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Tips to Control Contamination for Food Processing Cleanrooms

People are the most difficult contamination source to control. We need the proper training before ever entering a cleanroom. There are many different procedures and protocols as well as tips to follow to control contamination in the cleanroom. And when dealing with cleanrooms in the food processing industry, keeping contamination out can be even more

Trymykitchen.com Invites London Foodies To “Find A Food Experience”

Positioned as “the world’s leading website for connecting like-minded people over an authentic food experience” – whether in a restaurant or as a guest in someone’s home – TryMyKitchen.com is a unique food concept that is taking the United Kingdom by storm. Promising to offer more than just “dining at someone’s house,” the intuitive online

Banquet fit for a Bishop at The Old Palace

After opening up The Old Palace  restaurant the establishment plans to cook a true feast meant for royalty on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2013. The restaurant may be small, but it perfectly caters to the needs of hotel guests and offers the best local food on its menu. In fact, it has

London Patisserie Anges de Sucre London Patisserie Limited Edition Macarons Christmas Box

  Artisan macaron specialists Anges de Sucre of London have created a special limited Christmas box that is designed to stimulate all senses this winter. A great gift for family and friends the  Anges de Sucre gift box is filled with either seven of 18 macarons from the patisserie’s Signature Collection. Each decadent Christmas box is

Essential Cupboard Spice

Our Four Most Essential Cupboard Spices Looking for a way to spice up your cooking? Take a look at our four essential cupboard spices to give your food a little kick. Turmeric This fantastic bright yellow spice has been a major flavouring in many South Asian dishes for thousands of years. As part of the

How to Avoid Food Waste

Why do it?  In case you have been living under a rock for the past two decades, there’s been a pretty influential thing called the green/eco-friendly movement that’s been going on. According to Time Magazine, it’s estimated that around 1.3 billion tonnes of food, or around a third of global foodstuffs get wasted each year. 

Stop Food Waste campaign wants to stop food wastage

We all know that wasting food is reaching epic proportions, and the majority of us do feel pangs of guilt as we scrape food into the bin or into the waste disposal. The fact remains that even though there are 90m tons of food being wasted every year in the EU, we continue to carry

The five best food and drink combinations for a romantic meal

Choosing the right kind of food can be essential when it comes to romance, especially on those crucial first dates. Sharing a meal is a great way to get to know each other, to find out your similarities, and even a way to woo that someone special with your culinary expertise. But the type of

The ever changing face of kitchen appliances

White goods are called this for a reason, as at one time, whatever colour or design of your kitchen, your appliances were brilliant white and stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. Now, thankfully, they are becoming ever more aesthetically pleasing, blend in with all decors, and actually add to the overall appearance of a

Two new food and beverage clubs from Malmaison, Smoak, Hotel Du Vin and Bistro Du Vin

Bistro du Vin, Hotel du Vin, Smoak and Malmaison have announced that they have created 2 new food and drink dining clubs; Societe du Vin and ClubMal. Over the years, these well known brands have created several food and drink initiative that have been tailored to the loyal following they have from their diners. In

Worlds most expensive Stilton is now available

The most expensive Stilton in the world is being manufactured in the UK and for a very small piece of it consumers will have to pay around £60. This means that if you want enough to cover a single cracker it will cost you six pounds a time. The cheese is expensive because it has

Blackberry and apple oat crumble with Loseley Summer Meadow Butter

Loseley Summer Meadow Butter helps you to make sure that autumn fruits are healthy and filling and even enough to constitute calling a meal.  This is due to the fact that the oats offer a bit of filling crunch to the mixture and create an alternative way to serve oats outside of breakfast. Cooking apples

Save our national dish the great British curry

Curry restaurants sweating on crippling immigration laws Indian restaurants across the UK are under a crisis alert as Curryland is struggling to find chefs with the important specialized skills required, the reason, a tightening of the laws of immigration for the non European workers. The new laws are particularly harmful to the industry because they

Easy as apple pie

You may have heard the expression; “easy as apple pie” used to assure someone that a potential endeavour was a simple, uncomplicated matter and anyone could do it.  In the case of the apple pie, it’s quite true, but a few tips from experience can make the difference between just acceptable and truly irresistible. Baking

Deliciouslyorkshire awards

The Yorkshire region has a culture that is rich in some of the world’s finest food and drink, and some of the best of those were celebrated at the awards ceremony held at Rudding Park, Harrogate on Tuesday.  Deliciouslyorkshire, an organization that supports and encourages excellence in local cuisine and outstanding achievements by individuals and

Meridian building restaurant Swansea

Look for a new restaurant to open atop the Meridian building in Swansea.  The new restaurant will be opened by Brains, a Cardiff based company that runs nearly 300 hotels, bars, and pubs throughout west England and Wales. The restaurant formerly housed atop the Meridian closed due to bankruptcy in April; it had only been

Brits want more British food in restaurants

New research has found that British consumers want to find more options in restaurants that pertain to traditional British cuisine. Brakes, the food company, commissioned the report to coincide with the British Food Fortnight that takes place from September 18th through October 3rd.  The report also revealed that diners appreciate the use of British produce

London keeps seeing new restaurant openings

London restaurant openings are continuing to occur despite the effects of the economic downtown according to a survey that was announced today.  Over the last year period ending in August there were 140 restaurant launches, which was almost two times more than the amount of closures. According to the Hayden’s London Restaurants guide, this is

Global climate pushing up food prices

According to the British Retail Consortium, a group that represents about 80% of Britain’s retailers, the cost of food has gone up and the cost of non-food has gone down. Stephen Robertson, director general of the BRC, said that the rise in food costs was due mainly to global factors including the record heat wave

Public trying to save money on food buying

Almost half of all UK consumers have been attempting to save money on food and drink over the past six months according to a report published by the Oxford Research Agency (TORA). The report found that only US consumers were more cost conscious although 39% of UK consumers did not change their spending habits.  This

Beck’s Vier and 580 free summer music and artists tour

Beck’s Vier and 580 have announced their much anticipated line-up for the “Music Inspires Art”  UK Tour. The incredible quality collection of incredible talent includes Hudson Mohawk, These New Puritans, Metronomy and New Young Pony Club DJ sets. The The Rest is Noise in Brixton will be the venue on Saturday, July 31st for the