Rhodes Across Italy – Upcoming Gary Rhodes TV Series

From tiramisu to spaghetti carbonara, feast on Italian favourites, as well as plenty of surprises!

Gary Rhodes Across ItalyHot on the trail of Rhodes Across the Caribbean, Gary Rhodes hot-foots it to Italy on a mission to learn the secrets of Italian cooking from the very best. Taken out of his comfort zone, Gary must learn how to master the dishes of ten Italian regions, whilst viewers are treated to an Italian cookery course as Gary picks up tips from masters.

Gary and his Sous chefs Clare and Marc, handpicked to take part in the series due to their love of food and Italy, will travel the length and breadth of Italy – from Rome to Sicily from Tuscany to Venice, discovering the delicacies of ten regions.

Using the stories of the Italian contributors as the guide to find authentic dishes, Gary will learn to cook their recipes using the abundance of fresh vegetables, olive oil, seafood and of course pasta, at each stunning location and will discover the traditional roots of the classic Italian dishes we all know and love.

Rhodes Across Italy culminates with Gary and his two apprentices catering for a celebration banquet in Venice, using the knowledge and skills acquired on this trip of a lifetime. In attendance will be the many mentors Gary has met on his Italian journey, eager to see just how much he has learnt from them. Will Gary be able to master the necessary Italian culinary skills in time, or will the pressure be too much for him and his apprentice Sous chefs?

Gary Rhodes says: ‘Italy showed off to me its wonderful natural beauty, abundance of gourmet delights and proved to be one of the most memorable and fascinating culinary experiences that I can remember. I think I’ve fallen in love!’

The sumptuous dishes and breathtaking scenery, as well as the heart warming tales from those Gary meets on his way, will provide some much needed comfort food amongst all this wintery gloom. Have a Venetian Spritz, or a full-bodied Chianti, put the pasta on the boil and recreate your own Italian winter break with Rhodes Across Italy.

All the recipes from the show as well as recipe clips will be available on goodfoodchannel.co.uk

Rhodes Across Italy starts weeknights at 9pm from Wednesday 20th January on Good Food.

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