Beverage Town is the tastiest new website dedicated to drinks lovers

The art of creating the perfect cup of coffee, the search for the finest, full-bodied wine. and the perfect cup of tea is a never-ending journey for drinks lovers the world over. But now a new website dedicated to bringing beverage enthusiasts together and providing them with insider knowledge is here to shake up the industry and cut down the hunt the finest beverages in the world.




Beverage Town is the tastiest new website dedicated to drinks lovers. A hub of all things beverage, the site provides visitors with hints and tips for getting the most out of their drinks, the hotspots for top slurping and reviews of the latest beverage appliances.

Lisa Shafer, Public Relations Manager at Beverages Town, said, “Beverages Town has been created by drinks lovers, for drinks lovers. The team loves keeping abreast of all the latest beverage-shaped news and sharing their experiences and expertise to both seasoned devotees and those who have just discovered the wonders of great-tasting drinks in whatever form that may be.




“As the cooler months move in, we are very focused on coffee and making sure that everyone knows how to make the perfect cup for those cold, dark mornings. And as a result, we have developed the ultimate buying guide for coffee makers.”

Whether thirsty users are after a subtle milky cup with plenty of froth; a short sharp shot of coffee to give them a kick start; or a strong dark cup that they can savour, they can learn how to make them with the comprehensive step by step guide.




The latest review is of Nespresso’s VetuoLine. The leading manufacturer’s coffee and espresso maker is the company’s latest offering and provides everything a coffee expert would need. The coffee maker boasts a new revolutionary Centrifusion technology that gently brews both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button. It also comes complete with a milk frother so those lazier days when a strong Americano is just too much.

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