Moët Academy’s London Art Of Champagne Virtual Reality Tour

Moët & Chandon is once again bringing the magic of Champagne to the heart of London. Taking place at the Condé Nast College in Soho this year, the Moët Academy will take guests through a virtual reality tour of the iconic vineyards and guide them through an immersive experience from grape to glass. Ever wondered what differentiates Champagne from sparkling wine? Hosted by wine gurus Susie Barrie, Peter Richards, Jane Parkinson and Simon Stockton, the Moët Academy is an invitation to learn, taste and ultimately share all of this newly found Champagne knowledge with friends.


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The Moët Academy is a celebration of Champagne savoir-faire. From 21st March to 3rd April 2016 the Condé Nast College in Soho will be transformed into an enticing virtual world of lush vineyards and legendary cellars of Moët & Chandon.

An immersive 360° virtual reality experience will transport guests through the vineyards of Maison Moët and show moving imagery captured by a drone from the original French vineyards and cellars to get a first-hand experience of where the maturation and bottle fermentation are taking place. The virtual tour will leave guests feeling as though they’ve visited the Moët & Chandon estate in Épernay, without the need to travel far.

Not sure of the difference between Dry and Demi sec Champagne? 2015 Champagne ambassador Simon Stockton and award winning journalist Jane Parkinson will join Masters of Wine Susie Barrie and Peter Richards to reveal the secrets of all things ‘bubbly’ during intimate and interactive tasting sessions.

Suitable for newcomers and connoisseurs alike, the Moët Academy is a fun celebration of the art of making champagne.


Moet Academy Virtual Reality Experience



The Moët Academy will showcase Moët Impérial, Rosé Impérial, Moët Grand Vintage 2006 and Moët Ice Impérial alongside a sparkling wine to illustrate the difference in winemaking styles. The highlight will be an exclusive tasting months ahead of the new Moët Grand Vintage Rosé 2008 launch – a daring expression of Rosé for the truly audacious.

Moët & Chandon can be considered the world’s most loved Champagne brand: almost every tenth Champagne bottle sold worldwide currently is from the delicious Moët & Chandon range, which makes the brand the Number 1 Champagne, both globally and in the UK.*

The Moët Academy is part of the ‘Open The Now’ campaign created by Moët & Chandon to capture unforgettable moments: moments of enjoying life spontaneously and living in the ‘now’ – connecting with the world of Moët & Chandon to elevate these moments. “By bringing the magic of Champagne to the heart of London, we inspire consumers to create and share their own ‘Moët moments’” comments UK Marketing & Communications Director Julie Nollet. “The Moët Academy pop-up is an invitation to experience Moët & Chandon in an exciting,interactive way and benefit from the brand’s rich expertise to learn more about Champagne in general.”

Tickets for a 90-minute session at the Moët Academy are £45 per person and will be available from
February 2016 on Moët Academy

*Source: IWSR Domestic Global 2014. Moët & Chandon: 9.7% Global Champagne Volume Share, 8.7% UK Domestic Champagne Volume Share.

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