Some Top Kitchen Design Tips To Enhance Your Cooking Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you have been cooking and baking for five minutes or five decades, the kitchen you prepare food in can have a significant impact on the results. When timing needs to be precise, the ability to do what you need to do, when you need do it, will be integral if you wish to produce perfect dishes each and every time.

As such, the design of your kitchen can make a big difference to how easy and how rewarding you find it to cook healthy meals and bake delicious treats. Below, we offer some tips for those who want to create a kitchen design that is as perfect in practice as it is in looks.

Plan Your Layout

No matter what shape your kitchen is or how big it happens to be, always place your sink, fridge and oven/hob in a triangular layout, between 1 and 2 metres apart . This will make it easy for you to access the key areas involved in the food preparation process, ensuring your timing can be impeccable and the results mouth-watering as opposed to eye-watering.

Light Up Your Life

Extravagant cooking and baking is an art form unto itself, and just like the best painters will need plenty of light to produce their best work, those wanting to create first-class meals and sublime cakes will need all the help they can get from both natural and artificial light. Rather than employing overhead lighting that, being behind you, will almost certainly leave you casting shadows over your workspaces, consider under-cabinet fixtures to illuminate your counter tops. Increasing your window space above key work areas will also help you get the best results every time.

Go Bespoke

It will be rare to find a kitchen range that is perfect for your needs and that can fit into your own specific space perfectly. As such, many people make compromises that ultimately compromise the cooking experience. However, going bespoke doesn’t have to cost a fortune. On sites such as deTerra you will find a whole array of different fittings, appliances and accessories that can all be bought as one off purchases, allowing you to mix and match every aspect of your kitchen and, in turn, to create your very own dream space.

Choose Materials Wisely

Aesthetics are important in any aspect of interior design, but when it comes to designing a kitchen, practicality will need to be given equal weighting. Choose a surface that is easy to work on and easy to maintain to ensure that you are not scared to get stuck in to any task at hand. Quality solid wood will often be the best solution, as not only will the likes of oak be beautiful and durable, but such woods will also be easy to maintain and repair.

Find Space For Extractor Fans

It will be hard to prepare food in a room filled with smoke or when the air is spiced to the point that you can no longer breathe without risking full respiratory failure. A good extractor hood will ventilate the room without excessive noise, limiting distractions and avoiding any unclean air sullying your culinary masterpieces.

Avoid Slip-ups

A non-slip floor can help your culinary quest for excellence no end, ensuring you can rush when you need to without needing to take your life in your hands.

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