La petite V2 Designer Wine Cabinet from EuroCave

La Petite v2 EurocaveWith the aim of providing a complete range of products designed to meet every need, EuroCave, the reference in wine cabinets for both professionals and wine enthusiasts in France and around the world, has extended its range further in creating la Petite V2.

The first resolutely designer wine cabinet, La Petite V2 meets the requirements of new, more urban, wine enthusiasts who want a product which is both practical and aesthetic.

The new version of La Petite V2, all in black, is even more functional and attractive: a real gem of a wine cabinet! La Petite V2 brings 12 bottles of wine, white or red, to an ideal serving temperature.

Indispensable for an impromptu dinner, aperitif or family get-together…especially with its glass top, which provides an ingenious and elegant additional support.

Owing to its two oxygen extraction heads, La Petite V2 can store 2 opened bottles of wine for up to 10 days, whilst ensuring that the qualities of the wine remain intact. For ease of handling, the 2 bottle supports make it easy to position the wine bottles under the device.

Moreover, this device constantly monitors the vacuum in the bottle, guaranteeing optimal storage conditions for your opened bottles.

With La Petite V2, you can serve a fine wine by the glass with confidence and also drink a bottle opened at the weekend!

EuroCave has also incorporated a permanent lighting system into La Petite V2: your bottles will be bathed in a gentle amber light, ensuring that they are displayed as effectively as possible. La Petite V2’s full glass door ensures that it is a cut above the rest in terms of design.

Finally, La Petite V2 is a perfect example of EuroCave’s technological expertise: it benefits from an external backlit programming panel with touch controls.

Technical features:

Capacity: 12 bottles


Length of time an opened bottle can be stored for: up to 10 days

Dimensions: H850 x W297 x D462mm

Weight: 25 kg

Adjustable feet: 810 – 830mm.

Recommended ambient temperature: 18 – 30°C

Power supplied by independent unit: 100V/240V – 12V.

Recommended retail price: around £1,150 , including VAT.
For real luxury, La Petite V2 is also now available with a a leather finish !

More details:

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