Stag Bakeries’ new brand West Coast launches dipping crackers

West Coast, the new brand launched earlier this year by Stag Bakeries has added dipping crackers to the collection. In keeping with West Coast’s ideology of producing items that showcase contemporary flavours and unusual ingredients, the new dipping crackers take inspiration from international tastes.

West Coast have initially launched three varieties of cracker which can be enjoyed as a snack, dip or accompaniment to a meal.




Lentil & Biriyani is made with Mathia flour and delicately spiced with traditional Indian flavours and works well with curry as an alternative to poppadoms. Inspired by North African cuisine, Green Bean & Ras El Hanout is made with Moong Dall Flour and Ras El Hanout spice so also makes a good accompaniment to tagines or couscous. Chickpea with Garlic is houmous-inspired made with Besan flour and is recommended to use serve with Middle Eastern dishes and dips.




Each flavour is packed into eye-catching 80g resealable bags. RRP £2.30.

As well as the ambient range of sweet and savoury biscuits, Stag Bakeries is a traditional island bakery that also supplies over 200 freshly baked products to the local market.

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