tea room critic continues his journey of the UK

It has been a busy summer for Joe Ellis, the often controversial reviewer for the Joe Ellis Tea Room Guide website, as he has swept across both the Derbyshire Dales and the Peak District on his never ending mission to seek out the best, and the worst, of English tea rooms and bid to save