Innovative Billy the Teapot a portable teapot for tea lovers on the move

An entrepreneurial student with a love of tea has developed a portable bamboo teapot which can be used for an array of hot and cold drinks. Billy the Teapot is an eco-friendly, stylish water infuser for use with teabags, loose leaf tea, coffee and fruit.


Billy the Teapot


The tea flask is made of reinforced double-walled glass, making it ideal for keeping drinks piping hot or ice cold. The portable teapot features a two part removable tea strainer, which besides from brewing loose tea leaves on-the-go can also be used to infuse water with fruit. Billy the Teapot is the perfect companion for tea lovers, gym bunnies, health enthusiasts and people who prefer not to drink plain water.

The innovative portable teapot has been designed by James Levine currently a student at the University of Bristol. He says, “ I designed the product because I love having tea on the go but there is no stylish way to drink it. Billy the Teapot is a multi-purpose flask, as it’s also great for coffee, water fruit infusions and even alcoholic cocktails! I also truly believe in renewable materials and bamboo is a fantastic product due to its lesser environmental impact.”


Billy the Teapot2


The unique and versatile water flask, with its reinforced glass, is not only trendy and useful – it’s also sustainable. Bamboo was a conscious choice for the London-based brand as it is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, meaning it has little negative environmental impact.

Levine added, “Billy the Teapot is so versatile, it can be used for virtually anything. I am never seen without mine now! Whatever you fancy to drink, at whatever time of the year, whether it’s a hot green tea on a bus or a lemon water after your morning run – Billy will help you out.”


Billy the Teapot3


For a limited time only, trial water infusers are £15 excluding postage. The product is available on the website, Etsy and Ebay.

To find out more about Billy the Teapot and to be one of the first to buy the product, go to:

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