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Infinite Ideas announces editorial board for Classic Wine Library

Publisher Infinite Ideas is pleased to announce the editorial board for its Classic Wine Library, which launches this summer with nine titles. The series will be presided over by three well-known personalities of the international wine business, Richard Mayson, Sarah Jane Evans MW and Joshua Greene. Infinite Ideas’ Editorial Director, Rebecca Clare, said: “Naturally we

Surrey based Cellar Wines rebrands with artisan wines, spirits and gourmet delicatessen

A new artisan wines, spirits and gourmet delicatessen opens its doors in Ripley, Surrey today as popular local retailer Cellar Magneval Ripley reveals a transformative rebrand. With a boutique edge, the new Cellar Wines is an unmissable destination for wine and food lovers, filled with carefully curated and high end wines, champagnes and deli produce.

VINEXPO reports UK wine consumption above average growth

Volume consumption of wine in the UK will show above- average growth over the next five years, according to forecasts by VINEXPO, organizer of the world’s largest wine and spirit exhibitions. Data released today for UK wine and spirits consumption from 2013 and 2014, and forecasts to 2019, reveal wine consumption rising by 1.8% over

Decanting Club Indiegogo wine campaign for Christmas

Decanting Club, the new online wine subscription club, is looking to secure £17,000 in funding through its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which begins on Monday 16 November. Contributors to the Decanting Club Indiegogo campaign will receive a gift certificate entitling them to a three, six or twelve month subscription to the innovative wine-tasting service. Every week,

New book uncovers the wines of Austria

We expect more from our wine than at any time in history. We expect ever higher standards at ever keener prices, so the quality scandal that turned popular opinion against Austrian wine in the 1980s has had a long and damaging reach. In The Wines of Austria, published this month by Infinite Ideas (, Stephen

World-class Mirabeau Provencal Rosé by an Englishman in France

In 2009 Stephen Cronk quit the rat race and upped sticks with his wife and three children, leaving the suburbs of southwest London for the foothills of Provence in pursuit of a lifelong dream to make world-class wine. Stephen knew that If you’re going to be an Englishman making wine in France, it better be

New book on Madeira wines for wine lovers and holidaymakers alike

They say that a fine wine gets better with age and of no wine is this more true than it is for madeira. Not only does madeira require cask-ageing in order to acquire its unique ‘maderised’ taste but, unlike most other wines, it retains that taste for many years, even several centuries. For heat and

The Wine Brands gives wine enthusiasts chance to go on voyages of discovery

A brand new wine showcasing events company ‘The Wine Brands’, is giving wine enthusiasts a chance to go on a series of vino inspired voyages of discovery, discovering new Wines and becoming familiar with various wine BRANDS. Featuring sumptuous buffets, lively after-parties and a chance to enjoy art exhibitions from up and coming artists, The

VINEXPO forecasts End of UK Wine Recession This Year

The downturn in UK wine drinking which has seen a 10.5% per capita drop since 2008, will end this year, forecasts VINEXPO, the world’s largest professional wine and spirits exhibition. The highly-accurate data*, prepared for VINEXPO by the IWSR shows adult wine consumption will start to edge up over the next five years. However, wine

Wines at Mine from leading online retailer Virgin Wines

Gone are the days of women trying to earn a second income with home lingerie, make-up or kitchen goods parties that leave them and their friends low on cash. Right now, it’s wine parties that are taking the home-based social scene by storm and they’re helping to generate up to £8,000 in extra income a

Virgin Wines reports 50 per cent year on year increase

Following the recent news from Kantar Worldpanel with the announcement that sparkling wine is the fastest-growing alcohol in Great Britain, Virgin Wines, the leading UK wine retailer has announced that its sales of sparkling wines has seen a staggering 50 per cent year on year increase, with over 68,000 bottles sold to-date in 2014. Prosecco

Any ideas as to what is in the wine you’re drinking?

FIND OUT WHY WE SHOULD BE PAYING MORE ATTENTION WITH ISABELLE LEGERON’S NEW BOOK, NATURAL WINE “A really inspiring book. Isabelle writes beautifully and it’s given me a lot to think about” – Olly Smith Over the last 5 decades the art of winemaking has got evermore controlled, processed and altogether unnatural. The crops is vineyards being

Wine Collectors Guide Released by Ideal Wine Company

Sir Alex Ferguson, the former manager of Manchester United, is once again in the headlines but for his vintage wine collection instead of football. Throughout his many years as manager for United Ferguson built up a fine wine collection that is valued at around three million and in May it is set to be auctioned

The very best in international wine, food and cultural adventure

The leading wine lifestyle magazine raises its glass and celebrates the very best in international wine, food and cultural adventure  This years must see wine destinations have been announced by Wine Enthusiast Magazine  in its annual ‘Travel issue’  This is the third travel issue aimed at getting readers out to the actual places where the wine

New wotwine app set to revolutionise the way we shop for wine in supermarkets

wotwine has introduced a stunning new free supermarket wine app that allows consumers to quickly press a button and access the most comprehensive wine guide out there. Most supermarkets have stocks and stocks of supermarket wines making it very confusing to the average consumer to know what to buy. In fact, 90% of all retail

Wine of The Year 2013 is Faustino l Gran Reserva 2001

  Decanter magazine composed tasting teams made up of top wine-lovers to choose their top win of 2013. This year the honours go to Faustino I Gran Reserva 2001 which is a leading Rioja. The decision was not easy as experts from the magazine spent the year sampling over three thousand wines from all over

Climate changes improving the quality of British wines

Despite the fact that some of the English vineyards have the same type of soil that is found in the Champagne region of France, the vineyards in England are note for producing low-grade wine. However, over the last decade some great wines have been coming out of the country and many winemakers believe that climate

Five great cycling tours for lovers of wine and gourmet food

Freedom Treks now feature more than 200 cycling tours across Europe but far from resting on their laurels they are continuing to respond to the increasing demand for this type of holiday and are now allowing all travellers to discover and explore la Dolce Vita in their own time and at their own pace. They

Can you hear it through the grapevine?

Wine drinking is a ubiquitous pastime in London, with the latest research indicating that the capital is home to around 5m wine drinkers, equating to 82% of the adult population in the city. There remains, however, a snobbery regarding wine, and becoming a wine connoisseur, or oenophile, is still elitist and a hard club to

London International Wine Fair set for success despite celebrities dropping out

Organisers from the London International Wine Fair recently announced that 2013 will be a positive year for the event despite some dropouts from high profile celebrities. LIWF says that Londons ExCeL will be the perfect location for the fair and over 500 exhibitors will be there, along with 10,000 visitors to the trade floor. A

What should you look for in a good red wine?

Everyone wants to pretend that they’re a wine connoisseur, that they know what they’re on about and that they can pick the best wines. Sadly, most of us are not wine buffs, and while we like to pretend, trying to choose a good wine can be a daunting task. Everyone has their own special way

Premium wines delivered straight to your door

Most of us endure a hectic day-to-day schedule, so the idea of collecting a bottle of wine from the local off licence or supermarket seems convenient. However we are often distracted when conducting our weekly shop or overwhelmed by the vast selection of wines on offer. The supermarket experience is not a personal one; we

Rotspon enjoys a miniature boom amongst wine drinkers

What you might call a miniature boom is occurring in “Rotspon”, which is a term from the Middle Ages used to describe red wine from France. This wine is imported by the barrel and is then put in bottles and aged in Hamburg, Lübeck, or Lüneberg. It supposed to be the cool, damp climate of

The colour of your wine can determine your personality

Experts have been examining the lifestyle and social habits of wine drinkers, and have come up with some interesting facts. For example, red wine drinkers generally earn more and are happier than their white wine drinking counterparts, but the latter are more practical. The study found that lifestyles can be generalised according to the colour

The World and its Wines

Red, white or rose, with food or without, this nectar is essential for any decadent moment. Dionysus, the Greek god of the grape harvest and wine making, was also a symbol of ecstasy and decadence not without good reason. There is an art to drinking wine however. This begins with making the right choice in

9 in 10 people have no confidence when ordering wine

A recent report has shown that when it comes to ordering wine in a restaurant, British people are generally not very confident in what they are ordering. The survey highlighted that only around 12 percent of people were confident in selecting the right wine when they were ordering in a restaurant, with 26 percent of

Experts choose wines to go with favourite UK dishes

A team of wine experts has come together to organise a list of the best wines to pair with 16 of the UK population’s favourite dishes including popular favorites such as fish and chips, strawberries and cream, and chicken tikka masala. All together there were 17 wine critics involved in the process including Saturday Kitchen

New wines to complement spicy food from

The quality wine merchants who specialise in half bottles;, are expanding their portfolio so it now includes the Alsace Collection. This is a range of several wines that go especially well with curries and chilli based dishes. Britain has a long standing love affair with hot and spicy foods, so it makes sense that

Danish research claims moderate alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy

Drinking a moderate level of alcohol during early pregnancy may not cause any developmental problems in five year old children, according to new research published in the Danish medical journal BJOG. According to the researchers a mother can drink up to eight cups of alcohol before any harm is caused to the child. This is

Wine Oh Wine Oh Wine

A wine connoisseur will tell you that only certain types of wine will go with particular meals. So if we are going to drink wine, we might as well buy a bottle that compliments the meal we plan to have. But short of reading the label on every single bottle, how does the average person

Prosecco – Becoming Increasingly Popular

The Italian sparkling wine Prosecco is fast-becoming a rival to France’s own Champagne.  Less costly than the French alternative, it’s refreshing flavour and lightness on the palate has seen Prosecco’s popularity soar in recent times. Prosecco is a young wine, which means it is meant to be drunk within a few years of it being

Successful wine sales on Monarch Airlines show there is a market for it

A branded wine has recently gone on sale on Monarch Airlines and the success that has shown there is certainly a market for branded wines on aeroplanes. The wine was Hardy’s and the initial sales period was so good that it is expected that more airlines are going to be increasing the number of branded

Corporate Entertaining and Fine Wine

I never thought I would blog about my job, or if I ever did it would be to complain about the corporate mundaneness of the inner-city career I seemed to have carved for myself. Although, I can honestly say things have really started to look up recently and I’m now writing about a fantastic weekend

British wine industry goes from strength to strength

Twenty years ago, no one would have included England on the list of countries that produce fine sparkling wines; certainly few if any took ‘English wine’ seriously. That scenario has changed dramatically in the past decade or so, and another landmark event occurred just two months ago at Rathfinny, on the South Downs of Sussex.