London based company Tg Green Teas looking to sell tea to China

Nine UK food and drink companies – including Tg green teas – will take part in the first UK national pavilion at Shanghai’s SIAL China. China’s global importance in food and drink exports has led to increased demand from UK business looking for suitable marketing platforms with which to enter the market or further establish existing business relationships. SIAL China, one of the leading tradeshows in the vast market, offers an ideal meeting place where UK businesses can showcase their brands and meet with Chinese distributers and importers. The show is running from 5 to 7 May.

Sandra Sullivan, Director of the Food and Drink Exporter’s Association said, “With China such an important growth market for UK food and drink exporters, our first time participation at SIAL China aims to build business for those companies that already have representation in the market. We are delighted to present snacks, seafood, dairy, tea, confectionery and bakery from dynamic UK exporters able to meet the demand of the Chinese market”.




Shanghai born Medical Doctor and now UK based research physician Dr. Hua He and ex Unilever, Mars and Coca-Cola marketer Sophia Nadur teamed up to bring the British born and bred Tg Green Tea brand to life both here in the UK and hopefully soon in China. They are drawing on both modern and ancient cultural resonances to convey the essence of their brand as a tea with great ingredients that promote wellbeing in a social context.

“China is of course the source of the global (green) tea drinking tradition,” says co-founder Sophia Nadur, “A number of British tea brands have succeeded in selling the quintessential English tea experience. Tg is a mix of ancient Chinese culture meeting the London street cool set, which we know will appeal to Chinese millennials who are bored of traditional tea storytelling”. Tg Green teas won two Gold stars at the 2015 Great taste Awards, a World Beverage Packaging Design Award and was a 2015 World Beverage Innovation Award Best Tea Finalist.

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