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RECIPE: Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Sprouts, Chestnuts and Cranberries

Here is a colourful Christmas side dish created by celebrity chef, Felice Tocchini. A delicious blend of bright orange sweet potatoes and emerald sprouts, complimented with golden chestnuts and crimson cranberries, this unique vegetable medley is dressed to impress.  It serves as the perfect plate to brighten up any festive spread. The recipe is from the

Potatoes: five ways to achieve healthy spud heaven

No matter how much people preach about potatoes being packed with nasty carbohydrates, it’s impossible to stay away from them for too long. They’re a British favourite and are often found adorning plates up and down the country at dinner time. However, the potato isn’t as bad as people make out. Thanks to high levels

RECIPE: Sweet pepper tortilla with goats cheese

It’s currently National Picnic Week, and whilst sandwiches are often the picnic basket staple, picnic menus have become more diverse in recent years and a variety of colourful nibbles and snacks, such as vegetable crudités, are often added for a healthy and tasty option. Here is a tortilla recipe created by Colourfultaste ( , for

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Sorbet

Sweet Potatoes are usually served boiled, mashed and roasted but as a sorbet? They are not only a good source of potassium, fibre and vitamin C sweet potatoes but they are also one of the most versatile vegetables available, as this sweet potato sorbet recipe demonstrates. This unique way of enjoying sweet potatoes provides a

Tasty meals abound with the start of the 2012 leek season

With this years leek season, which takes place from November-April, fast approaching, it’s time to put them to good use with some mouth watering recipes that include these great flavoursome vegetables that are also economical. This is an increasingly difficult time with every visit to a supermarket seeming to cost more than the last, so

Sutra Kitchen brings vegetarian and vegan cookery to Carnaby Street

Sutra Kitchen is a cooking school in London that is dedicated to vegetarian food, and it is something that local people have been waiting for a long time to open. The concept cooking school is located in Carnaby Street and it is the latest project by the well-known vegetarian chef, Jay Morjaria. Here, the chef

Grow your own exotic vegetables

It’s time to step up and expand your cuisine with some new experiences. Vegetables can be exciting as well as nutritious and all that is needed is a little planning and thinking ahead. Before planting, clear out any weeds from your garden area – your vegetables need a pristine environment to survive. Asparagus, watercress and