Spice Drops will really add an orange zest to your cooking!

Spice Drops®, the unique range of concentrated extracts of herbs and spices is removing the g-rind from cooking with new Orange Spice Drops® – just four drops are the same as adding the zest of half an orange to any recipe, effortlessly enhancing and intensifying the orange flavour of smoothies, juices, cakes, carrot soup, sauces or chocolate.

Orange Spice Drops® are made from fresh oranges grown and pressed in India and are more versatile than orange oil because they blend easily with any liquid.  This means they can add the ‘just squeezed’ taste of fresh orange rind, intensifying the orange flavour in any dish without increasing the volume of liquid.


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Spice Drops® are designed to inspire a whole new generation of home cooks with their easy to use format.  As well as new Orange Spice Drops®, the range includes cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, mint, vanilla and rose, all of which are made using fresh produce from local farms in Kerala, India, (except for the saffron which is sourced from Iran).   They can be used in drinks such as teas, coffees, smoothies or cocktails to add a burst of flavour, are fantastic in cooking to add intensity to curries, gravies or sauces and can even be used in baking.  By simply adding a drop of the relevant Spice Drops® rather than messing around with measures of dried herbs or spices, or grating oranges, the recipe is improved and enhanced with an authentic, fresher, more intense flavour.  Spice Drops® are so flexible they can be added at any point in the cooking process ensuring the dish tastes just right!  And with a shelf life of three years, the results will be consistent every time – unlike with dried herbs or spices which lose their flavour very quickly.

The extracts come in neat 5ml bottles (around 150 drops) and to inspire all domestic goddesses there is a recipe on each pack with clear instructions on how to use them. For Orange Spice Drops® there is a simple but mouth-watering idea for a delicious ‘cream’ that is sensational served with a slice of warm cake or poached fruit – merely put 250g Mascarpone, 60g icing sugar and 8 drops of Orange Spice Drops® into a bowl and mix gently until smooth.  What could be easier?


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Spice Drops® are natural and contain no salt, sugar or artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives, as well as being gluten free and suitable for vegans.  They are also ethically sourced and ethically produced; the products are handmade in the factory in Kerala which is a women’s enterprise employing mainly disadvantaged women.  In a traditionally male dominated society, employment in the factory gives these women much needed self-confidence and independence, making a genuine difference to their lives.

Spice Drops® can be bought online from Ocado or from www.holylamaspicedrops.com and instore at selected Whole Foods Markets for around £3.50 per bottle (except for Saffron Spice Drops®).

Let Spice Drops® help you discover the world of spices – they’re fun, they’re simple to use, taste fantastic and have been praised by Nigella Lawson, Tom Kerridge, Anthony Worrall Thompson, Atul Kochhar and Cyrus Todiwala, so you’ll be in good company!

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