Frazer’s compiles their chefs recipes for vegetarian cookbook Kasviskeittokirja

Fazer Food Services, which specialises in catering and restaurant services, has published a cookbook of vegetarian recipes. The book is a collection of the best vegetarian recipes of Fazer’s restaurants, put together for the delight of home cooks. The recipes are the handwriting of Fazer’s team of Nordic chefs. The creation of taste sensations is Fazer’s passion, and vegetables are colourful and interesting ingredients that are at their best according to the various seasons of the year. These new recipes invite readers and home cooks to treat themselves to vegetables throughout the year.

Finnish people nowadays eat about four times as much vegetables, berries and fruits as in the 1950s. While this is partly due to an increased availability, it also stems from an increasing interest in the ethical aspects and healthiness of food. People build their own identities through food choices, including a preference for vegetarian dishes. To remain at the forefront of this trend, Fazer’s team of Nordic chefs has developed two cookbooks as part of the company’s Green Buffet project.

“Our restaurant guests have become aware that the favouring of vegetables is a healthy and sustainable way of eating that furthermore makes use of the seasons. We at Fazer Food Services want to reduce the environmental effects of food by increasing the use of vegetables and seasonal ingredients. Our new cookbook supports this approach by emphasising the taste, visual attractiveness, aromas and texture of vegetables,” says Marianne Nordblom , director of gastronomy and product development, Fazer Food Services Finland.




Fazer Food Services is committed to the development of delicious vegetarian dishes

The first result of Fazer’s initiative to develop new vegetarian recipes for its restaurants was a collection of them received from the company’s chefs working in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. These best recipes were formed into a cookbook for all of Fazer’s restaurants, so that customers across the Nordic countries could be served delicious vegetarian food at lunch. As their next step, the same chefs compiled another collection of recipes for irresistible vegetarian dishes – this time directed at consumers. The cookbook is sold at Amica restaurants in Sweden and Finland for a price of 15 euros.

The vegetarian cookbook serves recipes that follow the seasons

Vegetables taste best at the height of their own, respective seasons. This is why the vegetarian cookbook’s recipes have been grouped according to the Nordic crop harvest calendar. Eating according to the season is also a sustainable choice in terms of the environment.

But the recipes of Fazer’s cookbook do not overlook the most important thing – taste. The book allows you to embark on a journey to the rich world of vegetarian food, tasting Nordic aromas, Mediterranean delicacies and the traditional vegetarian flavours of faraway countries along the way. It presents a combination of ethnic and international recipes, ranging from a kale pasta and butternut squash lasagne to scrumptious variations on hummus. The recipes reveal small secrets that will help you to take your vegetarian food to the level of unforgettable. Vegetarian food treats the senses, improves the healthiness of diets and increases well-being.

The vegetarian cookbook Kasviskeittokirja – Kasvisruokaa ympäri vuoden , published in December 2015, is now available at Amica restaurants in Finland and Sweden. The price is 15 euros in Finland.

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