Guys Geeking Out in the Kitchen: It’s a Beautiful Thing

Seeing a guy get really, really serious about a DIY project in the garage is pretty adorable — but it kind of takes second chair to a guy who wants to geek out in the kitchen.

After all, the guy who geeks in the garage may or may not succeed in his quest to build that perfect mid-century replica of whatever… but in the kitchen, a little bit of geekery has more chance of resulting in a culinary masterpiece. That DIY domestic guy might love his new DIY creation, but everyone loves a good lasagna.

Unlike some of their female counterparts, there’s nothing cutesy about how guys go all out in the kitchen. Most would not be caught dead wearing a fluffy apron, for one. (OK, unless you’re a guy who just happened to get a men’s kitchen gift like his very own “meat cut” apron — very manly.)

Men in the kitchen are likely to spend a little extra for the extra-special, high-tech blender that blasts fruit scientifically, or to rock a pair of superhero oven mitts instead of the tamer variety (another great men’s kitchen gift!). Guys tend to rock the kitchen in a totally different way than women — but they do rock it nonetheless. And it’s so fun to watch!

Speaking of that — Father’s Day is upon us again, so hopefully, you’ll be ready with some great men’s kitchen gift for the guy who likes to rock the kitchen… Find those fun and jokey gifts at Find a Present UK.

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