Brits lagging behind where tea technology is concerned

Even though Britain has a reputation for drinking tea it seems that the country may be a bit behind when it comes to how they like their cupper. While most Brits are plenty happy to sip on green, herbal and iced tea the genre in itself has still not evolved in the way that the coffee industry has.

Outside of the shores of the UK, tea has been made over in a variety of ways including some new teas such as bubble tea from Taiwan. Bubble tea is made up of ice, tea and some tapioca pearls that resemble bubbles. This unique bubble tea has been around for almost three decades and has a solid following in Australia, Asia, and now even in the US. Even German McDonalds offer bubble tea at their restaurant.

No one is really sure how bubble tea originally took off, but most can agree that it likely started to gain popularity back in time with Liu Han Chieh who first decided to put some tapioca pearls in the tea that was served to him in Taichung at the Shui Tang teahouse. This idea quickly spread through the country and before long the story was on television in Japan.

From the television it spread into neighbouring Asian countries and then spread into the Asian communities in Canada and the US. Assad Khan started up Bubbleology and now the chain is becoming a hit slowly within the UK.

The first Bubbleology store was launched in Soho of London last year and then a second store followed in Knightsbridge within the Harvey Nichols. In the last few months Notting Hill has seen success with their store as well and Khan called the reception excellent even though most of their customer base is between the ages of 18 and 30.


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