Spooky Healthier Halloween Treats!

There are two camps of Halloween supporters: the lazy ones and those who go all out! To be brutally honest those in the former buy products that are filled with the worst ingredients guaranteed to ruin teeth and haunt their inner parts with colorants. Making Halloween treats is not only fun but really special (and you can keep an eye on those sugar levels!).

Below are a few favourites with easy steps and simple ingredients:

Scary Chocolate Mice

Try these little fellows both at birthday parties or your Halloween party, taking only 20 min to prepare and ready within two hours.

All you need for the mice are:

1) 100g plain chocolate

2) 5 tablespoons soured cream

3) 125g chocolate biscuit crumbs

To decorate:

1) 5 tablespoons chocolate biscuit crumbs

2) 5 tablespoons icing sugar

3) for the eyes 24 silver balls or silver dragées

4) 25g flaked almonds

5) 5cm liquorice strings

Step 1

With the soured cream, melt the chocolate then stir in the biscuit crumbs (125g).

Step 2

Make the mice by creating balls ending in tips for the nose.

Step 3

The white mice are rolled in the icing sugar and the black ones in the chocolate. For the eyes place the dragées in between the snout, the almond flakes for the ears and the liquorice for the trail.

Step 4

Place in the fridge for two hours or until firm.

This recipe is courtesy of allrecipes.co.uk.

Creepy Toffee Apples (with maple syrup!)

Halloween Toffee ApplesWhy not be seasonal with your ingredients? For that extra Halloween touch add maple syrup instead of any sweetener. Here’s our favourite toffee apple recipe that works perfectly for this time of year and it’s frighteningly healthy! There are so many recipes online you can find but they use colorants and corn syrup which doesn’t quite cut the mustard. This one is ideal for four small maple apples (double the ingredients for eight).

Simply put, here’s what you need:

1) 125g butter

2) 125ml Amber maple syrup

3) 30g maple sugar or 50g Demerara sugar if not available

4) a pinch of salt

5) four small sour apples, any kind will do

6) 4 ice-lolly sticks (Tip: the long sturdy ones are best as the fruit gets quite heavy with the mixture!)

7) waxed paper for the baking tray (any size) and a sugar cooking thermometer.

Step 1

Discard the stems then pierce with a stick. Place waxed paper onto a tray and butter lightly.
Meanwhile in a small saucepan mix all the ingredients together, bringing the contents to the boil stirring continually for 10-12 minutes.

As the mixture thickens and darkens, it starts bubbling. Check with your thermometer that the temperature measures 149̊ C.

Step 2

Don't burn fingersRemove the pan from the heat and quickly dip the apples into the mixture one at a time, lightly coating each one.

Warning: careful not to burn your fingers as it’s extremely hot!

Step 3

Place the maple candy apples to cool on the waxed paper for at least ten minutes.


If you have extra from the mélange why not make maple caramel popcorn?

Only One Step

Pour the mixture over freshly made popcorn. Allow it to cool and break off into bite size pieces.

That extra crunchy taste is requisite for the perfect horror film!

Healthier treat options won’t necessarily imply boring, especially when you’re having so much fun.

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